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Reg Lamont goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat for dinner, and he asks her if Ashley ever talks about him.  Sharon says no.  Reg tells Sharon that he found out something that upset him, and tells Sharon that he neglected Ashley when he was a child.
Georgina Moran joins Richard Lord in the motel reception, and she tells him that the police are going to re-open the inquiry into her fathers death.  Richard tells her that they expected that.  Georgina Moran tells Richard that she thinks Kate Hamilton is innocent, and now she feels mean and vicious.  Richard Lord tells Georgina Moran that he will tell her something but she must keep the information to herself.  He says he can prove that Kate Hamilton didn't use the company car the night of Tony Moran's death because he was in the car, and he wasn't alone.  He says he had a woman with him and she is willing to come forward.
Ashley Lamont joins Reg and Sharon Metcalfe at Sharon's flat.  Ashley pours a glass of wine for his father and one for himself.  Sharon calls from the kitchen and asks what she has done not to deserve a glass of wine. 
Ashley Lamont takes a glass and the bottle of wine into the kitchen and pours her a glass.  Sharon asks Ashley if he will do her a favour.  "Be nice to him," she says, nodding towards the living room where Reg is sitting.  Sharon kisses Ashley.  "What's that?" asks Sharon, drawing away from Ashley.  "What?" asks Ashley.  "That," says Sharon, pulling open Ashley's jacket.  She takes out a miniture tape recorder from Ashley's inside pocket.  Ashley Lamont shrugs and tells Sharon that it's a new toy he has been experimenting with.  "It's swtiched on," says Sharon.  
When Reg Lamont has left the flat and Ashley and Sharon are alone, she asks him what he is up to.  Ashley tells her that they have been given the recorders, and says he was playing around with it at the station and must have forgotten to switch it off.  Sharon tells him that in that case he doesn't need the tape.  "Rub it off then," says Sharon, but Ashley says no.  "What the hell are you up to?" asks Sharon. 
Kath and Arthur Brownlow wait anxiously at home for news from Kevin.  Kath hears a car draw up outside the house and pulls the curtain aside to look outside.  Glenda and Kevin come into the house, and Glenda hugs her parents.  She spologises to them for causing them trouble.  Glenda tells them that Iris is with them, she wanted to see how Mavis Hooper is.  Kath tells Glenda that the motel couldn't keep her job open.  Glenda tells Kath and Arthur that Kevin has agreed to go to the clinic.  Kevin says he doesn't promise anything but he will listen to what they have to say.
Sid Hooper, Joe MacDonald and Benny see Reg Lamont and Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office.  Reg tells them that their idea is a good one, and he asks who thought of it.  Sid Hooper tells him that he did.  He tells Reg and Sharon that they are not going to operate the idea for them.  Reg Lamont tells Sharon to go to the bar and order him a drink, and he will join her there in a minute.  Sharon leaves the garage office.
Reg Lamont sits at the desk.  "Now lets get a few things straight," he says.  Reg tells Sid, Joe and Benny that they will never be able to finance their idea.  Sid tells him that Bennt has got the money.  Reg tells them that if they intend to put this plan into operation he will have to ask them for their notice.  "Well, if that's the way you feel, you've got them," says Sid Hooper.  
The next day Benny finds Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office, and asks her to sign something for Sid.  Sharon asks Benny why Si can't come to her himself, and asks him if it's because of this business they are setting up.  Benny tells Sharon that Sid said that if the idea is good for the garage then it is good for them.  Sharon tells Benny that she is only asking him to think carefully.
Glenda Banks goes to the motel to see Paul Ross about getting her job back, but Paul says he is sorry but she can't come and go as she pleases, and there is no place for her here.  Glenda meets Jill Harvey on her way out.  "Hello Glenda.  Have you been trying to get your job back?" asks Jill.  "He won't even listen," says Glenda.  Jill tells Glenda to wait around for a while, and she will see what she can do. 
Jill Harvey goes to the bar and talks to Paul Ross.  She tells him that Glenda is a very good waitress, she knows her way around and she knows the customers.  Paul tells Jill that he wasn't really going to sack Glenda, he was going to give her until tomorrow.  Paul Ross calls Glenda Banks over and tells her that she can have her job back.
Paul Ross goes into the motel office to check something with Kate Hamilton.  He tells Kate that he tried to keep Richard Lord and Georgina Moran away from her in the dining room yesterday.  Kate tells him that she is quite used to seeing Richard Lord and Georgina Moran together.
