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Jill Harvey tells Barbara that if Lucy Hamilton doesn't find somewhere to live she will ask her to come and stay at Chimney's. 
Richard Lord joins David Hunter in the office and he says he heard that they had asked Lucy to leave the motel.  Richard tells David that he is responsible for Lucy's indiscretions and he will pay Lucy's bill.  David tells him that Gina Moran wouldn't like it, and Richard tells him that he has already spoken to Gina and she agrees with him. 
Kevin Banks see's Joe MacDonald in the garage and says Glenda told him about the phone call from Trina.  He advises Joe to get a good solicitor. 
David tells Barbara and Jill that he has asked Lucy to come to the office, and he asks the two women to stay.  Lucy Hamilton comes into the office and David asks her to sit down.  David tells Lucy that he realises that he was a bit harsh earlier and it must have been very unpleasant.  He tells her that she is welcome to stay at the motel.  Lucy thanks him and says she will stay.
After Lucy Hamilton has left the office, Jill tells David that she hopes he has a good explanation.  David says he hasn't.  Jill tells David that she is going to talk to Paul Ross, at least he knows what he is talking about. 
When Jill has left the office, David tells Barbara that Richard Lord is paying Lucy Hamilton's bill, and no one else must know.  David tells Barbara that they have to arrabge a very important dinner date.  Barbara, thinking he is talking about the meal with Oliver Banks and Sharon Metcalfe, says she knows, and she has booked the table.  David tells Barbara that he doesn't mean the meal with Oliver and Sharon but the meal they are having tonight, just the two of them.  David says they have something very important to face.  "Be ready to eat at eight o'clock or else, and I mean this seriously, there'll be trouble," says David.           
That evening, David Hunter waits alone in the dining room.  Barbara comes in and David stands up.  "Ten minutes late.  In your current mood I expected twenty," he says.  Barbara look at him and tells him that she thought they would be meeting in the bar for drinks.  They both sit down at the table, and David tells Barbara that he has ordered what they are having for aperitif.  "What'll we have?" asks Barbara.  The waiter brings their drinks.    
"I wanted a vodka and tonic," says Barbara.  "Wouldn't go with the first course," says David.  "Never mind.  It'll do.  Are you not only being forgetful but psychic these days," says Barbara.  "Psychic?" asks David puzzled.  "Well you seem to be able to know exactly what I shall be having for my first course before I've decided myself," says Barbara.
The waitress brings the menu's to the table and David tells her that they won't be needing them.  "We'll both have the chef's special soup, followed by Dover sole, grilled," he says.  The waitress leaves the table.  "I don't want the chef's special soup," says Barbara.  "Do you know what it is?" asks David.  "No I don't ," admits Barbara.  "Then how do you know you don't want it," says David.  "I know what the fish is, and I don't want the fish," says Barbara.  "It's the only course that'll go with the soup.  You know it's amazing.  Women have the sense to let me choose the wine but not the food," says David.  "I want red wine, and red wine doesn't go with the fish," says Barbara.  "Wrong infact, depending on the fish," says David.  "It so happens I've ordered white," says David.  "Are you trying to dominate me?" asks Barbara.  "If you feel I've not succeeded you'll no doubt refuse to look at that when I tell you to," says David. 
David takes out a jewellery box from under his serviette, and places it in front of Barbara.  "Go on open it.  Look," says David.  Barbara opens the box and brings out a gold necklace.  "You'll find an inscription somewhere.  Any idea what it might say," says David.  "Happy wedding anniversary," guesses Barbara.  "Soo, I remembered.  Only trouble was the jeweller didn't.  He was late delivering it because of the inscription," says David.  Barbara looks at him.  "True?" she asks.  "No," admits David, and Barbara reaches for his hand.
Jill Harvey answers the phone in the office.  Jill tells Adam Chance that she will reserve a chalet for him.  David and Barbara come into the office together and Barbara shows Jill the necklace.  "Very nice," says Jill.  Barbara asks her what is wrong, and Jill tells her that Adam Chance just phoned to say that he is coming to the annual general meeting.  Jill tells Barbara that she told Valerie Pollard the other day that Adam meant nothing to her but now she's not so sure. 
Glenda Banks asks Kath if she thinks she should phone the hospital and find out if there is any news.  Kath tells her that she should go to the surgery and get them to phone because they would be able to find out more.  Kath tells Glenda that she had a long talk with Kevin whilst she was in hospital and he isn't going to let her try again if this is not successful.
Valerie Pollard, Sharon Metcalfe, Barbara Hunter and Oliver Banks meet in the motel bar for pre-dinner drinks. 
J. Henry Pollard phones Adam Chance and tells him that he was given a law suit the last time he was at the motel, and if he turns up for the annual general meeting they will sue him.  Adam Chance hangs up the phone.
David Hunter joins J. Henry Pollard in the office and J. Henry tells him that he told Adam Chance that they would sue him for breech of contract if he came to the motel.  He tells David that eh didn't know he had put it in writing that he wouldn't sue Adam Chance if he left the motel right away.
David and J. Henry join Valerie, Barbara, Sharon and Oliver in the motel bar.  They all sit down for their meal.  Sharon Metcalfe asks J. Henry if he knows when Diane Hunter is coming back.  Valerie says it would be a little awkward if Diane came back and destroyed Oliver and Sharon's little love nest.  Oliver Banks says it won't really matter because he and Sharon are looking for somewhere else to live.
Glenda Banks meets Kevin at the motel, and she tells him about a letter from the estate agents about a house.  She asks if they are going to buy it and Kevin says no, they'll stay where they are.  Glenda tells Kevin that if the baby doesn't happen first time she doesn't want to try again, and Kevin asks her if she is sure.  Glenda says a baby would be marvellous but they've got each other so nothing else matters.
Kevin and Glenda Banks arrive home and Kath gives them a letter addressed to them.  She tells them it's from the group practice.  Glenda says she can't open it, and gives it to Kevin.  Kevin opens the letter, and reads it quickly.  "You've done it love.  You're well and trully pregnant," says Kevin.  Glenda hugs him.
Joe MacDonald tells Sharon Metcalfe that Trina is sueing him for maintenance.  Sharon tells him that he must get legal advice.
David Hunter telephones Adam Chance and tells him that he wants to discuss the share structure.  David tells Adam that the board would like to make him an offer for his shares.  Valerie Pollard comes into the office and hears the conversation.  Valerie listens as Adam Chance declines David's offer.  Valerie takes the phone from David and tells Adam that he should accept David's offer because he will never get such a good offer anywhere else.  She tells him that he will not be welcome here and if he comes he will be trampled on.  She slams the phone down.

1983 Episodes continued

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