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Jill Harvey finds Barbara Hunter at Chimney's doing some audio typing.  Jill looks at the paper over Barbara's shoulder, and pulls the earphone out of one of Barbara's ears.  "Now tell me a story," says Jill.  Barbara takes the other earphone out of her other ear. 
"Now once upon a time there was a wicked villain called Richard Lord who persecuted a lady in distress called Kate Hamilton.  Now that got up the nose of the perfect and gentle knight Sir David Hunter, who snatched up his sword and galloped off to the rescue, and it also got up the nose of his own fair lady, the beautiful Barbara," says Jill.  "Coffee?" asks Barbara. 
"Well the beautiful Barbara languished so much that it quite interfered with her writing.  Then one day into the forest..." says Jill.  "Forest!" laughs Barbara.  "One day into the forest wandered a beautiful young fairy princess whose name was Georgina Moran.  Mind you she was never sure whether she was a bad fairy or a good fairy.  However..." says Jill.  "You know Jill.  I don't like fables," says Barbara.  "This one is true and it's almost finished," says Jill.  "Anyway this fairy princess turned out to be a magician, so she waved her magic wand..don't ask me where she got it... and turned the wicked Richard Lord into a good Lord, who rescued the lady Kate from all her perils.  And then poor Sir David had nothing to do but turn his back and wonder when his own lady fair would stop sulking and forgive him," says Jill. 
"Have you finished?" asks Barbara.  "Yes.  You can pack up your typewriter and go back to him," says Jill.  "You mean to tell me that the lady in distress, Kate, has left the forest?" asks Barbara.  "Well, no," says Jill.  "Thought as much.  Well as far as I'm concerned, nothings changed whilst she's still in that forest.  Now listen Jill, no more advice or interference," says Barbara.   
Kevin Banks asks Glenda when her brother Ron is coming back, and Glenda says sometime tomorrow.  Kevin tells Glenda that there will be an inquest because the person who knocked Arthur down didn't stop.  Kath Brownlow comes downstairs and Glenda goes to get her a cup of tea.  Kevin gives Kath and envelope containing a few of Arthur's belongings.  "Oh and there's this," says Kevin and hands her the bowling trophy Arthur won on the night he was killed.  "It must have meant a lot to him, he was still hanging onto it when..."  says Kevin.  "Then we must keep it safe for him," says Kath and places the trophy on the mantelpiece.
Sid Hooper does some typing in the garage office.  Reg Lamont and Sharon Metcalfe come into the office and Sid takes the paper he was typing out of the typewriter.  He goes into the garage staff room and shows Joe MacDonald and Benny the letter that he was typing.  It is a sales receipt for Benny's van.
Sid Hooper goes back into the garage office and tells Reg Lamont that he has that sales receipt he asked for.  Reg tells Sid that he will need that copy for himself as he has phoned the auction people and asked them to send him a copy.  Sid leaves the office and goes back into the staff room.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Reg that he is awful, he has got Sid Hooper really worried.  Sid comes back into the office and tells Reg that he is going past the auction year and he can pick up a copy of the sales receipt.
Georgina Moran asks the motel receptionist to make up her bill, and asks for her bill to be sent to her employers in future.
Sid Hooper tells Reg Lamont that the auction rooms were closed, but he will go round again.  Reg tells him that there is no need, he will phone them.  He picks up the phone.  Sharon tells him to stop it.  Reg Lamont asks Sid Hooper what he is up to, doing him out of 400.  Sid says he just wanted to capitalise on their investment.  Reg warns him not to try it again. 
Kevin Banks goes to see David Hunter to explain to him that Kath and Glenda won't be into work for a while.  Kevin goes into reception and talk to Diane Hunter.  Iris Scott comes into reception and cheerfully wishes them a good morning.  Iris see's their solemn faces and asks what is wrong.  "It's Arthur.  He's dead," Kevin tells her.  Iris stares at him.  She says Kath must be in a state, and says she must go round to see if she can help.  "Hang about.  You can't just walk out," says Diane as Iris begins to leave the motel.  "You just watch me," says Iris Scott.
