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Victor Lee goes to see Diane Hunter and tells her that he asked Sharon to marry him but she said no.
Iris Scott takers her puppy out for a walk and bumps into Doris Luke.  Doris makes a fuss of the dog and asks Iris who it belongs to.  Iris says a lady asked her to take it for a walk.  Doris asks who the lady is and Iris says she doesn't know her name.  "Which house does she live in?" asks Doris.  "I've got to go now Miss Luke," says Iris and hurries off.
Ron Brownlow tells Arthur that he has got a job on a liner.  Arthur says he is glad although he will be sorry to see him go.  The front door slams.  "That you Iris?" calles Arthur.  Iris calls back yes and says she won't be long.  They hear a dog barking.  "What's that?" asks Arthur Brownlow.  Ron says it sounded like a dark barking outside.  Arthur says that isn't outside.  He calls Iris Scott downstairs and tells her to bring that animal with her.  Iris comes downstairs holiding the dog.  She says she coudn't resist him.  Arthur says he wants the dog out by tomorrow. 
Reg Cotterill comes into the kitchen at Stonebank Farm and asks Benny where Alison is.  Benny tells him that Alison is in bed.  "Already," says Reg.  Benny says Alison said she had a headache.  Alison tells her uncle that she will be fine in the morning.  Reg Cotterill tells her she should get out more.
Iris Scott see's Ron Brownlow and says she doesn't want him to go away.  She says he is the only one who has been nice to her.  "I'm going to miss you so much," sobs Iris.  "I just don't know what I'm going to do when you're gone," she says. 
Eddie Lee finds Joe MacDonald looking anxious and asks him what's wrong.  Joe tells him that he went to see the tax man yesterday and they want 333.  Victor Lee asks Eddie about the van he is doing up for a friend, and Eddie says he is just making a few pounds.
Alsion Cotterill goes to the Motel and gives David the farm accounts.  David says he would like to talk to her, and they go into the sitting room.  David asks Alison to sit down and she asks David if he is going to give her the sack.  David says no, he is very happy with her work.  David tells Alison that he has some bad news.  "Chris will be coming to stay at the Coach House," he says.  "But you said it was bad news," says Alison happily.  "Alison, don't build your hopes up," warns David.
Eddie Lee gives Joe MacDonald the 333 he needs to pay the tax man.  He tells Joe that he can pay him back when he can.  Joe stares at him and says he doesn't know what to say.  "What are friends for," says Eddie.
Gledna Brownlow shows Iris Scott some new clothes she has bought.  She tells Iris that if she wants some new clothes then she had better get a job.
David joins Meg at the reception desk and Meg tells him that when Alison Cotterill went off with him yesterday she was shaking, and when she came back she was much happier.  David tells Meg that he told Alison that Chris was coming back to the Coach House.  He says he thinks Alison is in love with Chris.
Reg Cotterill meets Iris Scott in the village and says he as been wanting to talk to her about the strawberries.  He says it was a misunderstanding and apologises.  Reg tells Iris that she can come to the farm anythime she likes, and Iris asks if she can bring her dog.  Reg agrees.
Doris Luke and Glneda Brownlow go and see Meg Mortimer to ask if there are any job vacancies for Iris.  Meg tells them that they had better ask Iris to come and see her.
Joe MacDonald answers a telelphone call for Eddie Lee, and hands the phone to Eddie.  "Yes, I'm ready.  No change in plan," says Eddie.
Iris Scott goes to Stonebank Farm and Benny pets her dog and starts to feed it some scraps of food.  Reg Cotterill tells him that he should be doing that outside in the yard.  Iris Scott asks Reg Cotterill if the dog could stay with him at the farm because her aunt and uncle don't want a dog around the house.  Benny says they can build him a kennel in the yard.  Reg Cotterill agrees.
Glenda Brownlow arrives at Stonebank Farm and tells Iris Scott that Mrs Mortimer wants to see her now about a job.  Iris arrives at the motel and goes to the sitting room where she meets Meg.  Meg tells Iris that there is a job in the kitchen but she will be kept very busy.  "Start on Monday," she tells Iris.  "Alright Monday then," says Iris.
Joe MacDonald takes a phone call for Eddie Lee and tells the caller that Eddie isn't here.  "What.  The police.  Well, you'd better warn him.  Hello...hello,,," says Joe MacDonald but the phone goes dead.  A few minutes later Eddie Lee comes rushing into the garage in an agitated state.  He tells Joe that when he got to the place where he was supposed to deliver the car the place was swarming with police. He says he is going to bring the van into the garage and asks Joe to pull the shutters on the windows down.  Joe says he doesn't want anything to do with funny business, he has a wife and a baby on the way and he can't afford to get involved.  Eddie Lee tells him he understands and tells Joe that he had better go home.
Glenda Brownlow comes downstairs for breakfast and Kath asks her where Iris is.  Glenda tells her Iris left about twenty minutes ago.  Kath says it's Iris's first day at work so she probably wanted to get there early.
At the motel Doris Luke asks Glenda Brownlow where Iris Scott is and Glenda says she left home early.  Doris says she's late which isn't good on her first day.
