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Reg Lamont arrives at Diane and Sharon's flat.
Benny tells Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald that he suggested to Sharon Metcalfe that he could buy the garage but she said he didn't have emough money.  Sid Hooper says Benny may have a good idea there, maybe they could all pool their money and buy the garage.
Kevin Banks finds Glenda downstairs in the Brownlow's living room at 5 am.  Glenda asks him if he will change his mind about the baby and Kevin says no.  Glenda tells Kevin that she can't forgive him for that.  She places an envelope on the mantlepiece and tells Kevin to make sure that her mother gets it.  The doorbell rings and Glenda says that will be her taxi.  She goes to pick up her suitcase but Kevin grabs her arm.  "Alright.  I'll go without it," says Glenda.
The following morning Kath Brownlow reads the note that Glenda left.  Arthur asks Kevin why he didn't stop her and Kevin says he didn't have much choice, Glenda had packed a suitcase and called a taxi. 
Reg Lamont meets David Hunter in the office.  Paul Ross comes into the office and David introduces him to Reg Lamont as J. Henry Pollard's representative.  Reg tells David that he is prepared to sell half of the garage.  David Hunter puts forward his case for the motel buying the garage and Paul Ross puts forward his case for J. Henry Pollard wanting to buy the garage.  Reg Lamont turns to David Hunter.  "Sharon stays in charge and you've got a deal," he tells David.  David and Reg shake hands.
Joe MacDonald, Sid Hooper and Benny discuss the possibility of their buying the garage.  Reg Lamont comes into the garage and tells them that the motel will own half of the garage, and Sharon Metcalfe will remain in charge, 
Diane Hunter speaks to Kath Brownlow when she comes into work late.  She tells Kath that Paul Ross is on the warpath.  At that moment Paul Ross comes over to them and asks Kath Brownlow where Glenda is.  Kath tells him that Glenda has been called away on family business, and Paul tells her this won't do.
Shaheen Kazmi finds a letter in the morning mail addressed to Miss Moran.  Shaheen tells Paul Ross that she has looked in the register and she can't find a Miss Moran registered as staying at the motel.  Paul Ross tells her that Miss Moran is registered as Miss Marshall and says he will take the letter to her. 
Paul Ross finds Georgina Moran in the motel bar and gives her the letter.  He says that from the number of forwarding addresses it looks as if she has travelled half way around the world.  Georgina Moran opens the letter and reads it.  "Oh my God," she exclaims, and she hands the letter to Paul Ross.
Paul Ross goes to the office to see David Hunter.  Paul tells David that Miss Moran received the letter this morning and it is from her father.  He says the letter was posted some hours before he died.  He hands the letter to David and tells him that Miss Moran would like him to read it.  Paul Ross says Tony Moran was going to cut Kate Hamilton out of his will, this letter proves that she had a good motive for killing Tony Moran.
Georgina Moran see's Barbara Hunter at the reception desk and asks her if she has seen the letter.  "Letter?" asks Barbara.  Georgina says the letter that she asked Paul Ross to show David Hunter.  When Georgina Moran see's that Barbara doesn't know anything about it, she says no doubt her husband will show it to her at sometime.
Barbara Hunter goes into the office and finds David there.  She asks him if he saw a letter concerning Tony Moran last night, and David says yes, the letter was from Tony Moran to his daughter.  David tells Barbara that the letter said that Tony Moran was going to cut Kate Hamilton out of his will.  Barbara asks why, on hearing news of this sort, was Kate apparently unaffected when she saw her earlier.  David tells Barbara that it is probably because Kate doesn't know anything about it.  Barbara says he failed to tell her as well.  She says she and Kate have been treated with equality.
Kate Hamilton comes into the office and Barbara stops in mid-sentence.  Kate asks Barbara if she was going to use the desk and Barbara says no, it's all hers.  Barbara leaves out of the office.
Georgina Moran telephones Kate Hamilton and tells her that there is something she must see her about.  Georgina asks Kate if she could meet her after work, and Kate tells her that she finishes work at six o'clock.
Georgina Moran goes to Kate Hamilton's chalet and shows her a photocopy of the letter which she received from her father.  She tells Kate that a few hours beofre his death her father was going to cut Kate Hamilton out of his will.  After Georgina Moran has left the chalet Kate telephones David Hunter, who is in the office with Barbara, and tells him that she must see him.  "Here would be convenient," says David.  "Are you alone?" asks Kate Hamilton.  "I shall be," says David.  When David Hunter puts the phone down he asks Barbara if she can hold their dinner guests at bay.
Kate Hamilton goes to the office and finds David Hunter alone.  She tells him that Georgina Moran has shown her a photocopy of a letter Tony Moran wrote.  "I know," says David.  "You know!" exclaims Kate.  "Yes, I know.  Paul Ross showed me the letter," says David.  "But why didn't you tell me?" asks Kate Hamilton.  "As I said to my wife, I didn't..." says David.  "You told your wife and you didn't tell me," says Kate.  "Well, no.  I didn't want to upset you by telling you something I presumed you already knew," says David.  "Don't lie," says Kate Hamilton.  "Lie?" asks David.  "Well, haven't you," says Kate.  "I've told you the truth," says David.  "Have you?" asks Kate, looking at David.  "Isn't this the truth.  That even you suspect me," says Kate. 
Sid Hooper gets an idea about a business venture for himself, Benny and Joe MacDonald; to service customers cars at their homes.
Kate Hamilton goes over some casino business with Richard Lord in her chalet.  Richard notices that her mind isn't really on business.  Kate says he obviously knows about the letter Tony Moran wrote. 
Paul Ross asks Kath Brownlow when they can expect Glenda back and Kath says she doesn't know.  Paul Ross tells Kath that if Glenda isn't back tomorrow then she is sacked.
David, Barbara and Reg Lamont have a drink in the motel after after their meal in the restaurant.  Diane Hunter comes up to their table and tells David Hunter that Mrs Hamilton would like a word with him.  David leaves Barbara and Reg Lamont.
Sid Hooper, Joe MacDonald and Benny hold a board meeting to discuss their joint business venture.  Diane Hunter comes into the garage and asks them what is going on, and Joe explains. 
Kath Brownlow receives a phone call from her sister Rose Scott to tell her that Glenda is staying with her and Iris in London.  Kath tells Arthur but says that Glenda made her promise not to tell Kevin where she is.  Arthur  says it's not right, Kevin should be told. 

1982 Episodes continued

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