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David Hunter receives a phone call from Richard Lord.  Kate Hamilton joins David in the office and David tells her that Richard Lord is coming to see her about a missing document.  Kate leaves the office as Jill Harvey comes in.  Jill gives David two quotes from Paul Ross for new cutlery.  She tells him that they all rely on Barbara's figures, so someone will have to phone her.  "Why can't it be you?" asks David.  Jill says normally no reason, but under the circumstances she thinks David is afraid.
David looks at Jill, picks up the phone and asks to be put through to Barbara's hotel in London.  When David puts the phone down he tells Jill that Barbara isn't at her usual hotel, and that she never arrived.  "Oh David, that's awful," says Jill.
At the Brownlow's house Arthur Brownlow gets ready to go to his bowls club dinner which is being held at the motel.  Arthur tells Kath that he wishes she was coming with him.
Reg Lamont goes to the motel bar and meets a woman who he knew a long time ago.  Ashley Lamont comes into the bar and Reg introduces him to Linda Nolan.
Jill Harvey goes back to Chimney's to find Barbara Hunter cooking dinner.  Jill tells her that David knows she isn't in London because he rang the hotel where she usually stays.
Kate Hamilton meets Richard Lord in the motel reception and Richard tells her that he wants the IOU.  "What IOU?" asks Kate.  Richard tells her that Tony Moran lent him some money to go to Canada with the woman he intends to marry.  Richard tells Kate Hamilton that this woman was with him the night Kate sais she was using the company car.  "Blackmail," says Kate.  Richard Lord tells Kate Hamilton that he has the register she signed and she can tear it up if he has the IOU, otherwise he won't hesitate to use the register as evidence against her.
Arthur Brownlow leaves home to go to the motel for his bowls club dinner. 
Meanwhile at the motel most of the bowls club members are already at the motel bar.  Iris Scott and Glenda Banks are on duty when Arthur Brownlow arrives at the motel.  Arthur see's Iris Scott and asks her what she is doing here.  Iris tells him that she is working here. 
Arthur Brownlow is presented with a trophy for the best all-round score.  Glenda tells her father that she hopes he isn't going to drive home because he has had too much to drink.  She makes him promise to get a taxi and Arthur tells her that he will get a life from someone.
Richard Lord finds Kate Hamilton in reception and tells her that he has the register she signed for the company car with him.  "Do we trade?" asks Richard.  Kate says she hasn't got an IOU.  Richard tells her if she is asking him to believe that she has mislaid it, and Kate tells him that she has never seen any IOU.  She says Tony Moran probably destroyed it when he was in one of his drunken states.  "Oh well," says Richard.  He hands Kate the envelope containing the register with her signature on it.  Kate looks at it, and Richard takes the envelope back from her.  "If I'm going to be a fool I'd better be one all the way," says Richard and tears up the envelope.
Kate Hamilton asks Richard Lord to stay.  "You would never have used that against me," says Kate.  "Oh I think I would have in my right mind," says Richard.  "You were in your right mind when you tore it up," says Kate.  Kate asks Richard to tell her about his girlfriend.  "well, she's young.  Quite young," says Richard.  "Very young," he adds.  He looks at Kate and they laugh.
Paul Ross and Georgina Moran return to the motel after an evening out together.  Paul tells her that he must get back on duty, and he leaves Georgina in reception. 
Georgina Moran meets Richard Lord in reception.  Richard tells her that he wants her to forget every suspicion he has ever voiced about Kate Hamilton.  "She should be helped, not persecuted," he says.  Richard tells Georgina that he is going to Canada tomorrow to get married and hopefully to teach again.  He says he isn't sure he is marrying the right girl.  "Stand by her Gina, and in a way you'll be standing by me," says Richard. 
Glenda Banks returns home after work.  Kath Brownlow tells her that she isn't going to wait up for Arthur to get back, and she goes upstairs to bed leaving Glenda and Kevin in the living room.  Kevin tells Glenda that he phoned the fertility clinic  and made an appointment for them next week.  Glenda hugs him.
At the motel the bowls club dinner is winding down, and people are leaving the motel.  Paul Ross and Diane Hunter hear singing from the motel bar.  Arthur Brownlow comes into reception and Diane tells him that she hopes he isn't driving home.  Arthur says no, he is walking, the fresh air will clear his head.  Arthur shakes Paul Ross's hand and tells him that he hasn't enjoyed himself so much for a long time. 
Arthur leaves the motel, and walks along a deserted pavement, singing to himself.  He stops between two parked cars and begins to cross the road.  A speeding car heads straight for Arthur.  "No, stop!" shouts Arthur, but the car continues at speed.  It knocks Arthur off his feet, and onto the bonnet of the car.  Arthur hits the ground and lies in a pool of blood.  The car sceeches to a halt, Linda Nolan gets out of the car, rushes up to Arthur and looks down at him.  She looks around, then runs back to her car, and drives off.
