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Diane Hunter comes into reception with Benny and they go into the office to see David and Barbara Hunter. 
Glenda Banks finds her father reading the book about test tube babies.  "You go ahead and have your baby," he tells Glenda.  He tells Glenda that Kath will come around to the idea.
Kate Hamilton finds David Hunter in reception and asks if she could talk to him.  They go across to sit in reception and Kate tells him that she knows that Jill asked her if she wanted to go and stay at Chimneys.  Kate says she thinks she should go because she doesn't want to unsettle a happy marriage.  David asks Kate if she and Barbara have had words and Kate says no, that Barbara has been very thoughtful.  David tells Kate that if she goes it will  make Barbara think that there is something going on.
David Hunter goes to the office and asks Barbara why she unsettled Kate by bringing up Chimney's.  Barbara tells David that Jill suggested it and David said he would give Kate a choice of whether she wanted to stay at Chimney's or at the motel, but he didn't.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that she sprung this test tube baby idea on him out of the blue.  Glenda says he is afraid of his part in it, afraid that it is going to cast doubts on his virility.  "Nothing wrong with me.  It's not my fault we can't have children," says Kevin.  He immediately realises what he has said and apologises to Glenda.  "No that's fine.  At least we know where we stand now.  We know nobody's going to blame you.  Nobody's going to question your precious virility," says Glenda.
Richard Lord asks Georgina Moran if she knows what is in her father's will.  He tells her that Tony Moran left the casino to Kate Hamilton and the rest of his estate to Georgina.  Georgina Moran tells Paul Ross that her father always thought of Kate Hamilton as his wife and besides she doesn't want a casino.  Richard Lord says he doesn't believe that the will was her fathers last will, and he wants to see her get what she deserves.
Ashley Lamont goes to Sharon Metcalfe and Diane Hunter 's flat and waits for Sharon to get ready to go out.  The phone rings ans Ashley Lamont answers it.  Reg Lamont asks him if there is a panic on about the garage and Ashley tells his father that David Hunter is anxious to get things settled.  Reg tells Ashley that he will catch the first plane back.
Glenda Banks goes to see Diane Hunter and tells her about her test tube baby idea.
Kate Hamilton telephones the casino about a cheque written by Georgina Moran.  After making the phone call Kate telephones reception and asks the receptionist if Miss Marshall is still in her chalet.
Shortly after Kate Hamilton comes into reception and walks over to where Georgina Marshall is sitting.  "Could you come into the office please," says Kate.  Georgina follows Kate into the office and Kate shows her a cheque and asks her if she wrote it out at the casino last night.  Georgina tells Kate that she did.  Kate Hamilton asks her if she signed it with her real name Georgina Moran and Georgina answers that she did.  "Why then, Miss Moran, have you been passing yourself off to me as Miss Marshall?" asks Kate. 
Kate Hamilton accuses Georgina Moran of coming to the motel to spy on her, and Georgina says she didn't plan it that way.  Kate asks her if she questions the coroners verdict.  "Do you think I killed your father?" asks Kate.  Georgina says that when her father spoke about Kate he spoke of her as two people, one kind and warm, the other cold.  "Thank you for showing me the real Mrs Hamilton.  Now I know why he hated her," says Georgina Moran, and walks out of the office. 
Georgina Moran goes into reception and prepares to pay her bill to leave the motel.  Paul Ross comes into reception and Georgina Moran tells him that Kate Hamilton knows who she is.  David Hunter comes into reception and says good morning to Georgina Moran.  Georgina Moran just stares ahead until David walks away.
David goes into the office and tells Barbara and Kate that he just said a pleasant good morning to Miss Marshall and she ignored him.  Kate Hamilton tells David that Miss Marshall is really Georgina Moran, Tony's daughter.  David says he will ask Miss Moran to leave but Barbara says she will do it, he will only cause a scene.
Sharon Metcalfe telephones David Hunter and tells him that Reg Lamont is on his way back. 
Barbara Hunter finds Georgina Moran having breakfast in the dining room and sits down at her table.  Barbara says she knows who she really is, and wouldn't she find it easier staying elsewhere.  Georgina Moran tells Barbara that she would rather stay here.  She says no doubt she can call the police and probably have her thrown out but if she does she will tell the police all the evidence she has.  Barbara Hunter stands up and tells Georgina Moran that she hopes she doesn't bump into David because he is furious.
Benny hears Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald talking about the garage and the consequences if J. Henry Pollard takes over.  Benny goes to see Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and asks her how much a garage would cost.  Sharon asks why and Benny tells her that he heard Sid and Joe talking about losing their jobs if someone else buys the garage.  He says he could buy it, but Sharon tells him that he hasn't got enough money.
Georgina Moran tells Paul Ross that Mrs Hunter asked her to leave, and she says she wouldn't have done that if they didn't have something to hide.
At the Brownlow's house Kevin Banks answers the phone and calls to tell Glenda that the call is for her.  Glenda comes into the room.  "I think there's been some mistake.  Cancel it.  That's what I said, cancel it," says kevin Banks to the caller, and puts the phone down.  Kevin tells Glenda that the caller was from the clinic about an appointment.  "Pull one more stroke like that and I'm leaving," says Kevin.  Glenda says she won't mention it again, and tells Kevin that she can't fight him.  Kevin tells Glenda that he knows how she feels, he knows she wants a baby, so does her but not this way. 
Richard Lord goes to the office and finds Kate Hamilton alone.  She tells him to leave, that David doesn't want him in the office.  Richard tells her that Tony Moran's will has been frozen pending further enquiries.  Kate asks why, and Richard tells her they are acting on information received, that's all he knows. 
Kate Hamilton says that information must have come from Tony Moran's daughter, and Richard says he doesn't think that's possible as Tony's daughter hasn't been traced.  Richard says it could be this Miss Marshall, she has been acting strangely.  Kate says Miss Marshall is Georgina Moran, and well he knows it.  "get out!  Get out of this office and consider yourself dismissed from the casino," shouts Kate Hamilton.  Richard Lord tells Kate that she can't dismiss him from the casino whilst the will is frozen.  "And the information received suggests that when it is unfrozen it won't be me that'll have to leave the casino, but you," says Richard.

1982 Episodes continued

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