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David Hunter joins Jill Harvey in the office and Jill tells him that Paul Ross is going on about ordering new cutlery, and wants to know if it is within their budget.  David tells Jill that Paul should see Kate Hamilton about it.  Jill says she thought Barbara should deal with it and David tells her that Barbara won't be here.  "Until when?" asks Jill.  "Until, I don't know," says David.  "She's as good as gone," says David.  "She's going to London.  Offically it's business.  Offically," he says.
Georgina Moran has coffee in the bar with Richard Lord.  David Hunter walks through the bar and passes their table.  "Good morning David," says Richard.  "Good morning," replies David, and then asks the barmaid for some stock books.  Richard Lord tells Georgina Moran that David doesn't look very happy.  "He does look a bit down about something," says Georgina.  Richard says it must be something to do with Mrs Hunter, either she is playing around, and if she isn't then it must be David.  Richard Lord tells Georgina Moran that Kate Hamilton is crazy about David.
Joe MacDonald tells Sid Hooper and Benny that they should shelve their business idea otherwise they will all be out of a job. 
Kevin Banks arrives home and is surprised to find Iris Scott at the Brownlow's.  Iris tells him that she must talk to him before Kath and Arthur get back.  Iris tells Kevin that Glenda is staying with her in London.  Kevin hugs her, and Iris tells him that he had better get a move on if he is going to catch that train. 
Kevin Banks goes to get some things packed.  Arthur Brownlow arrives home and is surprised to find Iris Scott there.  Iris tells him that she came to fetch some things for Glenda, and she tells her uncle that she has told Kevin where Glenda is.  Arthur smiles.  "It's about time someone showed a bit of sense," says Arthur.
Kate Hamilton comes rushing into the motel reception area and Paul Ross tries to stop her to talk to her about the cutlery order.  Kate tells him that she can't talk to him now. 
Kate Hamilton goes into the office and finds David Hunter there.  She tells David that she must talk to him without any interuptions.  "Come to my chalet please," she says, and leaves the office.  David hesitates for a moment and then follows Kate out of the office. 
In Kate Hamilton's chalet Kate and David talk.  Kate tells him that she has been to see her solicitor and he has been informed that the inquest into Tony Moran's death is going to be re-opened.  Kate says she has no idea what they might charge her with.  "Manslaughter, murder," she says anxiously.  David tells her that all she has to do is keep her self control.  "I've lost my self control," says Kate.  "We'll help you get it back," says David.  "We?" asks Kate.  "I will," says David.      
Barbara Hunter comes into the reception area and Richard Lord stop sher.  "Oh Mrs Hunter.  Are you looking for your husband?  He's with Mrs Hamilton," says Richard.  "In the dining room?" asks Barbara.  "In her chalet," says Richard.
In Kate Hamilton's chalet David tells Kate that Barbara didn't know her before as he and Jill did so she doesn't have the same concerns.  Kate says Barbara's natural concern is for her marriage which she seems to be destroying.  "You've got to tell me to go David," pleads Kate. 
David Hunter goes to the office and finds Barbara there, packing some papers into a briefcase.  David picks up the internal phone and cancels his restaurant booking for that evening.  "You mean you've got so much to do you haven't got time to eat," says Barbara.  "No apetite," says David."Fancy," says Barbara sarcastically.  
"I've just been with Kate," says David.  "Yes, in her chalet," says Barbara.  "She asked me to see her in there so we wouldn't be disturbed in here," says David.  "Oh David.  We've been through all this before.  It's over.  Dead," says Barbara.  "It is possible that she may be charged with Tony Moran's death," says David.  "It's what you've feared for weeks.  What I've feared.  Nothing's changed," says Barbara. 
