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Kevin Banks goes to see Glenda at the hospital and she tells him that the doctors are very pleased with her.  Kevin tells her not to build up her hopes too much.
Oliver Banks goes to his home and manages to get Sally's car started.  Sally asks him if he opened his letters and Oliver says yes, there was nothing of importance.  He says perhaps in futre she could open his mail and see if there is anything important.  Sally says she has never opened his letters before and she isn't going to start now. 
Paul Ross joins Jill Harvey in the motel office and tells her that he liked her house.  Valerie Pollard comes into the office and Paul leaves.  Valerie Pollard asks Jill if Paul told her the bad news about Chimney's, and Jill looks at her puzzled.  "Oh dear," says Valerie, realising she has let the cat out of the bag.  David Hunter comes into the office and hears the end of the conversation.  Jill asks him what all this is about, and David says he was hoping to break the news gently.
David tells Jill that Richard Lord has been looking into where the bypass is going to go, and from what he has deduced the bypass will go straight through Chimney's.
Kevin Banks tells Joe MacDonald that this baby thing is all so clinical.  He says the woman Glenda is sharing her room with is trying for the third time.  Kevin says he doesn't know why they go through with it, and Joe says he knows nothing about women then.  Kevin says women are people in their own right, they are not just here to bring children into the world.
At the hospital the nurse comes for Rachel Wilde to give her an implant.
Oliver Banks checks out of the motel.  Kath Brownlow see's him at the reception desk and says she is glad that he has come to his senses at last.  Oliver tells Kath that he isn't going back to Sally.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the Brownlow's house and gives Kevin some flowers to give to Glenda.  Kath Brownlow arrives home and is a little surprised and angry to see Sharon Metcalfe.  Kevin shows her the flowers and tells Kath that Sharon bought them for Glenda.  Kath tells Sharon that she can take the flowers back.
Paul Ross tells Barbara Hunter that he advised Jill to move out of Chimney's.  He says he also advised her to go and see the councillors, and promised to go with her. 
Oliver Banks goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat with his bags.
Kevin and Kath visit Glenda in hospital and Kath says Mrs Hunter and Paul Ross send their love.  Kevin tells Glenda that Sharon Metcalfe wanted to be remembered too.  Kath says Sharon had the cheek to come round with flowers, but she sent her packing.  Kath tells Glenda that Oliver checked out of the motel this morning.  "It's not difficult to guess where he's gone," she says. 
Sharon Metcalfe tells Oliver about the flowers and Oliver says he can't beleive it of Kath.  He asks what Kevin said about it, and Sharon says he stuck up for her.  Oliver Banks tells Sharon that he is getting in touch with his solicitors to start divorce proceedings right away.  Sharon says Sally will fight it.  Oliver says he has given Sally sufficient grounds to take him for everything he has got, but that's alright by him.
Sid Hooper goes to see Joe MacDonald at the Brownlow's house.  Sid tells him that he got a phone call from Joe's wife, Trina, asking where Joe is living so he gave her the Brownlow's number.  Sid says it sounded urgent.  The telephone rings and Joe answers it.  Trina and Joe talk for a few moments on the phone and Joe asks Trina where she is but Trina hangs up. 
Barbara tells David that Paul Ross is going to the town hall tonight with Jill to see about the bypass.  David says it is unlikely that they will be seen if they haven't got an appointment.
Sally Banks telephones Barbara Hunter and tells her that she has had a bit of trouble with the receptionist.  Sally says the receptionist tried to tell her that Oliver Banks isn't staying at the motel when she knows he is.  Barbara tells Sally that Oliver was staying at the motel until this morning when he checked out. 
David Hunter talks to Jill Harvey and says he heard she was going to the town hall.  Jill says yes, she is trying to stop a bunch of councillors tearing down her house.  David says she will get nowhere, it isn't even official yes, and besides she hasn't got an appointment.  David advises Jill to see her solicitor. 
Marion Owen goes to see Sally Banks and Sally says the heating isn't working properly.  Marion says she will have a look at the thermostat and see if she can fix it, but Sally says no, she always lets Oliver do it.  Sally tells Marion that Oliver has moved out of the motel, and moved in with Sharon. 
Valerie Pollard finds Jill in the office and gives Jill a letter from Stan Harvey.  Valerie leaves the office and Jill opens the letter.  Richard Lord comes into the office and finds Jill close to tears.  He asks her what is wrong and Jill shows him the letter.  Richard picks up Jill's coat and bag and tells her that he is driving her home.
At Chimney's Jill Harvey tells Richard Lord that Stan is going back to his old job in Germany with his new wife, and taking their daughter Sarah Jane with him.  Richard assures Jill that she will cope.  He looks at his watch and says it is two o'clock.  Jill tells him that he can stay, there is a spare room.
The following morning, Richard Lord prepares the breakfast.
At Sharon Metcalfe's flat she prepares breakfast for Oliver Banks.  The telephone rings and Sharon answers it.  Sally Banks asks to speak to her husband and Sharon hands the phone to Oliver.  Sally tells Oliver that she is sorry to disturb him but the central heating has gone.  Oliver tells her that he will come round as soon as he can.
Paul Ross telephones Chimney's and Richard Lord answere the phone.  Paul asks to speak to Jill.  Paul tells Jill that they didn't arrange a time to go to the town hall, but Jill tells him that Richard is going with her.
David and Barbara Hunter go into the office and Paul Ross tells them that he was just phoning Jill at Chimney's to arrange a time to go to the town hall and Richard Lord answered the phone. 
Rachel Wilde asks Glenda Banks what she is going to do about her job, if she is pregnant she won't be able to carry on being a waitress.  Glenda says she hasn't really thought about it.  Rachel says she should stay at home but Glenda says they need the money.  Rachel tells Glenda that she and her husband have plenty of money and if Glenda and Kevin need some money to see them throught then she only has to ask.  Glenda says it's very good of her but Kevin wouldn't accept any help.
J. Henry Pollard tells Valerie that he had a phone call from Councillor Norman Berry and he sounded quite frightened of him.  J. Henry asks Valerie if the story is true, that Berry's housekeeper found him and put him to bed.  Valerie says yes.
Marion Owen tells Sally Banks that she should go to Canada to see her daughter Joyce.  Sally days that a good idea, all it needs is a good excuse to get Oliver to come too.  "Now if Joyce were suddenly taken ill," says Sally.  Marion tells Sally that she meant it would be an idea for Sally to go to Canada on her own.  Sally tells Marion that if she was in her place she would fight all the way, and that's exactly what she is going to do.
At the hospital in the early hours of the morning, the nurse gives Glenda her pre-med injection.  Glenda tells Rachel Wilde that they are taking her down for her implant.
Sharon Metcalfe finds someone waiting in the garage office.  The young woman says she is looking for Sharon Metcalfe.  "You've found her.  How can I help you?" asks Sharon.  "By saying goodbye to my father," says Penny Banks.  Penny Banks tells Sharon that she has got to leave her father alone.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald are in the garage washroom when they hear raised voices from the garage office.  Sid Hooper goes into the office and asks if everything is alright.  Sharon says yes.  Penny tells Sharon not to kid herself, and leaves.  Sharon tells Sid that was Oliver Banks daughter.

1983 Episodes continued

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