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Eddie Lee goes to the garage where he finds Joe MacDonald working late.  Eddie asks Joe about Trina and Joe tells him that he and Trina have split up but it is costing him a fortune.  Eddie asks if Trina is living with someone else and Joe says he doesn't know.  Eddie tells him that he should find out because if Trina is living with someone else then he should pay, not Joe.
Eddie Lee asks where Sharon Metcalfe is and Joe says she has gone home.  Eddie asks what this new fellow Oliver is like and Joe says he is alright.  Eddie asks where Sharon is living these days but Joe doesn't answer. 
Sid Hooper comes into the garage and Joe introduces him to Eddie Lee.  They all go into the garage staff room where they find Benny.  Eddie brings out a bottle of whisky and asks them to have a drink with him.  Eddie tells Sid and Joe that it's funny them not knowking where Sharon lives.  "She's still at Miss Diane's," says Benny.  Eddie says he'll go round and see her, but Sid says he wouldn't do that.  "Why not?" asks Eddie.  "You won't be able to get in will you," says Sid.
Percy Dobson and Kath Brownlow arrive home after their evening out.  Kath Brownlow invites Percy in and she thanks him for a nice evening.  Percy says next time they'll go further afield.  Kath see's him to the door.  "Next time eh," says Glenda when Kath comes back into the living room.  Glenda says her and Kevin don't like her going out with Dobson and Kath says she will go out with who she want, and she won't be told what to do in her own home.  "Because this house is still mine despite your fancy new wallpaper.  Just you remember that," says Kath.
Eddie Lee goes to see Sharon Metcalfe at Diane's flat, and he asks her about Oliver Banks.  Sharon tells him it is serious between her and Oliver and she is expecting him home any minute now.  Oliver Banks arrives and Sharon introduces the two men.
Diane Hunter arrives back at the motel and David and Barbara welcome her back.  Diane tells them that she has got to see J. Henry Pollard but Barbara says he is out at the moment.  Diane says she will go and see Benny in the garage.  Paul Ross crosses reception and spots Diane.  "I see he's still here," says Diane.  
Paul Ross joins Kath Brownlow and Adam Chance in the motel dining room.  Kath asks Paul if he saw Diane and Paul says yes.  Adam Chance asks exactly what this course was that Diane went on and Paul says it was a management course at J. Henry Pollard's marina in Scotland.  Adam says Diane must have done very well, he knows what the marina is like and they don't put up with failures. 
Diane Hunter goes to the garage where she finds Benny.  "Hello Miss Diane," says Benny.  Diane says he doesn't seem surprised to see her and Benny says he knew she was coming.  Diane says she doesn't know how he could because she didn't know herself until a short time ago.  Diane arranges to meet Benny in the cafeteria later and she will buy him a meal.  "Don't worry if you can't come," says Benny and Diane looks at him, puzzled, and says she'll be there. 
Valerie Pollard asks J. Henry what he is going to do about Diane Hunter, and J. Henry says he will phone her.  Valerie tells J. Henry that he can't tell Diane there is no place for her at the motel over the phone.  J. Henry says he will phone Diane and arrange a time to meet her.
Diane Hunter returns to her flat where Sharon Metcalfe has been staying.  Sharon gives Diane some mail which arrived for her whilst she was away.  Diane opens one letter and tells Sharon it's from their landlord. Sharon asks what he wants, he's had the rent.  "I don't believe this," says Diane, reading the letter.  She tells Sharon that the landlord says he has reason to believe that the flat has been used for immoral purposes.  "Oh," says Sharon, and Diane looks at her, then asks her what's happened.  Sharon tells Diane that it was Oliver.  "Who?" asks Diane.  "Oliver Banks.  He stayed here," says Sharon.  "What do you mean he stayed here?"asks Diane, and Sharon tells her that Oliver moved in.  "Oh thank you very much," says Diane.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane that it is serious between her and Oliver Banks.  There is a knock on the door and Diane opens it to Eddie Lee.  "Hello Di.  Give us a kiss," he says.  Eddie walks into the flat and says hello to Sharon.  "Well Sharon, you don't seem too surprised to see your little friend," says Diane.  Eddie says he has been popping in.
David Hunter relaxes off duty in the private wing of the motel, when there is a knock at the door.  Adam Chance comes in dressed in his new suit made for when he is on duty at the motel.  He asks David if his trousers look alright because Paul Ross said one leg was longer than the other.  David asks Adam to sit down and asks him why he is staying on as a member of staff when he was a director. 
David asks him if it is because of Jill and tells Adam that he thinks he should tell him that when Jill found out he was coming to the annual general meeting she tried as hard as the rest of them to stop him from coming.  Adam reminds David that when it counted Jill voted for him.
Eddie Lee asks Diane Hunter where she has been and Diane tells him that she has been to Scotland.  "What d'you want to go up there for?" asks Eddie.  "To learn things," says Diane.  "Thought you knew it all," says Eddie.  Diane asks Eddie what he is doing here and Eddie says just floating.  Diane says he isn't doing it around here.  Eddie asks Diane why she and Sharon are in such a bad mood and Diane tells him that they are having trouble with the landlord.  Eddie laughs, and says he will go and sort the landlord out.  He asks what the landlord is moaning about.  "Madam here being a madam," says Diane, looking at Sharon Metcalfe, and Eddie says that's a load of rubbish.
The phone at Diane's flat rings.  "Customer?" asks Eddie Lee.  Diane answers the phone and speaks to Benny.  Diane apologises to Benny for not meeting him as she arranged.  Benny says it doesn't matter, he knew she wouldn't be able to make it. 
J. Henry Pollard joins David Hunter in the sitting room and gives him some papers.  He tells David it is the report on Diane Hunter from his marina in Scotland.  David reads it and smiles.
Diane Hunter goes into the garage with Sharon Metcalfe and speaks to Benny.  Diane apolgises again for not showing up last night when she said she would meet him.  Benny says it's alright because he knew she wasn't coming.  Diane asks him how he knew she wasn't coming and Benny says he just 'knew'. 
Kevin Banks does some decorating at home.  The phone rings and Glenda answers it.  "Oh hello Mr Dobson," she says.  Percy Dobson asks to speak to Kath brownlow and Glenda calls Kath to the phone.  Kath Brownlow asks Percy Dobson to come to the house for a meal.
Diane Hunter has afternoon tea with Adam Chance in the motel dining room, and Adam asks her what she will be doing at the motel.  Diane says J. Henry Pollard hasn't really told her.  Jill Harvey joins them in the dining room and Adam asks her if she has any idea what Diane will be doing.  Jill says it is really up to J. Henry.  Diane Hunter leaves the dining room.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he would like to know what J. Henry has in mind for Diane but this is not really the place to discuss it.  "How about discussing it over dinner with me?" asks Adam.

1983 Episodes continued

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