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Jill Harvey gives David Hunter a letter.  J. Henry Pollard joins David and Jill in the office.  David opens the letter and says it is a letter enquiring for references for Adam Chance.  He says it looks like it is an important job and this reference could decide whether or not Adam gets the job.
Penny Banks goes to the garage office and tells Sid Hooper that she is looking for her father Oliver Banks.  Penny asks Sid if he knew a man who used to work here called Eddie Lee, and Sid tells her that Joe MacDonald knew him better than he did.
David Hunter is unsure how to answer the enquiry about Adam Chance, and Barbara tells him that he should answer it truthfully.  David says he will need Adam's file because they are asking for dates.  Barbara tells David the file is where he put it, and David says no it isn't, it's where she put it.  Barbara tells David that she gave him the file because he wanted to know the address to send Adam the letter notifying him about the date of the annual general meeting.  David says he distinctly remembers giving the file back to her.  "That's not the only thing you've forgotten recently," says Barbara.
Joe MacDonald joins Sid Hooper and Penny Banks in the garage office.  Sid Hooper goes off for his lunch break.  Penny Banks tells Joe that Sid told her that he knew Eddie Lee, and Joe says a little.  Penny says she knows Eddie Lee had a bit of a thing with Sharon Metcalfe, and Joe says he wouldn't know about that.  Penny asks Joe where she can find Eddie Lee, and Joe says as far as he knows Eddie left the country.
Barbara Hunter joins J. Henry, Valerie and Richard Lord in the motel bar and J. Henry asks her if Adam Chance's file has been found yet.  Barbara tells him that David is the one who lost it, and she thinks it's a good way of delaying something you don't want to do.  J. Henry Pollard tells Barbara that he will go and hurry David along.  He leaves the bar and crossres the reception area.  He meets Jill Harvey on the way to the office and she tells him that she has found Adam Chance's file. 
Jill Harvey goes into the office and Adam Chance's file to David.  David asks her where she found it.  "Never mind," says Jill.  "I bet it was Barbara who lost it.  If it had been me you'd have shouted it all over the motel by now," says David.  Jill asks David what he has done to upset Barbara and David says he has no idea.  He opens Adam Chance's file and looks at it carefully.  He shows Jill the page of the file.  "Look at the dates," he says, pointing to the file. 
Jill looks at the page where David is pointing.  "I forgot our wedding anniversary," says David.  "Third.  Leather," mutters Jill.  David looks at Jill.  "I beg your pardon," he says.  "Diamond is sixty, silver twentyfive, third is leather," explains Jill.  "You mean there's a name for every year?" asks David.  "It just shows how women treasure their wedding anniversary," says Jill.
Glenda Banks suggests to Kevin that they invite Oliver and Sally to dinner to try and patch things up.  Later Kevin see's his father and invites him to dinner.  Oliver accepts, and tells Kevin that he will check with Sharon.
Glenda shouts at Kevin for inviting Sharon Metcalfe and Kevin says he didn't, his father just assumed.
Penny Banks arrives at the Brownlow's home and Kevin tells her that Sharon Metcalfe is coming to dinner.  Penny says she isn't staying but at that moment the doorbell rings.  Kevin answers the door and finds Oliver Banks on his own.  Glenda asks him where Sharon is and Oliver says Sharon sends her apologies but she has got a bit of a headache. 
Penny Banks tells Oliver that she is leaving tomorrow, she has got to go back to work, besides she doesn't like staying in an empty house.  Oliver tells her that he will come back to the house with her.
Lucy Hamilton see's Richard Lord in reception and says she would like to talk to him in her chalet.  "If you come you come.  If you don't I'll understand," says Lucy.
In her chalet Lucy Hamilton puts on her dressing gown.  There is a knock on the door and Lucy opens it to Richard Lord.  Lucy tells Richard that she would like to thank him, and kisses him on the cheek.  They look at each other and kiss. 
