1982 Episodes ... continued

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Ashley Lamont finds Sharon Metcalfe in the garage and says goodbye to her before he is due to leave to go on a police course.  Sharon Metcalfe tells him that she doesn't want to say goodbye all over again and Ashley tells her that he has been thrown off the course. 
Kate Hamilton tells David that Richard Lord is coming to the motel tomorrow at six o'clock. 
Benny asks Sid Hooper what job he wants him to do and Sid tells him that he can polish the cars.  Benny says he wants a proper job otherwise he is leaving. 
Arthur Brownlow receives a letter from his bowls club asking him to return to the club.  Kath asks him if he will return after what they did to Joe MacDonald.  Arthur tells her that the bowls club are having a dinner next month and they want to hold it at the Crossroads motel.  He says they are wondering if Kath could get them a special rate, but Kath tells Arthur that he can see the motel about special rates and he can go to the dinner on his own.
Richard Lord arrives at the motel.  Paul Ross greets him at reception, and says he met Richard once at the casino.  Richard Lord tells Paul Ross that Mrs Hamilton is expecting him and said he was to meet her in her chalet.  Paul tells Richard to go into the office, and Mrs Hamilton will be there but Richard tells Paul that Mrs Hamilton expressly said that he was to meet her in her chalet.  Paul Ross stears Richard towards the door leading to the private wing and the office.
Richard Lord and Paul Ross go to the motel office where David, Barbara and Kate Hamilton are working.  David tells Richard Lord that he understands he and Kate Hamilton have some documents to look over and suggests they use the sitting room.  Kate Hamilton says no, they will use her chalet.  Richard Lord and Kate Hamilton leave the office.  Paul Ross tells David that he seems to have made a blunder.  "You should have warned me when people aren't welcome in the office," says Paul.  "If I did would you ever come in," says David.  Paul Ross leaves the office.  "There are times when I could kiss you," says Barbara.  "See if this is one of them," says David, leaning forward over the desk.  Barbara leans over and they kiss.
Richard Lord goes to the motel bar and notices Paul Ross sitting nearby.  Paul Ross tells Richard Lord that he understands David Hunter can't bear to hear his name mentioned.  "Why don't we work together and justify Hunter's dislike of both of us," says Paul Ross.  "I'll drink to that," says Richard Lord. 
Paul Ross spots Georgina Moran on his way out of the bar and asks her if she knows Richard Lord.  Georgina says she does, and Paul Ross suggests she joins them at the bar.
Diane Hunter tells Sharon Metcalfe and ashley Lamont that she had to try and talk Benny out of leaving.  Sharon says Benny leaving would be silly.  Benny tells her that benny feels that he isn't wanted.  Ashley suggests that Benny could rub down cars ready for respray and Sharon says that is a good idea, he could work with Terry Lawton.
Georgina Moran tells Richard Lord that she is Tony Moran's daughter.  She says she was going to tell Mrs Hamilton who she really is but now she doesn't think she will.
Kevin Banks shows David and Barbara Hunter his plans to convert the old motel office into a sitting room for them.  Kevin leaves the office and Barbara tells David that it will be nice to have somewhere to relax after work.  David says it'll be nice for Kate too, it must be a bit dreary for her having to sit in her chalet.  Barbara tells David that she thought Kate was leaving after the conclusion of the inquest, and David says there was never any time limit, anyway she has been a tremendous help at the motel. 
Glenda Banks asks Diane Hunter if she could work her shift for her because she has an appointment with the solicitor.  Glenda tells Diane that she may as well know, she and Kevin are going to get a divorce.  Diane is very surprised.  Glenda tells Diane that part of the reason is that she can't have children, and Diane says children aren't everything.  Glenda tells Diane that Kevin wants them to buy a house.  Diane suggests to Glenda that she and Kevin try adoption and Glenda says they wouldn't qualify without a house.  "You love him Glenda.  You stick to him," says Diane.
Diane goes into the office and gives Barbara Hunter a letter.  She tells Barbara it is from Benny.  Barbara opens it and reads, "Dear Mrs Hunter.  This is to pay for what it cost.  Sorry.  Benny."  She takes out a cheque and Diane asks Barbara how much he has made it out for, but Barbara tells her that Benny has left it blank.  David Hunter says it's a nice gesture bust it has got to go back.  Diane says it's a shame because it's Benny's way of saying sorry and he will be hurt if  the cheque is returned.  Barbara says she has an idea.
Barbara Hunter telephones through to the garage and asks Sharon Metcalfe if she could spare Benny for a few minutes.  "Oh I see.  Well, we'll catch up with him another time," says Barbara.  After she puts the phone down, Barbara tells David and Diane that Benny hasn't turned up for work.
Glenda Banks gets a message to Kevin for him to get home as soon as possible.  Kevin returns home and asks Glenda if she has made an appointment to see the solicitor.  He says alright, she can have her divorce.  Glenda tells kevin that they are seeing a Mr and Mrs Edwards who have a bungalow for sale.  "Do you mean that?" asks Kevin.  "Oh Kevin.  I'm sorry," says Glenda, and they hug one another. 
Ashley Lamont tells Sharon Metcalfe that he had to face his mates at the police station, and it's funny how people react differently to failure.  Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald come into the garage office and Sharon asks them if there is any sign of Benny yet.  Sid says no.  Ashley Lamont asks who saw Benny last and Sharon tells him that it would be Terry Lawton as he and Benny share a room.  Ashley says he will go and talk to Terry Lawton.
Terry Lawton arrives at the room he is sharing with Benny and finds Benny packing.  Terry tells Benny that there is no need for him to leave, all this will blow over in a couple of weeks and no one will remember.  He asks Benny where he will go and Benny says he will go to Heywood Farm.
Ashley Lamont arrives at Benny flat and finds Terry Lawton there alone.  Ashley Lamont tells Terry that he is a friend of Benny's, and he would like to see him.  Terry Lawton tells him that Benny has gone, and Ashley asks him where.  Terry tells him that Benny has gone to Heywood Farm, wherever that is.  Ashley Lamont tells Terry that he is a little baffled by this oil change business, and Terry says it's just like Benny to forget.  Ashley says Benny has never forgotten anything before, and says to Benny this was an important job and he would have been out to impress.

1982 Episodes continued

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