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Oliver Banks books into the Motel and tells Barbara Hunter, who is on reception duty, that he has some business meetings and he always get stuck in the traffic, so he thought it would be better to book into the motel.  Kath Brownlow passes through reception and see's Oliver.  Oliver tells Kath that he is booking in, it's for the best.
Valerie Pollard joins Richard Lord in the motel bar.  She tells Richard that J. Henry is going to ask him to do something which he will find distasteful and he might even refuse to do it.  Valerie tells Richard that J. Henry is going to ask him to investigate whether or not she slept with Councillor Berry.
Richard Lord goes to see J. Henry Pollard in the office.  Richard asks if there is any news about the bypass, and J. Henry says yes, the bypass is no longer a threat.  He says if the bypass is going to affect the motel then they had better have something to fight back with in order to sway the councillors.  J. Henry suggests they work on Councillor Berry and his sexual activities.  J. Henry tells Richard that Berry has even tried it on with his wife, and asks Richard to see what he can find out.  Richard Lord tells J. Henry that he is paid to represent him on business matters, not to spy on his wife.
Glenda Banks receives a letter from the clinic and opens it excitedly.  "Oh mum.  They want me in," says Glenda.  "How soon?" asks Kath.  "Tomorrow," says Glenda excitedly.  Glenda phones Kevin to tell him the news.
Oliver Banks talks to Sid Hooper in the garage.  Sharon Metcalfe comes into the office and Sid leaves her and Oliver alone.  Oliver remarks that Sid is being very friendly.  Sharon tells Oliver that Sid knows about them, when Sally came to the garage Sid put two and two together.  Sharon asks Oliver what happened at home last night and Oliver tells her that he has left the house and booked into the motel.
Kevin and Glenda Banks go to the hospital and Glenda gets settled in.  Kevin puts some of Glenda's things in her wardrobe and says whoever her room-mate is she must be loaded.  He takes out a fur coat and Glenda touches it.  She says it's real fur.  At that moment Glenda's room-mate comes in and introduces herself as Rachel Wilde.
After Kevin Banks leaves Glenda, Rachel Wilde tells Glenda that Kevin is a smasher.  "Is that why you're here, trying for his baby?" asks Rachel.  "Yes," replies Glenda.  "Don't worry.  They haven't even given up on me and this is my third attempt," says Rachel Wilde. 
David Hunter joins Barbara and Jill in the office and tells them that the accountants want them to do an audit.  He says he and Barbara will have to forego their expensive meal out.  He explains that a new restaurant has opened and it is close enough to be competition, so he thought it was their duty to try it out.  David asks Jill if she would like to go instead of him and Barbara, but Jill says she doesn't really want to go on her own.  At that moment Paul Ross comes into the office and Barbara asks him what he is doing this evening.  David explains to Paul about the restaurant, and Paul says he has heard about it.  He says he has no one he can ask at such short notice.  "Oh yes you have, hasn't he Jill," says Barbara.
Councillor Norman Berry goes to the motel bar and notices Valerie Pollard sitting alone.  He sits down at her table and asks her to tell him what happened last night.  He says drink always affects him like that.  Valerie assures him that nothing happened, she spent the night in the spare room.  Norman Berry asks who put him to bed then and Valerie tells him that his housekeeper found him collapsed on the bed, so she put him to bed.  
Valerie tells the Councillor that they had better not see each other again.  She puts her hand on his and says goodbye, then looks up to see J. Henry Pollard looking at them.  "Oh God," murmurs Valerie.  She tells Norman Berry that he had better go and Councillor Berry makes a hurried exit.  J. Henry comes to Valerie's table.  "Stand up," he hisses angrily.  "If we were alone I would strike you," he says.
Kevin Banks tells Kath Brownlow that his father has moved out of the family home and Kath says she knows, she saw him booking into the motel.  Kevin says his mother was convinced that he has moved in with Sharon.
Marion Owen goes to see Sally Banks and Sally asks her about Sharon Metcalfe's private life.  Marion says she doesn't know anything, but she knows there was something once about a man called Eddie Lee who was the brother of the one-time garage manager, Victor Lee.  Marion says Eddie Lee worked at the garage whilst he was on parole and he had a soft spot for Sharon.  "Well, well," says Sally Banks, thoughtfully.   
The telephone rings at the Bank's home and Sally answers it.  Kevin tells his mother that Oliver has moved into the motel.  Sally thanks him for letting her know, it has put her mind at rest.
Glenda Banks has had her first visit from the doctor and she tells Rachel Wilde that they might be doing her laparoscopy this afternoon.  She asks Rachel to explain exactly what they do.  Rachel tells Glenda that they pass an illuminated tube through an incision in the abdomen.
Valerie Pollard and Richard Lord have a drink in the motel bar, and Valerie asks if she was right about J. Henry asking him to investigate her involvement with Councillor Norman Berry.  Richard tells Valerie that his connection with J. Henry is purely business.  Valerie says J. Henry is convinced that she slept with Norman Berry, but nothing happened.  She asks Richard if he could investigate and then tell J. Henry that nothing happened. 
Kevin Banks and Joe MacDonald arrive home at the Brownlow's after a drink at the pub.  Kath tells Kevin that the hospital rang and he is neede there.  Kevin asks if anything is wrong with Glenda and Kath says no, quite the opposite, that's why they need him there. 
Richard Lord joins David and Barbara Hunter in the office and he tells them that J. Henry asked him to look into where the bypass will go now that it is being re-routed.  He spreads a map out on the desk and shows David and Barbara the route which the bypass will most probably take.  David looks at the map closely.  "Are you sure about this bit?" he asks, pointing to an area on the map.  Richard says yes.  "Poor Jill," says David.  Barbara asks him what he means.  "It'll go right through Jill's house," says David. 
Sharon Metcalfe and Oliver Banks relax at Sharon's flat.  Sharon tells Oliver that Sally phoned earlier and wanted to speak to him.  She says it sounded important.  Oliver Banks phones Sally and asks what's wrong.  Sally tells him that her car won't start, so Oliver says he will send someone around to have a look at it.  Sally asks him what she should do with any letter which arrive for him and Oliver tells her to forward them to the motel.  Sally says they could take ages to reach him so Oliver says he will come and get the mail.    
Paul Ross and Jill Harvey go back to Chimney's after their meal at the new restaurant.  Paul says it is a long walk back to the motel and asks if he could sleep on the settee.  There is the sound of a car hooter.  "Oh at last," says Jill.  "What's that?" asks Paul.  "The taxi," says Jill.

1983 Episodes continued

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