The following morning, Richard Lord comes into reception absorbed in some papers.  Barbara Hunter says good morning and Richard grunts a reply.  David Hunter comes into reception and bids Richard good morning but gets no reply.  Richard walks off in the direction of the dining room.   A few moments later Lucy Hamilton comes into reception, slams her key onto the reception desk and goes into the dining room.  David joins Barbara at the reception desk and tells Barbara that it's odd but he thought he saw Lucy go into breakfast half an hour ago.  Barbara says he did and she saw her come out five minutes ago.
Lucy Hamilton joins Richard Lord at his breakfast table, and tells him that she is gald last night happened.  She asks him if he is glad and Richard tells her that it can't happen again.  Lucy says she usually takes a walk in the morning, and she asks Richard Lord to join her.
Oliver Banks joins Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office.  Sharon tells him that David Hunter is going mad because there is a generator blocking the motel entrance.  Oliver Banks goes to the motel reception area and tells David that the problem has been solved, the generator has been moved.
David joins Barbara in the office and tells her that he has invited Oliver Banks and Sharon Metcalfe to dinner, and he will also ask the Pollards.  Barbara asks him where they will eat, a boxing ring, because he knows J. Henry and Sharon don't exactly get on.
Oliver Banks tells Sharon Metcalfe that they have been invited to dinner by David Hunter.  Later, Sharon checks over a garage query with David Hunter.  David asks her if she can make the dinner and Sharon says she would love to.  David tells Sharon that he will check with the Pollards.  Sharon tells David that she didn't know the Pollards were coming, and David asks if it's a problem.  Sharon says she doesn't get on with J. Henry Pollard, and David says he is sure J. Henry doesn't bare her any animosity.
Barbara joins David in the office and tells him that she has asked Lucy Hamilton to come to the office.  Lucy comes into the office and David asks her to have a look at her bill.  Lucy says it looks alright to her but David says the bill is mounting up.  Lucy tells David that her mother will settle the bill.  She asks David if he has spoken to her mother and David says no.  "Oh I see.  You want me out," says Lucy.
David tells Lucy that he proposes that the motel write off her bill if she makes sure she doesn't add to it by leaving in the next couple of days.  "That's twice you've broken it off between Richard and I.  Who is it you think so much of and which so little," says Lucy.  David looks down at the floor.  Lucy says she doesn't want the bill written off and she doesn't want her mother to pay it.  "Depend on it.  I'll find some man to pay," she says.
Jill Harvey asks Kath Brownlow how Glenda is and Kath says she is fine, but she's a bit bored staying at home.  Jill tells Kath that perhaps Glenda could come in to work for a couple of hours.  Kath tells Jill that Paul Ross might not like it, and Jill says she will have a word with him.
Jill finds Paul Ross in the restaurant and tells him about her idea of Glenda Banks coming into work a couple of hours.  Paul agrees.  Kath Brownlow joins Jill and Paul in the restaurant and Jill tells her that Paul has agreed to Glenda coming in part time. 
Kath Brownlow goes home and tells Glenda that Paul Ross has said she can come into work for a couple of hours, but Glenda says she's not sure she is ready yet.  Kath tells Glenda that everyone will be expecting her to come in.
Kath Brownlow receives a phone call from Trina MacDonald and Trina asks to speak to Joe.  Kath tells her that Joe is out at the moment.
Joe MacDonald and Sid Hooper go to the Brownlow's house after spending the evening at the pub.  Kath tells Joe that Trina phoned earlier, and she is ringing back.  At that moment the phone rings and Joe answers it.  When he has put the phone down Sid asks him what is wrong.  Joe tells him that he was right, that Trina didn't send him the money back out of the goodness of her heart.  He says Trina said she didn't want to be under any financial obligation to him.  He says Trina has been advised by her solicitor to start legal proceedings and she is going to sue him for maintenance. 

1983 Episodes continued

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