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Kath and Glenda get ready for their first day back at work.  Ron Brownlow tells them they should have more time off but Kath says she will be glad to get back. 
Sid Hooper tells Joe MacDonald that he doesn't like this business with the car, something is wrong.  Ashley Lamont comes into the garage in his police uniform and tells Sid and Joe that he is glad he caught them all together.  He tells them that he wants to talk to them about a repair job they did on a Jaguar XJ6.  Ashley Lamont says the damage done to the car was done on the night Arthur Brownlow was killed.  He gets his notebook out and asks them if there was any sign of blood on the car.  Sid Hooer says no, if there had been they would have told the police.  Ashley Lamont tells Sid and Joe that he would like them both to come down to the police station and make statements. 
David Hunter and Diane are in the office talking about Arthur Brownlow when Kath Brownlow comes into the office.  David asks her if she is alright and Kath tells him that she is glad to be back.  Kate leaves the office and David asks Diane to keep an eye on Kath and Glenda.  "This stiff upper lip business can be deceiving," he says. 
Kate Hamilton goes to see Georgina Moran in her chalet and tells her that she has been to the police and it is possible that she may be charged with the manslaughter of her father. 
Later, David Hunter goes to Georgina Moran's chalet and says he has just left Mrs Hamilton and she is very upset.  David says Kate told the truth as she saw it, but she is confused.  Georgina tells David that Richard Lord made an affidavit, a sworn statement, on Kate Hamilton's behalf and now he may be charged with perjury as a result of Kate Hamilton's confession.  Georgina Moran tells David that anything else to be said on this matter should be dealt with through their respective solicitors.  "Yes, you're right.  It is a matter for the solicitors," says David. 
Reg Lamont telephones Linda Nolan and tells her to come over to the motel straight away, and Linda says she can't come at the moment.  Reg tells her either she comes here or he will come and get her.  Linda Nolan hangs up. 
David joins Barbara and Jill in the office and says someone must tell Georgina Moran to leave, and he isn't the one to do it.  David tells them that Kate went to Georgina Moran's chalet and told her she has been to the police.  "I don't believe it," says Barbara.  David tells Barbara that perhaps she should be the one to tell Georgina Moran to leave, and Georgina trusts her, but Barbara says she won't do it.  David looks at Jill and Jill says she can't do it, but she thinks she knows someone who will do it.  Jill leaves the office.  "She doesn't mean Paul Ross?" wonders David.  Barbara says yes, Paul is besotted with Georgina Moran.
Reg Lamont talks to Linda Nolan in his chalet.  Reg asks her why she told him that story about being hemmed in at the motel car park.  He says the police are asking questions, and tells her that she must come clean.  Linda Nolan tells Reg that she will tell the polcie that he was with her, and he was driving.  Reg Lamont grabs her by the chin tells her that when he is caught for something he has done he takes the blame, but there is no way he is going to take the blame for something he didn't do.  Linda tells Reg that she didn't mean it, she is just in such a mess.  She asks him what she should do, and Reg  tells her nothing for the moment.
Jill Harvey tells Paul Ross that he must tell Georgina Moran to leave.  Paul Ross goes to Georgina Moran's chalet tells her that he thinks it would be best if she left.  Georgina Moran tells him that she will decide when to leave, besides her solicitor has advised her to stay. 
Benny goes to Diane and Sharon's flat.  Diane notices Benny is worried and she asks him what is wrong.  Benny tells her that Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald had to go to the police station because they think the car they were working on was the one that killed Arthur Brownlow.  Sharon Metcalfe assures Benny that it will be alright.  Benny leaves the flat.  Diane Hunter asks Sharon if it is really going to be alright.  She asks if Reg Lamont was in the car that killed Arthur and Sharon says she doesn't think so.  Diane points out that Reg Lamont did bring the car into the garage and Sharon says yes, and if it's true that Reg was in the car then Ashley Lamont is going to have what he has been looking for for a long time, an excuse to get at his father.
Kath Brownlow tries to put out some heavy sacks for the dustmen.  Glenda see's her and tells her that she shouldn't be doing that.  She calls Kevin and Ron downstairs to help.  Ron Brownlow opens the mail and notices's one addressed to Arthur.  Kath asks Ron to open it, and Ron tells her that it is tickets from the travel agent.  Kath says she completely forgot about that and says they were due to go on holiday next week.  She says Arthur was so looking forward  to it.  Ron tells her that he will go to the travel agents and explain, and no doubt she will get a refund.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that he has made another appointment at the fertility clinic.  Glenda says that's marvellous.  Kath Brownlow comes into the room and Glenda shushes him, but Kath says he heard them.
