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Lloyd Munro goes to the Brownlow's home to give Kath Brownlow a set of spare keys to the cottage.
Alone at Diane's flat, Sharon Metcalfe tells Victor Lee that she and Eddie have been seeing each other.  "What!  You and Eddie!" shouts Victor.  Sharon says she didn't mean for it to happen, it just did.  Victor Lee stands up.  "Oh Vic please!" says Sharon.  "I wanted to get it over with properly," she says.  "You just have," says Victor, and goes to the door.  "Vic.  I want to explain," says Sharon, but Victor leaves, slamming the door behind him.
Iris Scott arrives at the Brownlowe's house with a lot of strawberries, and tells the Brownlow's that she is selling them.  Doris Luke comes to visit Kath and Iris asks her if she would like some strawberiies.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Hunter what happened between her and Victor last night.  Diane asks her how Victor has been this morning and Sharon say he hasn't been in yet.  She says she doesn't know how she is going to face him.  Diane leaves the garage office and meets Victor Lee on his way in.  Victor Lee asks Diane if Sharon is in the office and Diane says yes.
Victor Lee goes into the garage office and bangs the door shut.  Sharon Metcalfe stops typing.  Victor asks her to go into Birmingham to deliver the VAT returns.
Reg Cotterill asks Benny if he has sold any strawberries and Benny says no.  Reg says they are short in their takings, and there are five punnets missing.
Eddie Lee goes into the garage office and asks Victor a question.  "Fell oretty good about this don't you," says Victor.  Victor asks him if the dinner party was all set up and Eddie tells him it was.
Doris Luke arrives at Stonebank Farm.  Reg Cotterill offers her tea and cake but Doris says she couldn't eat another thing.  "Those strawberries of yours were delicious," she says.  Benny says Doris didn't buy any strawberries from him, and Doris tells her that she got hers from Iris Scott.  Reg Cotterill says he is going to go to the Brownlow's house to sort Iris Scott out.
Ron Brownlow opens a letter from a friend of his who is working on a cruise liner and tells Arthur that there might be a job for him on the ship.  The doorbell rings and Ron Brwonlow answers the door to Reg Cotterill.
Ron Brwonlow shows Reg Cotterill into the Brwonlow's living room.  "What can I do for you?" asks Arthur Brwonlow.  Reg Cotterill tells Arthur that he has come to see his niece Iris Scott.  "What about?" asks Arthur.  "That girl's a thief," says reg Cotterill.  "Hey hold on a minute.  You can't go around making accusations like that," says Arthur.  Reg Cotterill tells Arthur about the missing strawberries.  Arthur says Iris did have some strawberries, and promises to talk to iris.  Reg Cotterill says he wants to make sure that Iris regrets her error.  "My God, what do you want her to do, time?" says Ron Brownlow.  "Don't blaspheme, it's offensive," says Reg Cotterill.  
Reg Cotterill  tells Arthur that he wants to see Iris.  "If not I shall have to take action," he says.  "What action?" asks Arthur.  "I shall go to the police of course," replies Reg.  Arthur Brownlow calls Iris downstairs and asks her if she took some strawberries from Mr Cotterill.  Iris says Mr Cotterill told her she could have them.  "Benny was there.  He said I could have them," sobs Iris, and runs upstairs.  "Do you think if she meant to rob you she'd sell them openly," says Ron Brownlow.  Reg Cotteril turns away.  "I shall take the matter to the lord for guidence," he says.
Ron Brownlow goes upstairs where he finds Iris sobbing.  He tries to comfort her.  Iris asks him if he thinks Reg Cotterill will go to the police, and Ron says they would laugh at him.  Iris tells Ron that she has a police record, she was done for shoplifting two years ago.  "Look he's gone home to talk to god about it, so if I were you I'd get a word in first," Ron tells her.
Ron Brwonlow goes downstairs and tells Kath and Arthur that Iris is crying her eyes out upstairs.  He says she is worried that Reg Cotterill will go to the police because she was done for shoplifting two years ago.  Arthur asks Kath if she knew about this and Kath says no.  Ron tells them that they are just looking for an excuse to send Iris packing.  He says he is going to the pub and storms out.
Kath Brownlow goes to Lloyd Munro's cottage to clean.  Lloyd notices Kath is preoccupied and asks if there is anything troubling her.  Kath tells him that she has her niece Iris Scott staying with them at the moment and she is a bit difficult.  Lloyd tells Kath that he would like to talk to her niece.  He says he is organising a small dinner party for a couple of friends and if she could persuade Iris to come and help out then he could talk to her then.
Alison Cotterill tells Benny that she is worried about this trouble with Iris Scott.  Benny suggests that she goes to see Iris and put her mind at rest.
Lloyd Munro asks David and Meg to dinner at the cottage that evening, and they accept. 
Alison Cotterill goes to the Brownlow's house and finds Iris Scott alone.  Alison tells Iris that Reg Cotterill won't go to the police.
David receives a phone call from Chris.  Diane Hunter comes through into reception from the kitchen and David asks her if she would like to talk to Chris.  Diane takes the phone and asks Chris how he is.  After she replaces the telephone Diane tells David that Chris is coming to England on some business matter , but he won't be staying at the motel but at the Coach House.  "Don't you think you'd better warn Alison that casenova's coming," Diane tells David.
Kath Brownlow asks Iris Scott if she would like to help her to get Lloyd Munro's cottage ready for the dinner party he is having.  Iris agrees to help.
Later, at the cottage, Lloyd Munro helps Iris Scott with some polishing and he asks her how she is enjoying living in the area.  Iris says she doesn't like some people.  Lloyd tells Iris that her Aunt Kath is worried about her.  "Oh so that's it.  She got me down here so you could talk to me," says Iris. 
Joe MacDonald shows Sharon Metcalfe a lettter from the tax department regarding money that he has earned doing extra work in the evening.  He tells Sharon that the letter says he hasn't declared the money.  Sharon asks him how much he reckons he has earned and Joe tells her about 1000.  Sharon tells him that he had better talk to the tax men nicely.
Eddie Lee finds Sharon Metcalfe looking a bit down.  He tells her to give Victor a bit of time and he'll be alright.
Iris Scott tells Glenda that the extra money she earned helping clean Lloyd Munro's cottage has meant she could buy what she wanted.  She asks Glenda not to tell.  She picks up a box and opens it to reveal a puppy.  Glenda says he dad will never let her keep it, and Iris says she isn't going to tell him.  She says the dog can stay in the shed at the bottom of the garden.
Victor Lee joins Sharon Metcalfe in the motel reception and orders a drink.  Sharon asks him how he has been and he says a dit down.  He tell Sharon that he has a plan.  "Plan?" asks Sharon.  "Yes I want you to marry me," says Victor.  "It's a lomg time coming," says Sharon.  "I hope you're going to be quicker with the answer," says Victor.  He says Eddie isn't the one she is looking for, she knows about his record and he won't change.  Sharon tells Victor that he should have asked that question sooner and she would have said yes, but not now. 
Doris Luke tells Benny that he should take Alison Cotterill out more, and suggests he takes her to the motel one evening.  "She's lonely and you're her best friend," says Doris.  Benny says it isn't him that Alison is lonely for.
Alison Cotterill comes downstairs and Benny asks her if she wants to go to the motel.  Alison says no, she has a headache.  Benny says he knows she is lonely for Chris Hunter.  "I don't want to talk about it.  Leave me alone," says Alison.

1980 Episodes continued

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