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Paul Ross goes into the office to see David Hunter and he asks David if he knows what will happen to Tony Moran's casino.  David tells Paul that it will probably be sold, and Paul says J. Henry Pollard might want to buy it.  Paul Ross tells David that Tony Moran left the casino to Kate Hamilton and she wants to sell.  Paul tells David that if David were to buy it he would be able to get Kate Hamilton a better price but David says he isn't interested in buying a casino.  Paul tells him that the casino linked with the motel might be very profitable but David says no.
Paul Ross joins Richard Lord in the motel bar.  Richard Lord tells Paul that at the inquest Kate Hamilton said she used the company car on the night Tony Moran died, but the car wasn't signed for. 
Richard Lord meets Georgina Moran in the reception area and tells her that it was impossible for Kate Hamilton to have used the company car on the night of Tony Moran's death.  "I was in the car myself and she certainly wasn't with me," says Richard Lord. 
Glenda Banks looks through the newspaper and see's an article about test tube babies.
Kate Hamilton comes into the motel reception and Paul Ross tells her that there is someone who would like her to meet.  He introduces her to Georgina Marshall, and tells Kate that Miss Marshall would like a temporary membership to the casino.  Kate Hamilton tells Georgina Marshall that she would need to see Richard Lord about that.
Kate Hamilton tells Barbara Hunter that she is trying to trace Tony Moran's daughter, she seems to have disappeared. 
Ashley Lamont asks Sid Hooper if the garage keeps a record of oil used and Sid says no.  Joe MacDonald tells Ashley that they did a stock check the day before they did Barbara Hunter's car.
Kate Hamilton meets Richard Lord in the motel bar.  He tells her that she didn't sign the company car out when she used it on the night Tony Moran died.  He says maybe that's because she didn't use it.  Kate says that sounds like an insinuation.  Richard Lord tells Kate that he made sure the police didn't see the register, and suggests that she should sign the register incase the subject is brought up again. 
Kevin Banks see's a promising house for sale.
Terry Lawton arrives home to Benny's flat to find Ashley Lamont waiting for him.  Terry tells Ashley that he is waiting for a girl to arrive soon, and Ashley says he has heard all about his conquests.  "Tell me.  How did you make out with Barbara Hunter?" asks Ashley Lamont.  Ashley tells Terry Lawton that he heard all about that.  "And you do a nice side line in batteries," says Ashley.  Terry Lawton tells him that was a mistake and it has all been sorted out.  Ashley asks him if he has ever tasted oil, and Terry stares at him.  Ashley tells Terry that Benny would hardly have drunk the oil, and says the garage did a stock check the day before and the figures don't tally.  Ashley tells Terry Lawton that Benny put the oil in the car and someone let it out.
Glenda Banks goes to see Diane Hunter at her flat and shows her the article on test tube babies. 
Ashley Lamont goes to Diane Hunter's flat and tells her that Benny has gone.  Diane tells him that Benny finds it hard to live with what he has done, and Ashley tells her that Benny didn't do it.  He tells Diane that Terry did it just to get back at Barbara Hunter for making him feel small.  Diane says she will kill Terry.
Diane goes to the flat Benny and Terry share and tells Terry to get out now. 
The following day Benny returns to the motel with Ashley Lamont, and Diane tells him that he shouldn't have run off. 
Kate Hamilton shows David Hunter a letter of resignation from a girl in the restaurant.  David says that is three resignations in a month.  David says it seems they both have to work with men they hate, him with Paul Ross and her with Richard Lord.  Kate tells David that Richard Lord surprised her yesterday, he pointed out that she hadn't signed out the company car, something she had overlooked and which Richard was kind enough to point out.  David asks Kate Hamilton if she signed and Kate says yes.  David tells her that she shouldn't have signed because by doing so she was tampering with evidence and putting herself into Richard Lord's hands.
Barbara Hunter comes into the office and see's David and Kate's worried expressions.  She spologises if she has disturbed a private conversation.  Kate tells her that she hasn't and leaves quickly.  Barbara asks David what is wrong and David says he isn't going to explain.  Barbara tells David that they happen to be married which seems to have escaped his notice.  Barbara says she doesn't want to be shut out.  David says he doesn't want her to know the answers to questions that might be asked of her under oath.  Barbara asks him if he means that Tony Moran's inquest might be opened again and David tells her that it is possible.
Glenda Banks catches Kevin while they are alone and asks him to sit down.  She tells Kevin that she has been reading a book and hands him a book called 'A matter of life'.  Glenda tells him that it is about people who can't have children or who thought they couldn't.  "This is about..." says Kevin.  "Test tube babies," says Glenda.  "Yes.  It's what I want Kevin," she says.  "It's not what I want," says Kevin pushing the book away.  "Forget it Glenda.  I mean that," says Kevin.
Kath and Arthur Brownlow come into the room and Kevin tells them that Glenda wants a test tube baby.  Kath stares at Glenda and tells her that she isn't for the idea.  Arthur tells Glenda that he is all for it.  Glenda thanks her father and asks her mother and father to read the book.
In the motel bar there is a business lunch in full swing.  Kate Hamilton sits amidst the noise trying to have a quiet drink.  Barbara Hunter comes into the bar and asks Kate if she can join her.  Barbara tells Kate that with all this noise perhaps she is regretting not taking up Jill Harvey's invitation.  "Invitation?" asks Kate.  Barbara tells her that Jill was going to ask her if she wanted to stay at Chimney's whilst Jill was away on holiday.  Barbara says David was supposed to mention to Kate, but it must have sliiped his mind.

1982 Episodes continued

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