Kate Hamilton types a letter in the office.  Barbara Hunter comes in.  Kate finishes her letter, and walks over to the desk where Barbara is sitting.  She puts the letter in front of Barbara, and Barbara reads it.  "David never said anything about you giving in your notice," says Barbara.  "David doesn't know," says Kate.  Kate tells Barbara that it is her day off and she would be grateful if Barbara would make sure that David gets the letter.
Ashley Lamont talks to Sharon Metcalfe in the garage.  The phone rings, Sharon answers then hands the phone to Ashley.  When he replaces the receiver Ashley Lamont tells Sharon that his father has just had a visitor in his chalet.
Paul Ross inspects the motel dining room.  He calls Iris Scott over and tells her off for not clearing the tables.  Iris tells him that she has just come on duty, and Paul says it's not good enough, the bar wasn't cleaned either.  Iris tells Paul that she did clean the bar.  "Are you calling me a liar?" asks Iris, raising her voice.  Paul tells her to keep her voice down, he doesn't want the guests to hear.  "You started it," says Iris.  "Don't talk to me like that," says Paul.  "I'll talk to you how I like.  You don't own me," says Iris.  Paul Ross tells Iris Scott that she is sacked.
In Reg Lamont's chalet Reg talks with Linda Nolan, and he asks her if she has a lawyer.  Linda says no, and Reg tells her that she will need one.  He makes a phone call to his own solicitor.  There is a knock on the chalet door and Ashley Lamont comes in, in his police uniform.  Linda Nolan stares at Ashley, and ten turns to Reg Lamont.  "You never said anything about him being a copper," she says.
David Hunter joins Barbara in the office and he finds Kate Hamilton's resignation letter on the desk.  David asks Barbara if she was here when Kate typed the letter and Barbara says yes.  David asks her what Kate said and Barbara tells him that Kate said it was final and she didn't want to be here when he read it.
Ron Brownlow goes through various papers with Kath.  As Arthur didn't leave a will this complicates matters.  Kath says if only she had been prepared.  She says if Arthur had been ill, then she would have had time to prepare, but just to walk out and never see him again.  She tells Ron that she and Arthur had a row before he left for the Bowls Club function, and she can't even remember what it was about.  "Oh yes.  Shoes," says Kath.  She says she moaned at Arthur for buying new shoes that were too tight.  "He could have a hundred pairs of new shoes that were too tight.  He could have a hundred pairs," says Kath, sadly.  Ron says at least he didn't suffer. 
Reg Lamont tells Ashley that Linda Nolan is going to come clean. 
Meanwhile, Linda Nolan tells Reg that he is going to fix this for her like he fixed everything else.  "You fix this one for me Reggie.  Tell your little boy to call it off," says Linda Nolan.  
Kate Hamilton joins David and Barbara Hunter in the office, and Barbara says she must go and check something so she leaves the office.  David tells Kate that they must talk about her notice, and Kate tells him that she should never have taken the job in the first place.  David tells Kate that he can't let her face whatever she has to face alone, but Kate says she has already asked too much of him, and there is Barbara to consider.  David looks at her.  Kate says she pretended she didn't see it.  "Oh David.  You must see it," says Kate. 
Kate tells David that she did the sensible thing when she gave in her notice, but David says surely she isn't leaving at this moment.  Kate says she will stay at the motel because this is where she told the police they could find her.  "It should be too long," says Kate. 
Diane Hunter asks Glenda Banks if she could take someone shift as they phoned in sick.  Glenda says she can't as she has some time off so that she and Kevin can go to the clinic.
Barbara tells David that Kate must stay on over Christmas and she will suggest it to her.  She tells David that they will need to get a replacement for Kate, and she asks David if he has done anything about it.  David says no.  Barbara looks up a number and dials.  She asks for Miranda Pollard, but is unable to get Miranda on that number.  She dials another number.  David tells Barbara that if Miranda spends Christmas with them it will mean 'deadly Daddy' and 'Murderous Mummy' will probably come too.  Barbara laughs.  Barbara speaks to Miranda Pollard and asks her if she would like to come and help them out at the motel over Christmas.

1982 Episodes continued

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