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Later, Barbara Hunter joins Adam Chance in the motel bar, and Adam asks her what she would like to drink.  He says she is the only person speaking to him.  Barbara says she is surprised that he had the nerve to turn up at all.  Jill Harvey comes into the bar.  "Hello Jill," says Adam.  "Hello Adam," replies Jill, and then walks out.  "Another warm welcome," says Adam.  "Well what did you expect?" asks Barbara.
Barbara and David Hunter, J. Henry Pollard, Jill Harvey and Adam Chance meet in the office for the Annual General Meeting.  David is elected chairman.  David outlines the proposal to buy Adam's shares but Adam says they are not for sale.  Adam is about to leave the office but David says there is something else which will concern him.  Adam asks what it is and David tells him that there is a prospectus being drawn up which will be ready after lunch.
Sharon Metcalfe receives a phone call and hands the phone to Oliver Banks.  She tells him it is the police.  Oliver Banks tells Sharon that there has been a break-in at the house.  
Oliver Banks returns from his house and tells Sharon Metcalfe that the house is going to go straight on the market.
The Annual General Meeting is again in progress.  David asks Adam Chance if he has read the prospectus and Adam says no, he wasn't given one.  David asks Adam if he would like to have some time to study a prospectus, and Adam says no, it is obvious that he was meant to do this with his eyes shut so he suggests they go ahead.  David tells Adam that wans't his intention and Adam says he knows it wasn't his but it was J. Henry Pollards. 
J. Henry Pollard gives Adam a prospectus and David asks J. Henry if he would outline the proposal.  J. Henry explains that it is their intention to wind up the existing company and form a new one.  Adam asks what purpose that will serve if they wind up the present company and the shareholders buy shares in the new company.  J. Henry tells Adam that the price for the new shares is stipulated on page two of the prospectus.  Adam turns to page two of the prospectus in front of him, and then slams the page shut.  "You know very well I can't afford that!" he says.
David asks for a vote on the proposal and everyone votes 'for' except for Adam, who abstaines pending legal advice.  Adam says what they are doing is illegal but J. Henry assures him that it is legal.  Adam says he will get a court action to stop them and J. Henry says he can't afford a court action.  Adam tells the meeting that if he had got the job in London then he would have had to fight them out of his own pocket but now he will get legal aid. 
Adam Chance offers them a deal.  He says he will sell his shares provided he gets his old job back as motel manager for 5 years.  David asks for a vote, and J. Henry and David vote against.  Adam tells David that he is chairman and can't vote.  Jill says she votes for Adam.  "For me," asks Adam in disbelief.  "For your proposition," says Jill.  David and J. Henry stare at her.  David looks at Barbara and tells her that she has the casting vote.  Barbara says she votes with Jill.
Benny thanks Sharon Metcalfe for his wage rise and says he might be needing it because he has to find somewhere else to live.  Sharon asks why and says she thought he was happy living at Mrs Price's.  Benny says he isbut he has to find somewhere else. 
Kevin Banks tells Oliver that he has been in touch with his mother and told her about the house.  Oliver tells Kevin that he has put the house on the market, and anyway Sally won't want to live in it now.  Kevin tells his father that Sally does want to live in the house, and she told him that she has more important things to think about than what the neighbours think. 
Benny goes to the Brownlow home and asks Kath if he can speak to Joe MacDonald.  Kath tells Benny that Joe is out at the moment.  Benny tells Kath that he is looking for somewhere else to live and was wondering if she could take him in as a lodger.  Kath says they haven't got a spare room, and Joe himself will have to look for somewhere else soon because Kevin and Glenda will need the room as a nursery for the baby.  Kath asks Benny why he wants to move from Mrs price's, she thought he got on well with her.  benny says it's not that, it's just something he can't explain but things are going to change.
J. Henry Pollard tells Valerie that Diane Hunter, who he sent to his marina in Scotland to learn management, will be coming back soon.  He says Diane hasn't really worked out in Scotland so he is under pressure to bring her back. 
Barbara Hunter tells Paul Ross that Adam Chance will be starting work at the motel today.
Sid Hooper asks Joe MacDonald if he knows anything about Benny wanting to move and Joe says no.  The phone rings and Sid answers it.  He tells Joe that it is Eddie Lee and he wants to speak to Joe.  Joe MacDonald takes the phone from Sid and tells Eddie Lee that Sharon Metcalfe is out at the moment but he will tell her that he is in the area.  When Joe puts the phone down he tells Sid that Sharon isn't going to like that much. 
Valerie and J. Henry Pollard have a meal together in the motel restaurant and Valerie notices Adam Chance chatting to the guests.  She says that's Paul Ross's job, and remarks that Adam should be wearing a uniform.
Sid Hooper tells Sharon Metcalfe that there was a phone call for her whilst she was out, someone called Eddie Lee.  He says Joe MacDonald took the call.  Sharon calls Joe into the office and asks him what Eddie Lee wanted.  Joe tells Sharon that Eddie said he wanted to see her.
Adam Chance has a meal in the motel restaurant after all the other diners have left.  The receptionist brings him a memo.  Paul Ross joins Adam Chance in the restaurant and Adam tells him that this is a memo to say that an appointment has been made for him at a tailor to fit him out with striped trousers and jacket.
Kevin Banks see's Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and tells her that he doesn't like the idea of the family home being sold.  He asks Sharon if she could have a word with Oliver, he might listen to her.
Percy Dobson goes to the Brownlow's house and asks Kath Brownlow if she would like to have dinner with him. 
Eddie Lee arrives at the motel and talks briefly to Glenda Banks, who is on reception duty.  David and Barbara Hunter come into reception at that moment, and Eddie Lee says hello to Barbara.  Barbara asks him what he is doing in the area and Eddie says he has always liked it round here, he has a soft spot for the place.  He tells Barbara that they will have to organise a get-together as they have probably got lots to talk about.
Glenda Banks does Kath Brownlow's hair ready for her evening out with Percy Dobson.  Kevin comes home and asks what is going on.  Glenda tells him and Kevin laughs.  He tells Kath that she could have done better than that, but Kath says Percy is very kind and as she doesn't get asked out very often she is going to enjoy herself.
David and Barbara, J. Henry and Valerie Pollard, and Jill meet in the office to discuss Diane Hunter, who is returning from her six month management training at J. Henry's marina in Scotland.  J. Henry says Diane should become assistant restaurant manageress and perhaps supercede Paul Ross in time.  David Hunter says she would like to see the report on Diane first.

1983 Episodes continued

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