Kevin and Glenda Banks wait at home.  The doorbell rings and Kevin gets up to answer the door.  "That's him.  He's probably forgotten his key," says Kevin.  The doorbell rings again.  "Ok Dad.  You'll wake the whole neighbourhood," says Kevin and opens the door.  "Come ..."he says and stops when he see's Ashley Lamont in his police uniform standing on the doorstep.  "May I come in?" asks Ashley Lamont.  "Oh yes, sorry," says Kevin, and steps aside for Ashley to come into the hallway.  "Is it...?" asks Kevin.  "Mr Brownlow.  He's had an accident," says Ashley.  "Kevin?" calls Glenda from the living room.
Kevin Banks takes Ashley Lamont into the living room.  "It's dad.  He's had an accident," Kevin tells Glenda.  Glenda rushes upstairs calling her mother.  Kevin tries to stop her but Ashley tells him to let her go.  "It gives us a minute," says Ashley.  "Is it serious then?" asks Kevin.  "He's dead," says Ashley Lamont.  Kevin stares at him.  "Oh Christ," says Kevin, and sits down.  Ashley tells Kevin that Arthur wouldn't have known anything about it. 
Ashley Lamont tells Kevin that they have got Arthur Brownlow on a life support machine because Arthur was carrying a donor card.  Kath and Glenda come downstairs.  "Is it serious?" asks Kath.  "I'm sorry," says Ashley.  "He's not dead is he?  No.  Not dad!" screams Glenda.  Kath sits down and starts to sob.  Ashley Lamont tries to comfort her and asks Kevin to call the family doctor.
Ashley Lamont tells Kath that there is something that can't wait.  "Mr Brownlow was carrying a donor card," says Ashley.  "Do you have to," says Kevin.  "It's alright.  We talked about it, and the answers yes, if they think that's right," says Kath.  Kath says she must get dressed, and goes upstairs.  Ashley Lamont tells Kevin that there is the question of identification, he wouldn't really want to put Mrs Brownlow through that.  Kevin says he will do it.
Kath Brownlow comes back downstairs and Ashley tells her that there is no need for her to go, Kevin said he will identify Mr Brownlow.  Kath says she must go, she has to say goodbye to Arthur otherwise she'll keep expecting him to walk through the door.  Kevin tells Kath that she can remember him here, just her and Glenda.
Kate Hamilton receives a phone call from Georgina Moran who asks if she could see her and David Hunter.  Kate tells David and David tells Kate to ask Georgina Moran to come to the office.
Georgina Moran joins David and Kate in the office.  She tells Kate Hamilton that she doesn't know what happened between her and Richard Lord yesterday, but whatever happened it certainly changed his mind about her.  Georgina tells Kate that it has also changed her mind about Kate.  She says an apology won't help so she won't attempt one.
Georgina Moran tells David Hunter that her company has transferred her to their Birmingham office so until she finds somewhere to stay, could she stay at the motel.  "Kate?" aks David, looking at Kate Hamilton for her opinion.  Kate says yes.  "Provided you have dinner with Mrs Hamilton and myself," says David.
Sid Hooper, Joe MacDonald and Benny go to see Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office.  Sid Hooper tells her that they have been thinking and they would like to continue working at the garage.  Sharon tells them that they have given in their notice and Sid says that was a bit hasty.  Sharon tells them that she has got an advertisement here for three new men but she hasn't put it in yet.  She tears up the advert.  "And anymore bright ideas, I want to know about them," says Sharon.  "Oh we won't have any," says Benny.  "What?" asks Sharon.  "Ideas," says Benny.
Reg Lamont joins Sharon Metcalfe, Sid, Joe and Benny in the garage office and asks what is going on, and Sharon tells him that Sid, Joe and Benny have withdrawn their notice and are prepared to work on their idea for the garage.  Sharon says there is still the question of Benny's van, and they could still use it.  Reg asks how much Benny paid for the van.  "3200," says Sid Hooper.  "Benny looks at him.  "Sid!" says Benny, and Sid nudges Benny.  "I'll give you 3100," says Reg.  "Done," says Sid Hooper.
Sid Hoper, Joe MacDonald and Benny leave the garage office, and go into the garage staff room.  Benny tells Sid that he didn't pay that much for the van.  Sid tells Benny that he has just made himself 400.
In the garage office Sharon tells Reg that the van didn't look like it cost 3200.  Reg tells her that it didn't, it cost 2700, he checked.  Sharon asks him why he is going to give them a cheque for 3100, and Reg tells her that they have got their workers back and it only cost 400.  "They're in there now rubbing their hands together thinking they've put one over on us.  But I'm going to have a little fun," says Reg Lamont.
Reg Lamont goes into the garage staff room and puts the cheque on the table.  "You will let me look at the sales receipt for that van won't you Sidney," says Reg.

1982 Episodes continued

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