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An elderly lady arrives at the motel and asks for a chalet, but Meg tells her that they are fully booked.  The lady says she doesn't believe it, they always keep one in reserve.  Meg says there is the staff chalet.  "I'll have that," says the lady.  Meg stares at her.  The lady tells Meg that her son is in charge of catering.  "O Shughie!" exclaims Meg.  "So he lets you call him that.  His name is Hugh, and who might you be?" asks Mrs McFee.  "I'm Mrs Mortimer.  I own the place," says Meg. 

In the garage office, Sharon Metcalfe packs up her things.  She tells Victor Lee that everything is cleared up.  She tells him that she telephoned the agency and a temp can start tomorrow for two weeks.  Victor tells her to take two weeks holiday and then come back, but Sharon tells him that she isn't coming back.

Shughie McFee goes into the motel reception and welcomes his mother.  He says he was very worried about her.

Reg Cotterill gives Alison Cotterill a letter which has arrived for her and says he noticed it was from a magazine she bought.  He asks why they would write to her, and Alison tells him that she wrote to them.  Reg asks what about and Alison says she doesn't have to tell him.  As soon as Reg Cotterill leaves the room, Alison tears open the letter.

Meg phones Lloyd Munro and asks him if she could borrow Kath Brownlow for a couple of weeks.

Iris Scott tells Glenda that she is going to Lloyd Munro's cottage and Glenda asks why.  Iris tells her that Lloyd Munro is a friend.  Glenda tells her that she shouldn't kid herself, that Lloyd Munro see's her as a patient, and anyway he might have guests.  Iris says he doesn't have any guests because he is out.  Glenda asks her what she is going to do, sit on the doorstep and wait for him to come back.  Iris tells Glenda that she is going to let herself in.  "With these," she says, and shows Glenda a set of keys.

Alison Cotterill shows Doris Luke the letter she received from the magazine she wrote to. Doris says that the letter advises her to go to the ante-natal clinic.  Reg Cotterill comes into the room and Alison snatches the letter from Doris and runs upstairs.  "So, she's shown you the letter," says Reg.  He tells Doris Luke that Alison won't let him see it.  He says he doesn't know why Alison should write to this magazine.  "Women's problems," Doris tells him.  "Oh," says Reg.

At Lloyd Munro's cottage Iris Scott lets herself in.  She looks around the living room area and opens drawers to Lloyd's bureau.  She finds some cassette tapes and looks at one more closely.  "R H Session One," she reads. 

Reg Cotterill tells Alison that he thinks he should apologise.  He says Miss Luke told him it was women's problems and he had no right to pry. 

Meg and Lloyd arrive at Lloyd Munro's cottage.  Meg admires his chess board and asks if he has invented a new game.  "What?" asks Lloyd.  Meg says all the pieces have been moved.  Lloyd looks at the board and says it was all in place when he left earlier.  Lloyd looks at his other belongings, and he opens his desk drawer to look inside.  He tells Meg that some of his cassette tapes are missing and Meg asks if they are valuable.  "They may be, in the wrong hands," says Lloyd.

At the Brownlow's home Iris Scott asks Glenda Brownlow if she can borrow her tape recorder, because she wants to listen to some tapes she borrowed from Lloyd Munro.  Glenda fetches the tape recorder and asks Iris what is on the tapes.  Iris says it's probably band music.  "It says sessions on the tapes," she says.  She switches on the tape recorder.  "Now I want you to relax.  Now think about the first time you met David," says Lloyd Munro's voice from the tape.  Glenda Brownlow switches off the recorder and says that's one of Doctor Munro's patients.

Lloyd Munro goes to the Brownlow's home and tells Kath Brownlow that someone has broken into his cottage whilst he was out.  Kath asks him if there is anything missing and Lloyd tells her it's very strange but the only thing missing were some of his cassette tapes of conversations with patients.  "Oh blackmail," says Kath.  Lloyd says he can't rule out that possibility.  He tells Kath that those tapes contain intimate confessions and in the wrong hands they could be used against someone.

Iris Scott and Glenda Brownlow come downstairs and ask what is going on.  Lloyd Munro explains that some of his tapes are missing.  Iris asks him what anyone would want with a couple of tapes.  Lloyd tells her that in the wrong hands they could be dangerous.  Kath Brownlow see's Lloyd Munro out.  Glenda asks Iris why she didn't tell anyone.  "Shut up," warns Iris.

Reg Cotterilll goes to see Sandy about some equipment he needs for the farm.  Sandy asks him how Alison and Benny are and Reg tells him that Alison isn't very well at the moment, but she won't tell him what's wrong.  "It's as if she's pining for someone," says Reg.

Mrs McFee goes into the kitchen and Shughie tells her that she shouldn't be in here.

Diane Hunter asks Sandy how Alison Cotterill is and Sandy says he was speaking to Reg Cotterill earlier and he said that Alison wasn't very well.

Glenda Brownlow tells Iris Scott that she must take the tapes back to Doctor Munro's cottage.  Iris says he will know that she took them.  She tells Glenda that she will burn them.  Iris switches the tape recorder on again.  "I didn't tell David at first.  Isn't that extraordinary when you think how deeply I came to love him," says Rosemary Hunter's voice from the tape.  Glenda tells Iris to swtich the tape off.  "I know who it is.  It's Mrs Hunter," Glenda tells Iris.

Barbara Hunter arrives at the motel and finds Sandy and Meg in the sitting room.  Meg asks her what she is doing here because David said she would be in Japan for another three weeks or so.  "Well I miss him," says Barbara.  She asks where David is.  "He's in Algiers helping Chris who is in trouble," says Meg.  "So what's new," says Barbara.  Barbara asks Meg if she knows where she can contact David and Meg gives her a phone number.  Barbara says she will telephone him straight away and then go out to Algiers.









1980 Episodes continued

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