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Sharon Metcalfe asks Oliver Banks if he has thought about Joe MacDonald's request for more money.  Oliver says 20 a week more is too much, but he will meet him halfway.  Sharon tells Oliver that he can give Joe the news, and she calls Joe into the garage office.  Oliver Banks tells Joe MacDonald that he can give him 10 a week more in his wages.  Joe thanks him and says every little helps.
Jill, Barbara, Valerie, J. Henry and David meet in the motel office.  J. Henry Pollard tells David to explain Richard Lord's idea.  David explains that he and J. Henry will make an offer for Adam Chance's shares, but Valerie says Adam won't accept.  David says they will then wind up the company, and then float another company.  Barbara asks what use that will be.  David tells her that the present share holders will be offered shares in the new company, but the shares will be priced so high that there is no way Adam could afford them.  David says Adam will get back the value of his shares.  Valerie Pollard looks at Jill Harvey and asks her if she wants Adam Chance to come to the motel or not 
Kath Brownlow, and Kevin and Glenda Banks organise the moving of furniture so that they can redecorate the living room. 
Richard Lord goes to the office and gives J. Henry Pollard his contract.  Richard tells J. Henry that the contract runs out in two weeks and he isn't sure of the suitability of it.  J. Henry Pollard tells Richard that he can tear up the contract if he wants.  Richard Lord smiles and tells J. Henry that he will go and phone Gina and tell her that he will be on the next plane to Canada. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Richard Lord that he wants him to go up to Scotland to meet a representative of his, but Richard says he is no longer in his employment.  J. Henry gives Richard a document and says he is now ready to go onto bigger things and this new contract gives him the chance.
Richard Lord see's Valerie Pollard in reception and asks her if she has seen Jill Harvey because he would like to say goodbye.  "Goodbye?" asks Valerie.  Richard tells her that he has got to go to Scotland to meet a representativeof J. henry's, and then he is going to Canada to marry Gina.  Valerie tells Richard that Lucy Hamilton is out at the moment so if he goes now he will miss her.
Percy Dobson goes to the Brownlow's house and finds Kevin Banks decorating.  He tells Kevin that he should be at work, and Kevin says he has a few days owing to him.  Percy says he has got a nerve and orders Kevin back to work.  Kevin leaves the house.  Percy Dobson apologises to Kath Brownlow for taking Kevin away from the decorating, but Kath says he was right to tell Kevin off.
Lucy Hamilton and Richard Lord have lunch together at the motel, and Lucy asks what they are celebrating.  Richard tells her that they aren't celebrating, they're saying goodbye.  "I don't think we'll ever meet again," says Richard.  Richard Lord says goodbye, and leaves the table.
Paul Ross goes over to Lucy Hamilton's table.  Lucy tells him that she has lost Richard, he has gone to Gina.  Paul says that means he has lost Gina and he can't accept that.  He says this isn't the place to talk, and they arrange to meet in her chalet.  "And while you're waiting for me start packing," says Paul Ross. 
Percy Dobson goes to the Brownlow's house and finds Kath alone.  He tells her that he has come to help her with the decorating because he took Kevin away from it.  Percy tells Kath that when she gives up this house she gives up a lot of her independence.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald open their wage packets in the garage workshop.   Sid notices that Joe doesn't look too pleased, and asks him what is wrong.  Joe says nohing.
Glenda Banks arrives home and finds Percy Dobson there.
Joe MacDonald goes to see Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and asks about his extra 10.  Sharon tells him that he will get it next week, she had already made up the wages for this week.  Sid Hooper, unseen by Sharon and Joe, listens to the conversation from outside the office.
Shortly after Sid Hooper talks to Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and says Joe is looking a bit down in the dumps.  Sharon says Joe is having a few problems at the moment.
Sid Hooper joins Joe MacDonald in the garage staff room and tells him not to worry, that things will be easier now that he has got 10 extra a week.  Joe tells Sid that it is not meant to be a 10 rise for everyone, he was in trouble and he had to ask for extra money.  Sid says what's good for one is good for everyone
Percy Dobson and Kath Brownlow have afternoon tea and Kath offers Percy some ginger cake.  Percy says it's his favourite, he hasn't had any ginger cake for ages.  Kath says surely his wife must bake it for him, and percy says he has never been married. 
Valerie Pollard joins David and Barbara Hunter in the office.  The phone rings and Barbara answers it, then tells David that Lucy Hamilton would like to see him.  Shortly after, Lucy Hamilton comes into the office and tells David that she will be leaving the motel soon.  David asks her if she will be joining her mother in Italy but Lucy says no.  Barbara asks Lucy if she would like to leave a forwarding address incase they receive any mail, and Lucy says yes, she will write it down.  David hands her a notepad and pen.  Lucy tells David that she will be paying her bill in cash, then leaves the office.
Valerie Pollard tells David and Barbara that she wonders where Lucy Hamilton got the money to pay her bill from.  David shows the women the notepad with Lucy's forwarding address written on.  Barbara says it's Richard Lord's address in Canada.
Sid Hooper see's Oliver Banks about some extra money.  He says times are hard, and Oliver asks how the other boys in the garage feel.  Sid tells Oliver that the others don't know anything about it.  Oliver tells Sid that he was going to give them all some extra money anyway as from next week.
Lucy Hamilton see's Paul Ross in the restaurant and asks him if he has her ticket.  Paul takes an air ticket from his jacket pocket and hands it to Lucy.  Paul Ross asks her if she has any money left after paying her bill as she might need some in Canada for emergencies.  Lucy says she hasn't got a penny so Richard Lord will have to take her in because he can't throw her out on the streets. 
Lucy Hamilton see's Valerie and J. Henry Pollard in the motel reception area and says goodbye to them.  Lucy leaves reception to collect her bag.  J. Henry says it looks as if Lucy is actually leaving and Valerie says she is.  J. Henry says good but Valerie says it isn't because the indications are that she is going to join Richard Lord.  J. Henry says he must stop her, and walsk across reception.  At that moment Adam Chance walks into reception.  "Do you know where David Hunter is because I have a few words to say to him," says Adam Chance.
Oliver Banks see's David and Jill in the office and tells them about his problem over the extra money for the garage staff.  David says the last pay rise was in January, and Oliver says that was a parting gesture from Reg Lamont.  David tells Oliver that this new rise is on the understanding that this freezes wages for the next twelve months. 
Jill Harvey takes a phone call and tells David Hunter that Adam Chance is here to see him.  Oliver Banks leaves the office as Adam Chance comes in.  Adam tells David that he understands he was sent a form to fill in from a London company to which he applied for a job.  He says when he enquired about it he was told that he had been turned down, and David was the reason he was turned down.  David tells Adam that he filled in the form truthfully and it will always be the truth that hurts him.  Adam says that job could have put him back on his feet again, and he holds David responsible for losing him the job.
Adam Chance goes into the motel reception area where J. Henry and Valerie Pollard are sitting.  Adam asks J. Henry if he knows about this form that was sent to David.  Adam tells J. Henry that if he had got the job it would have kept him away from the motel but now they are stuck with him.  Adam asks what time the annual general meeting is and J. Henry tells him it is at twelve noon.  Adam says he has a feeling they are going to try to buy him out but he warns J. Henry that he won't sell.

1983 Episodes continued

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