David Hunter comes into the office as Paul Ross leaves.  David asks Kate if Paul Ross was bothering her and Kate says she thinks Paul is in love.  "What?" asks David.  "With Georgina Moran," says Kate.  She says she feels sorry for Paul because last night he had to serve dinner to the object of his affection whilst she was cruelly enjoying the attention of another man.  "At least he knows where the object of his affection is," says David.
Iris Scott asks Glenda if the motel are looking for any waitresses, and Glenda says Mrs Harvey did mention that they needed someone in the cafeteria, and behind the bar.  Iris asks Glenda who she would need to speak to about a job and Glenda tells her Shughie McFee.  Iris puts her coat on and Glenda says she was lucky to get her old job back.  She says Paul Ross warned her not to make one more slip up, and Iris says Paul Ross isn't going to like it when she has to go to the clininc about the baby because she will have to take time off.
Glenda Banks joins Kevin in the living room and tells him that Iris is right, she will have to take time off work.  Glenda tells Kevin that she doesn't care what it costs.  Kevin says thay have no idea what it will cost and Glenda asks him how much they have got saved.  Kevin says a bit.  Glenda says there is the National Health Service but Kevin says they won't get any help on the NHS.
Jill Harvey takes Iris Scott into the office and finds David Hunter there.  Jill tells David that Iris is going to help them out in the bar.  Jill asks Iris if she would wait in reception for a few minutes.  Iris leaves the office.  David looks at Jill.  "You have got to be joking," says David.  Jill tells him that Iris is a reformed character. 
Diane Hunter comes into the office carrying a tray with David's lunch.  "Not having a proper meal again?" asks Jill.  "Quite proper thank you," says David.  Diane puts the tray down on the desk and asks David if Mrs Hunter will be dining in here or in the restaurant.  David tells her that Mrs Hunter won't be coming back tonight.  "Oh," says Diane.  "When will she be coming back?" asks Diane.  "No set days," replies David.  "Days?" asks Diane.  "Why, is she taking..." says Diane, and Jill interupts her, saying that she is trying to persuade David to take Iris Scott on.  "Good luck," says Diane and leaves the office.
David tells Jill that he thought it was generally understood that Barbara wasn't away just for tonight.  Jill says Diane is just concerned, and David says he doesn't want to be the object of concern to anyone except his wife.  Jill asks David if Barbara has phoned him and David says no.  Jill says she thought Barbara would have phoned him when she got to London.  "Either I'm going to have this supper..." says David, pointing to the tray.  ..."Or this conversation.  The two don't go together.  And of the two I would prefer the supper," says David. 
Jill Harvey goes into recption where she finds Iris Scott waiting.  Jill tells Iris that David is quite happy for her to work here.  Jill tells Iris that they are going to have to throw her in at the deep end because they have a Bowls club dinner tonight.  Paul Ross comes into reception and Jill calls him over.  Jill introduces him to Iris Scott.
Jill Harvey arrives home at Chimney's.  The doorbell rings and Jill answers the door.  "Barbara!" she exclaims.  Barbara tells Jill that she never got to London.  Jill asks her if she has seen David and Barbara says no.  Barbara asks if David tried to phone her and Jill says she isn't in a position to keep watch on him, but when she last saw David he was in a great state of suffering.  Barbara says she isn't interested in men who enjoy their suffering.  Jill tells Barbara to put David out of his misery, and says she has made her point. 
Barbara tells Jill that she doesn't know how to do what she knows she must do.  She says she has got to keep tabs on David without him knowing it.  Jill says she will need a place to stay near the motel where she can keep an eye on David, and she will need someone to spy on David.  Barbara laughs.  "Are you suggesting we hire Paul Ross?" asks Barbara.  Jill says why hire Paul Ross when she has got the best spy here.  "Me," says Jill. 
Reg Lamont goes to the garage office and asks Sid Hooper if he has an ordinance survey map of the area.  Sid gives him a map and Reg Lamont studies it.  He tells Sid that a Mr Sadler would like his car serviced and he lives in a placw which is very difficult to find.  Reg asks Joe MacDonald if he could find the house and Joe tells him that Mr Sadler usually brings his car into the garage.  "Ah but not anymore," says Reg.  He tells Sid and Joe that they are going out to fetch the car and bring it back to the garage to be serviced at no extra charge.  He puts some leaflets on the desk and asks Sid to get those to Sharon.  He leaves the office.
Sid Hooper looks at the leaflets and tells Joe and Benny that these are leaflets to advertise their new service.  Sid Hooper says this has really ruined their chances of making the business work for them.  Joe reminds them that they have already given in their notice. 

1982 Episodes continued

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