Victor Lee goes to the garage and notices the van parked in the forecourt.  He calls Eddie over and asks him what the van is doing there.  Eddie tells Victor that he has been let down, the man who was going to buy the van is in Southampton.
Reg Cotterill and Alison arrive at Stonebank after a shopping trip.  Reg notices Alison's glossy magazine, and Alison says there's nothing to interest him in there, only fashion.  Reg tells her that he is worried about her, she is very pale.  He tells her that she should go and see a doctor.  Alison assures him that she feels fine.  Reg goes outside to do some work and Alison grabs the magazine.  She becomes engrossed in an article.
Eddie Lee receives a phone call and says he can't talk here because there are people about.  He tells the caller that he wants to know what to do with the stuff.  Victor Lee comes within earshot."Yeah ok, bye," says Eddie and puts the phone down. 
Doris Luke goes to Stonebank Farm and finds Alison engrossed in her magazine article.  Doris asks if she can have a look but she finds nothing to interest her.  Doris says she knows she didn't write to ther magazine for a knitting pattern.  Alison tells Doris that she wrote to the problem page but they haven't answered it yet.  She asks Doris if she knows how long they take to answer snd Doris tells Alison that her letter was probably one of  thousands.  Doris asks Alison if there is anyone she could talk to.  Alison says she must tell someone otherwise it's going to drive her mad.  "You won't tell anyone," asks Alison.  Doris assures her that she won't.  "I think I'm going to have  baby," says Alison.  Doris stares at her.  "You will help me won't you Miss Muke," pleades Alison. 
Sharon Metcalfe arrives at Eddie Lee's flat and finds it empty.  She calls Diane, who lives in the flat upstairs, and asks her if she knows where Eddie is, but Diane says she doesn't.  They hear a door slam upstairs.  Victor Lee comes in and asks Diane to leave him and Sharon alone.  Victor tells Sharon that Eddie has gone.  "You're lying," says Sharon.  "I couldn't let him do this to you," says Victor.  He tells her it's for the best.  "Leave me alone!" shouts Sharon.  "You'll get over it," Victor tells her.  "Just go," says Sharon. 
Lloyd Munro, at his cottage, listens to recordings made of his patients and makes notes.  There is a knock on the door and Lloyd opens it to Iris Scott.  He asks her what she is doing her and Iris tells him that she has run away from the Brownlow's.  She says the Brownlow's never wanted her there.
At Stonebank Farm there is a knock on the door.  Joe MacDonald comes in and tells Reg Cotterill and Benny that Trina has had a little boy, and asks them to celebrate with him.  He puts a bottle of champagne on the table.  Reg Cotterill tells Joe that he doesn't allow alcohol in his house, but he will make an exception.
Iris Scott asks Lloyd Munro if she can stay with him but Lloyd says she would soon get bored.  He says if she really wants to be independent then she must work at the motel and get a flat.  He says the Brownlow's especially Kath will be very worried about her.
At the Brwonlow's house there is a ring on the doorbell.  Kath opens the door and finds Iris Scott with Lloyd Munro.  "Oh thank goodness," says Kath Brownlow.  "And where have you been?"asks Arthur angrily.  Lloyd says it would be best if Iris went straight upstairs.  Lloyd tells Kath and Arthur Brownlow that Iris was planning on runnin away, and Kath asks why she would want to do that.  Lloyd says Iris feels very insecure and unwanted.
Diane Hunter asks Sandy if he has heard anything from David Hunter who is in Algiers helping Chris out of some predicament.  Sandy says no.
Sharon Metcalfe arrives for work in the garage the following day and finds Victor Lee on the phone to Eddie's parole office.  "A warrant," he says.  Sharon sits down at the desk and begins typing.
Joe MacDonald arrives for work and apologises for being late.  He tells them all that Trina has had a baby boy.  The garage staff congratulate him.  Diane Hunter comes ino the garage office and asks Sharon where Eddie is.  Sharon tells her that Eddie has gone and the law are after him.  Sharon tells Victor that pretending nothing has happened won't work.  "I do know one thing,  There's no way I can go on working here," says Sharon.  "That's nonsense," says Victor Lee.  He says she hasn't got it in her to leave.  Sharon says she has, she's going away and she doens't know where.  Victor Lee tells her to take a couple of says off and she'll feel better about it.
Note:  Ronald Allen has left the series for a time to do stage plays.  He appeared in 'Stage Struck' touring the country. 
Shughie McFee tries in vain to contact his mother in Scotland.
Sharon Metcalfe telle Joe MacDonald that Eddie Lee won't be coming back, the job he was doing was illegal.  She asks if Eddie mentioned where he might go and Joe says no.  Joe tells her not to worry that Eddie will be in touch with her.
Shughie McFee receives a phone call from his mother's next door neighbour who says that Shughie's mother has drawn the curtains and locked the house up.
Benny asks Diane how her son Nicky is and Diane tells him that she is going to go to America soon to see him.  Benny says it must be hard to bring up a child on your own.  Diane asks him why he wants to know all this and Benny says it's for Joe MacDonald, he wants a few tips.  "Tip one, be married to the father of your child.  Tip two, don't let the Atlantic separate you from your child," says Diane.

1980 Episodes continued

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