Diane Hunter see's Paul Ross looking down because he thinks Georgina Moran is leaving.  Diane tells him that she isn't leaving, she just paid her bill.  Diane explains to him that in future Georgina Moran's bill is being paid by her employers.
Ron Brownlow arrives home to find Iris Scott.  He tells her that he got here as soon as possible.  "I'm sorry love," says Iris, and hugs him.
Linda Nolan goes into the garage office where she finds Reg Lamont alone.  She tells him that she is in a bit of trouble, and she explains that she bumped her car last night and her husband musn't know.  Reg tells her to calm down, and gives her a drink.  He asks her where she bumped her car and Linda tells him that it was in the motel car park, she was jammed in.  She asks Reg if he could fix it for her.
Glenda and Iris sit at home talking.  Iris tells Glenda that she must let her mother Rose know what has happened.  Iris asks if it was awful visiting the undertakers and Glenda says they were very kind.  Glenda says it all seems so unreal, when she was at the undertakers she kept saying to herself  "They're not talking about Dad.  Dad's at work.  He'll walk through that door just like he did last night," says Glenda. 
Ron Brownlow joins Glenda and Iris in the living room and tells them that Kath is resting.  He says no one seems to know what happened, he says it's strange but you would think that at that time of night, with the pubs turning out and the do on at the Crossroads motel and another at Fairlawns Hotel, that someone would have seen something.  Ron tells Glenda that she should try and get some sleep, she looks worn out.  Glenda says she will when Kevin gets back
Glenda tells Ron and Iris that Kevin has gone to the fertility clinic, they both had an appointment today and Kevin has gone to explain why they can't keep the appointment.  Iris Scott notices Ron's puzzled expression and tells Ron that Glenda and Kevin are going in for a baby.  "But I thought you couldn't have any," says Ron.  "It's a test tube baby Ron.  Isn't it great," says Iris.  Ron says he has read about it, and asks Glenda if they have been accepted yet.  Glenda says not yet, she has only just persuaded Kevin to visit the clinic.
Glenda tells Ron that hse would be grateful if he wouldn't mention it in front of their Mum because she isn't keen.  Ron tells Glenda that she will come round.  "Have you ever known a woman who didn't want grandchildren," says Ron.  Ron asks Glenda if she spoke to their Dad about it and Glenda says Arthur was on her side right from the start.  "When all this is over we're going to go ahead.  I don't care what Mum says.  I want that baby more than ever now," says Glenda.
Reg Lamont tells Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald that he has a rush job for them.  He says a lady friend of his has dented her car and he wants it done first thing in the morning.  Joe asks what kind of car it is and Reg tells him it is a Jaguar.
David and Jill work in the office, and David suggests they have dinner.  "With my wife away I've no one else to turn to," he says.  "Oh thank you.  I don't mind standing in for Barbara but will I be standing in for Kate as well?" asks Jill.  "Goodnight," says David.  "You're out of line," he tells Jill.  Jill tells David that he will have to admit to lies and espionage, and says he didn't ask the vital question but if he had she admits she would have lied.  "What vital question?" asks David.  "Do I know where Barbara is, and the answer is yes I do.  She's at Chimney's," says Jill.  David smiles.  "Why didn't you tell me before?  How long has she been there?" asks David.  Jill tells him that Barbara has been at Chimney's since she left the motel.
Jill tells David that she is going to have a meal at the motel, alone, and he is going to go to Chimney's and get his wife to cook him a meal.  "Of all your childish ideas that is the one most likely to wreck my marriage," says David.  Jill gets up and walsk towards the door.  She opens the door then walks back to the desk.  She puts a set of keys on the desk in front of David.  "What's that?" he asks.  "The keys to Chimney's in case she won't let you in," says Jill, and leaves the office. 

1982 Episodes continued

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