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Ron Brownlow asks Kath if she has made all the arrangements and Kath tells her son that Arthur is being buried next Tuesday.  Kath goes upstairs and Glenda goes to make some coffee.  "There's one good thing come out of this," says Iris.  "What?" asks Ron.  "You and me together again," says Iris.
At Chimney's Barbara Hunter sits at her typewriter with earphones in.  The door behind her opens and David Hunter walks into the kitchen, unseen by Barbara.  Barbara takes the paper from the typewriter and screws it up.  Barbara takes the earphones out of her ears.  "Why not give it up," says David.  Barbara turns around and stares at him.  David walks towards her.  "I have," he says.  Barbara reaches out to him and they embrace. 
Ashley Lamont joins Reg in the motel bar, and Reg asks him if he wants a drink.  Ashley tells his father that he could do with one as it has been a long day.  He tells Reg that he is here to ask a few more questions about Arthur Brownlow's death, and explains that Arthur was at the motel the night he died.  Ashley Lamont tells Reg that he is thinking of giving up the police force.  "That is the best news I've had in a long time," says Reg.
Ashley Lamont spends the eveing at Sharon Metcalfe's flat, and tells her that Reg was talking about leaving.  He asks Sharon if she has been saying anything to Reg and Sharon says no.  Ashley tells her that he had to talk Reg out of leaving by saying that he was leaving the police force. 
Diane Hunter see's Jill Harvey in reception and Jill asks her if she has seen David.  At that moment David and Barbara Hunter come into reception.  "I knew you'd do it," says Jill.  "I have no idea what you are prattling about," says David.  Barbara says she thinks she knows what all this is about, and tells Jill that she would like a word with her. 
Jill and Barbara go into the office and Barbara tells Jill that she has never met such an untrustworthy person in her life.  "You betrayed me.  You even gave him your keys so he could pounce on me," says Barbara.  Jill says she is guilty.
Kath Brownlow, Kevin and Glenda, Ron Brownlow, Iris and Rose Scott and Joe MacDonald gather for Arthur Brownlow's funeral.  Kath places a single red rose on the coffin.
Sharon Metcalfe talks to Ashley Lamont in the garage office.  Sharon calls Benny into the office and asks him where Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald have gone.  Benny tells her that Joe has gone to Arthur Brownlow's funeral and Sid has gone to take a car back.  Sharon asks him what car and Benny tells her it was a special job.  Ashley Lamont asks Benny what the damage was and Benny tells him it was just a dent, but it was a rush job.  Ashley asks Benny if he knows who brought the car in and Benny tells him that it was Ashley's father Reg.
David Hunter and Kate Hamilton sort through some paperwork in the ,otel office.  David tells Kate that she doesn't look very well, and tells her that there is no need for her to worry now.  Kate tells David that there is every reason.  "I did it David.  I was there when Tony died.  I killed him," says Kate.  David tells her that she did the only sensible thing and went out for a drive, but Kate says that's just it, she didn't leave the flat.  "You didn't even try to leave?" asks David.  Kate says she tried but Tony Moran slammed the door shut.  "I pushed and he fell down the stairs," says Kate. 
Ashley Lamont tells Diane Hunter and Sharon Metcalfe that Linda Nolan and Reg Lamont were going on a joyride.  He says a joyride on the night someone is knocked over is worth a look at. 
Jill tells Barbara Hunter that Kate Hamilton has told David that she killed Tony Moran.  Barbara says it's unfair of Kate to make her confession to David, confessions are for the police. 
Barbara Hunter goes into the office and tells David that she has just spoken to Jill.  She says Kate is taking advantage of him.
Jill Harvey asks Paul Ross if he could take a tray of food to Kate Hamilton's chalet.
Ashley Lamont looks around his father's chalet.  He opens the wardrobe, takes out a bag and searches it.  He finds a note book and puts it in his jacket pocket.  He hears Reg Lamont's voice outside and quickly puts the bag back, and shuts the wardrobe door.  He lays down on the bed and closes his eyes.  Reg Lamont comes into the chalet and see's Ashley lying on the bed.  "Ash," says Reg Lamont.  Ashley Lamont opens his eyes and says he must have dropped off.
Reg Lamont asks Ashley what is on his mind, and Ashley tells him that there are just a few things he wanted to clear up.  Ashley says the night Arthur Brownlow was killed Reg and Linda Nolan went out.  Reg says yes, they had dinner.  Ashley asks him what time they came back and Reg tells him it was about ten o'clock.  Ashley asks Reg about the damage done to Linda Nolan's car and Reg says she got hemmed in on the motel car park and bumped the car when she tried to get out.  Ashley Lamont asks him what the nig rush was to get the car repaired and Reg tells him that Linda Nolan was scared that her husband would find out.
Paul Ross finds Jill Harvey in the motel bar with Georgina Moran, and he tells Jill that he send a tray of food into Mrs Hamilton's chalet but she was out. 
Reg Lamont tells Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald that when he asks for a job to be done, he expects it to be done.  He tells them that he asked for the work on Linda Nolan's car to be kept quiet, and Sid Hooper tells him that they didn't say a word.  Sharon Metcalfe comes into the garage and asks if this is the little job she wasn't supposed to know about.  She says it didn't go through the books, and this isn't the way she runs the garage.
David Hunter joins Kate Hamilton in the office and asks her if she is still intent on going to the police.  Kate tells him that the police are deciding whether or not to press charges.  "How can they be?" asks David.  "Because I went to see them last night," says Kate.  "You went to the police without your solicitor?" asks David.  "The charges they are considering  are perjury and manslaughter," says Kate.
Reg Lamont asks Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald who else knew about the job on Linda Nolan's car.  Sid tells him that Benny knew, and Reg asks Joe MacDonald to fect Benny.  Joe goes and returns a few minutes later with Benny.  Reg Lamont asks Benny who knows about the blue Jaguar and Benny tells him that Joe was working on it and he saw Reg drive it into the garage.  Reg asks Benny if he told anyone about this and Benny says yes, Ashley Lamont.  "And why did you do that?" asks Reg.  "Because he asked," says Benny.

1982 Episodes continued

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