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Lucy Hamilton arrives at the motel and asks Barbara Hunter, who is on duty at the reception desk, if Mrs Hamilton is staying here.  David comes into reception at that moment.  "Hello David," says Lucy.  David looks at her.  "Don't you know me.  That's a nice welcome from a man I lived with six years ago," says Lucy.  "Kate's daughter," David tells Barbara by way of explanation.
David takes Lucy Hamilton into the office and Lucy says she hopes his wife didn't take it the wrong way when she said she'd lived with him.  David says Barbara knows her and Kate stayed with him.  Lucy asks David if he has a forwarding address for her mother.  David phones through to reception and asks Barbara if she could bring Kate Hamilton's forwarding address to the office.  A few moments later Barbara Hunter joins David and Lucy in the office, and gives Lucy the forwarding address they have for Kate. 
Penny Banks goes to see her mother and tells her that she knows all about her father and Sharon Metcalfe. 
Sid Hooper tells Oliver Banks that his daughter Penny came to the garage earlier and had words with Sharon.  Oliver telephones Sally and asks her why she sent Penny round to see Sharon and Sally says she didn't know Penny was here until she arrived at the house five minutes ago.  Oliver asks to speak to Penny and arranges to meet her at the motel that evening.   
Joe MacDonald shows Kath Brownlow a bill he received from the butcher for meat which Trina bought totalling 84.  Kath tells him that's rediculous and he musn't pay the bill.
Penny Banks goes to see her brother Kevin at the Brownlow's house, and tells him that their mother and father belong together and it's up to them to see that they stay together.  She says she is meeting their father at the motel this evening and she wants Kevin to come too.
That evening Penny and Kevin Banks go to the motel and meet their father in the bar.  Penny says she knows marriages go through rough periods but he and their mother were alright before Sharon Metcalfe came along. 
Lucy Hamilton comes into reception and see's Jill Harvey.  Lucy tells Jill that she is here to see J. Henry Pollard and Jill tells her that J. Henry is out at the moment but he should be back soon.  She suggests Lucy waits in the office but Lucy says she will wait in the bar.
Lucy Hamilton goes into the motel bar.  Richard Lord comes into reception and Jill beckons him into the office.  Once in the office Jill tells Richard that Lucy Hamilton is here to meet J. Henry Pollard.  She tells Ricahrd that Lucy is in the bar and she will tip him off when the coast is clear. 
Richard Lord walks out of the office and into the motel bar where he see's Lucy Hamilton.  Lucy is surprised but pleased to see him.
David Hunter comes into reception and asks Jill Harvey if Richard Lord is in the office.  Jill says no, he is having a cosy reunion with Lucy Hamilton in the bar.  David goes into the bar and tells Richard that J. Henry Pollard would like to see him in his chalet now.  Richard Lord seems in no hurry to leave so David says J. Henry did say right away.  Richard leaves the bar.
David asks Lucy Hamilton is she has found anywhere to live yet.  Lucy says she has but she won't stay there a moment longer.  "I'll stay here," she says. 
Valerie and J. Henry Pollard meet Lucy Hamilton.  Lucy tells J. Henry that she was told that he might be able to help her find her mother.  J. Henry tells her that Kate is making use of his villa in Italy.
Kevin Banks visits Glenda in hospital and he asks where Rachel Wilde is.  Glenda tells him that Rachel is having a bath.  Rachel Wilde comes into the room and Glenda see's from her expression that something is wrong.  Rachel asks Kevin to fetch the nurse.  Kevin rushes out whilst Glenda sits Rachel down on the side of the bed.  Rachel tells Glenda that she is losing the baby, she is bleeding.
Kevin Banks goes home and tells Kath Brownlow and Joe MacDonald that Rachel Wilde lost her baby.
J. Henry Pollard joins Jill, Valerie, David and Barbara in the office and thrusts a paper at David.  He asks David why Adam Chance as sent warning of the date of the annual general meeting, and David says because Adam is a share holder.  J. Henry says Adam Chance almost ruined his marriage.  J. Henry turns to Jill and reminds her that she was going to marry Adam Chance before he spent the night with Valerie.  Valerie walks out of the office.
Barbara tells J. Henry that hse is fed up with his childishness.  David says there is no need for any of this, and suggests that he and J. Henry unwind over a drink in the bar.  David and J. Henry leave the office.  Barbara tells Jill that she could kick J. Henry for that.  
David and J. Henry have a drink in the motel bar, and David tells J. Henry that he hurt Jill.  J. Henry says Jill knows that he didn't mean to, he is very fond of Jill.  David tells him that he hurt Valerie too, and J. Henry says he will put it right with her.  "Now's your chance," says David, as he see's Valerie Pollard approaching their table.  David leaves and Valerie joins her husband at the table. 
Kevin Banks goes to see his sister Penny.  Penny tells him that their mother is giving in, she went to see a solicitor and he advised her to go ahead with the divorce.
Paul Ross serves Lucy Hamilton in the motel restaurant, and asks her if Richard Lord will be dining with her.  He asks Lucy if Richard has told her about his fiancee, and Lucy stares at him.  Paul says it's probably because his fiancee is Australian.  Lucy says of course he has told her, and says she is sure she is a very intelligent Australian.  Paul says Richard obviously hasn't told her because Gina Moran is very English.
Lucy see's David and Barbara coming into the restaurant as she is leaving.  David asks Lucy if everything is alright and Lucy says yes, she has just left something in reception.  Barbara looks over at Paul Ross.
Kevin Banks gives Joe MacDonald another letter which has been delivered to the Brownlow's house.  Joe opens it and stares in disbelief.  He tells Kevin that it's a bill for 200, for a fur coat.  Kath Brownlow tells Joe that he musn't pay it.  Joe says he is going to do as Kath suggested and put a notce in the paper saying that he is no longer responsible for his wife's debts. 
Jill Harvey joins David and Barbara in the restaurant.  Barbara tells her that she and David have put their heads together about Adam Chance, and they're going to write to him and ask him not to come to the annual general meeting.  David asks Jill what she thinks and Jill says not to write on her account. 
Valerie Pollard joins David in the office the following morning and gives him some letters addressed to J. Henry.  David tells her that J. Henry is due here any minute for a meeting and he will give him the letters.  "I know," says Valerie, shortly.  "Bad mood Valerie?" asks David.  J. Henry Pollard comes into the office and tells David that he made some alterations to the garage plans which he doesn't agree with.  David says he will look into it.
J. Henry asks David what he has done about Adam Chance and David says Barbara offered to write to him but Jill said not to on her account.  J. Henry tells David to let Barbara write.  "Why don't you write to him yourself, or are you too frightened at the answer you might get," says Valerie, and leaves the office.
David says if Jill isn't frightened of Adam Chance then why is he.  J. Henry tells David that he is going to get rid of Adam Chance for good.  He asks David for the company rules.

1983 Episodes continued

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