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Oliver Banks finds Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and shows her some details on a house.  Sharon says it's very nice.  "I've bought it.  It's where we're going to live," says Oliver.
David Hunter tries to get in touch with Adam Chance, but is told that Adam isn't accepting any calls.  J. Henry Pollard joins David and Valerie in the office and he asks David how much Adam sold for.  David tells him that Adam didn't accept the offer, and Valerie says it's her fault as she took the phone from David. 
Jill Harvey goes to Lucy Hamilton's chalet and asks her if she would like to come and stay at Chimney's.  Lucy asks Jill why she is being so insistent, and Jill says she is sure Lucy doesn't want to run up her bill anymore.  Lucy says she can always find a man to pay her bills, and tells Jill that Richard Lord is paying her bill. 
Kevin Banks shows Glenda some details of a house which is on the market, but Glenda says they can't move now.  Kevin says he is fed up of living in someone else's house.
Jill Harvey finds Richard Lord having breakfast in the motel dining room, and tells him that she knows he is paying Lucy Hamilton's bill.  Richard asks if David told her and Jill says no, Lucy did.  Richard Lord excuses himself and goes to Lucy Hamilton's chalet.
Glenda Banks tells Kevin that she has to take things carefully over the next nine months.  Glenda tells Kevin that instead of them buying their own house they could buy her parents house, then they wouldn't have to move.
Kevin and Glenda talk to Kath Brownlow about their idea.  Kevin tells Kath that she would have her own room and everything will be the same as before.  Kath tells them that Ron will have to be consulted before anything is decided.        
Lucy Hamilton goes into the office and asks Valerie Pollard if she could use the phone to call her mother in Italy.  Valerie gives her the address book with her mother's phone number in and leaves Lucy alone in the office.  Lucy asks the receptionist if she could put her through to a number in Canada.  She speaks to Georgina Moran.  "Look, you don't know me but I thought I ought to warn you that your fiancé is not only having an affair with a little tramp but he's paying her bills as well.  Now hang on...!" says Lucy but Georgina Moran puts the phone down.
Paul Ross comes into the office and asks Lucy Hamilton whst she is doing.  Lucy tells him that she has just been on the phone to georgina Moran and it seems that Richard Lord has already told Georgina about her.  Paul Ross tells Lucy that she shouldn't have done that, and Lucy says she thought they had a pact, that they were going to split Richard Lord and Georgina Moran up so that Paul could start seeing Georgina Moran and she could move in on Richard Lord.  Paul tells Lucy that Richard Lord would never marry her.
Kath Brownlow tells Joe MacDonald about Kevin and Glenda's idea of buying the house.  Joe says he thinks it is a good idea, she will have a room of her own like before and she will be able to see the baby grow up.
Kath Brownlow tells Kevin and Glenda that she has decided to let them buy the house.  Glenda and Kevin are delighted and Glenda asks Kath if she minds if they do a bit of decorating.
Kevin Banks asks Joe MacDonald how he got on when he saw the solicitor.  Joe says there is no way out of it, he has got to pay Trina a thrid of his salary plus £20 for Ben.
Joe MacDonald talks to Sharon Metcalfe and tells her that he has to pay Trina a third of his salary, so he needs more money.  He suggests £20 per week more but Sharon says that's too much.  Joe says in that case he will have to look for another job.  Sharon says she will see what she can do.
Richard Lord goes to the office and gives J. Henry Pollard some documents.  The telephone rings and J. Henry answers it, then hands the phone to Richard Lord.  Georgina Moran tells Richard Lord about Lucy Hamilton's phone call.
Kath Brownlow asks Joe MacDonald how he got on at the solicitor's and Joe tells her that he has to give a third of his salary to Trina.  Kath tells him that from next week he will pay £2 a week less for his room.
Richard Lord goes to see Lucy Hamilton in her chalet and says he knows she phoned Gina.  He says he isn't angry with her, in fact he is rather pleased she did.  "Bought you to your sense?" asks Lucy.  "Yes," replies Richard.  "It's made you understand that you love me," says Lucy putting her arms around Richard's neck.  Richard pulls her arms from around his neck.  "No.  It's made me understand why no one ever has," says Richard, and Lucy stares at him.  "I'm warning you Lucy, don't ever interfere in my personal life again," says Richard. 
Sharon Metcalfe talks to Oliver Banks about Joe MacDonald's problems.
J. Henry Pollard joins Valerie and Jill in the bar and tells them that Richard Lord has come up with an idea which will rid them of Adam Chance for good.  David Hunter joins them in the bar and J. Henry tells David that he has something to discuss with him.
David Hunter and J. Henry Pollard go to the office and J. Henry shows him some papers which Richard Lord drew up.  David reads them and says it's very good.  J. Henry tells David that he would like Richard Lord to continue working for him but Lucy Hamilton is interupting his work.  He says they must get rid of Lucy.
Kevin and Glenda Banks go to Sharon Metcalfe's flat for dinner with Sharon and Oliver.  Oliver tells Kevin that he doesn't like the thought of the house being empty and asks him and Glenda if they would like to live in the house for a while.  Kevin tells Oliver that he and Glenda are buying their house.  Oliver looks surprised and says he had no idea.  Kevin tells his father that they are buying Kath Brownlow's house.  Oliver says he means no disrespect but it isn't exactly a big investment, but Kevin says they want to concentrate on being happy not making money.
Valerie Pollard see's Barbara Hunter in reception and asks her if she was expecting to dine with David last night.  Barbara says no, she had to have dinner with some reps.  Valerie tells Barbara that J. Henry, David and Richard Lord went waltzing off for a celebration.  Barbara says come to think of it David did wake up with a bit of a headache this morning.  She asks what it's all about.
David Hunter and J. Henry Pollard join Valerie and Barbara in reception and J. Henry tells them that if they would like to go and find Jill Harvey then he will give them the good news.

1983 Episodes continued

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