"I am trying to explain why I was in her chalet," says David.  "It's alright.  I've explained it to myself," says Barbara.  "Barbara, she asked me to tell her to go, go away from here," says David.  "I see," says Barbara.  "She is worried about our marriage," says David.  "Oh that's kind of her," says Barbara, sarcastically.  "As you are, as I am," says David.  "As I perhaps, but you, unlikely," answers Barbara.  David looks down at the floor. 
"So.  She asked me to tell her to go," says David.  "Why didn't she tell herself to go.  You wouldn't have told her to go, would you," points out Barbara.  "How could I?" asks David.  "She faces charges.  Police charges," says David.  "How could you.  I agree.  Do you agree?" asks Barbara.  "With what?" asks David.  "With my impression.  How she chose her time to sacrifice herself on the altar of our marriage very well indeed," says Barbara. 
Barbara Hunter stands facing David.  "here's something for you to contemplate on from time to time.  I managed to tell myself to go," says Barbara and leaves the office.   
Iris Scott, Kevin Banks and Arthur Brownlow wait for Kath to arrive home.  Kath arrives home from work to see Kevin with a suitcase.  She asks what's going on and Arthur tells her that Kevin is going to London to see Glenda.  Kath wishes him luck.
A waitress takes a plate of sandwiches and coffee into the office where David is alone.  Jill Harvey comes in as the waitress leaves.  Jill goes to the tray of sandwiches, tuts and picks up the plate.  David looks at her.  Jill takes the plate to David and puts the tray under his nose.  "Come on," she says.  "I am in no mood to help you play nurse Jill," he says.  "And I'm in no mood to play it," says Jill.  Jill tells David that they have got a lot of work to do and she wants the management to be in a fit state to do it.  "She told you," says David.  Jill says not exactly, but she has seen it coming ever since she got back from holiday.  "I don't want that sandwich or this conversation," says David. 
Jill tells David that if he's got any sense he will charge over to the private wing and tell Barbara what a fool he's been and beg her to come back.  "Barbara does not tolerate fools lightly.  Nor have I been one," says David.  "At last, the man defends himself," says Jill.  "Anything's better than having you sit there like a fresh corpse," says Jill.  She picks up the plate of sandwiches again.  "Now come on," she says, dangling the plate under David's nose.  "Will you stop waving that sandwich under my nose," says David.  "No," replies Jill.  "I suppose I'd better eat it," says David, taking the plate from Jill.  "And swallow your pride at the same time," says Jill. 
David slaps the sandwich back onto the plate.  "Do you want me to go and talk to her.  Maybe I can tell her the things you can't seem to bring yourself to tell her," says Jill.  "Don't interfere.  One wrong word and she may never come back," says David.  "You do want her to come back?" asks Jill.  "There's nothing I want more," replies David.  "That's alright then.  All you've got to do is tell her how much you want her back," says Jill.
Kate Hamilton sits in her chalet alone.  She picks up the phone and phones reception to ask them to tell Richard Lord that she can't see him tonight.
Reg Lamont comes into the garage staff room where he finds Sid Hooper, Joe MacDonald and Benny packing up ready to leave.  Reg asks where Sharon Metcalfe is and they tell him that she will be back in a moment.  At that moment Sharon Metcalfe comes into the garage and she and Reg go into the garage office. 
Sharon Metcalfe tells Reg Lamont that Sid, Joe and Benny have had an idea.  Reg laughs.  "This I've got to hear," he says.  "Thing is, it's quite a good idea," says Sharon.  She explains Sid, Joe and Benny's idea to Reg Lamont. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes into the garage staff room and tells Sid Hooper, Joe MacDonald and Benny that Reg Lamont thinks their idea is a good one and he is all for encouraging them.  "You mean he doesn't mind if we go ahead with it?" asks Joe MacDonald.  Sharon nods.  "For us" says Sharon.  "The idea's a good one, but you work it for us," she says.  "Hey hang on.  What do we get out of it?" asks Sid Hooper.  "Lots and lots," says Sharon.  "Of overtime," she says. 

1982 Episodes continued

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