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Georgina Marshall sits in the reception area and writes something on a piece of paper.  She slips the paper inside a book.  Paul Ross comes over to where Georgina Marshall is sitting and says he understands she would like a meal in the restaurant.  He tells her that he will find her a table.  Georgina Marshall puts her book on the table and walks over towards the restaurant.  Paul Ross picks up the book from the table and takes out the piece of paper, putting it in his pocket.
Sid Hooper and Joe MacDonald check over Barbara Hunter's car in the garage, and Sid says there is no oil in the car.  Benny tells Sid Hooper that he put oil in the car, and he did it properly.  Joe MacDonald asks Barbara Hunter how fast she was driving and Barbara tells him about forty miles per hour.  Joe tells her it was lucky she wasn't doing sixty otherwise the car would have blown up.
Glenda Banks takes tea to Kevin in the motel office where he is waiting to see Jill Harvey about a contract job at the motel.  Kevin asks Glenda how long this is going to go on, they're making polite conversation like two strangers.  "Are you ever going to forgive me?" asks Kevin.  Glenda tells him that she has forgiven him, but it has changed the whole way she feels about him.  Glenda tells Kevin that she will move all her things into the spare room.  "What am I supposed to do, find a room in the village," says Kevin.  "It's up to you," says Glenda.
Barbara Hunter asks Sid Hooper if it is regular practice to let Benny do oil changes, and Sid says everything Benny does is checked.  Barbara telephones David and asks him to come over to the garage.  Shortly after, David Hunter arrives in the garage office.  David tells Benny that he understands he did the oil change on Barbara's car, and Benny assures him that he did it properly.  David says they nearly had an accident and one involving his wife, and he won't be satisfied until he finds out what happened.
Sid Hooper tells Benny to go and finish his work.  As soon as Benny has left the office David Hunter asks Sid Hooper how long Benny has been doing this work.  Sid tells him that they wanted to give Benny a sense of purpose.
Barbara Hunter goes into the motel office and finds Kate Hamilton there.  The two women introduce themselves, and Barbara asks Kate how she knew who she was.  Kate tells her that she remembers her from the wedding photos.
Kevin MacDonald goes to see Joe MacDonald in the garage and he tells him that he is thinking of buying a second hand car.  He asks Joe if he could come and take a look at one he has found, and they agree to meet at 8.30 that evening.  Kevin tells Joe that he is sorry about what happened between Trina and Glenda, and this business with Carole Sands.  Joe tells Kevin that it wasn't important because nothing happened, and Kevin tells Joe that he has told Glenda everything.  Joe says Glenda must feel better about it but Kevin says no, the opposite, she is hardly speaking to him.
Georgina Marshall asks the receptionist if the book she mislaid has been handed in, and the receptionist hands it to her.  Georgina Marshall goes to sit down in reception and searches the book for the note she left inside but of course doesn't find it.  She searches the chairs in reception where she was sitting when she lost the book.
Paul Ross comes into reception and takes out the paper he took from the book Georgina Marshall mislaid.  He goes over to Georgina Marshall and asks her if this is what she is looking for.  He says people who book in under assumed names usually have something to hide.  "What do I address you as, Miss Marshall or Miss Moran?" asks Paul.
Georgina Marshall tells Paul Ross that he should call her Georgina Moran, she is Tony Moran's daughter.  She tells Paul that she heard him mention Mrs Hamilton's name when she arrived and Paul asks her if she knew of Mrs Hamilton's association with Tony Moran.  Goergina Moran says yes, she knew, and that she wasn't close to her father.  She tells Paul that she was hoping that Mrs Hamilton could tell her something about her father. 
Glenda Banks returns home after work and finds Kath Brownlow on her own.  Glenda tells her mother that she took some time off work this afternoon to see a solicitor.  Glenda says it's no good, things will never be the same between her and Kevin, and she tells her mother that she is going to ask Kevin for a divorce. 
Benny tells Terry Lawton about Barbara Hunter's car.  He says he knows he did the oil change properly but no one will believe him.  Terry asks Benny what he is worried about, it could have happened to someone decent.  "You don't have to worry about that snooty little bitch," says Terry.  Benny stares at him.  Terry tells Benny that Mrs Hunter can afford it, she'll probably get a new gift-wrapped car from the soppy husband of hers. 
Benny accuses Terry of doing something to the car.  "Hey, don't try and put the blame onto me," says Terry.  Benny says that night they came back from the pub, Terry said something about how she wouldn't see the joke.  "You did it didn't you," says Benny.  Benny tells Terry that he has been threatening to do something ever since that episode over the faulty battery.
Terry Lawton picks up Benny's gold watch and tells Benny that if he makes one move he will smash it.  "You give me that back Terry," says Benny.  Terry says not until Benny has made a few promises.  He tells Benny to sit on the bed, and to sit on his hands.  Terry Lawton tells Benny that he wants him to promise that he won't tell anyone, and that he won't lay a finger on him.  He makes Benny swear on his father's memory.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that Glenda went to see a solicitor about getting a divorce.  Arthur says Glenda hasn't got any grounds for divorce.  Kath says all this stems from the fact that Glenda can't have children, she feels she has let Kevin down. 
Kevin Banks arrives home and Glenda tells him that she wants to talk to him.  She tells Kevin that she went to see a solictor this afternoon about a divorce and if he agrees then it shouldn't take long.  Kevin tells her that he will never agree.  Glenda tells Kevin that they will never be a proper family, and Kevin says he doesn't mind.  Glenda says she wants him to have everything a man expects of family life and that includes children.
Later Kath Brownlow talks to Glenda and asks her if she is sure she knows what she is doing.  Glenda says Kevin will be free to marry again.  Kath asks Glenda about her and Glenda says she is young, there is plenty of time to meet someone.  Kath tells Glenda that Kevin loves her and thats the most important thing.  Kath suggests they adopt a child but Glenda tells her that they are too young, they haven't got a house, and besides there aren't any babies up for adoption.
Diane Hunter asks Sharon Metcalfe what she is going to do about Barbara Hunter's car, and how much it will cost.  Sharon says she doesn't hink there will be much change from 500.  Diane says Benny could pay for it if it means him keeping his job.  Sharon says she won't sack Benny but they won't be able to trust him again with that type of work.
The verdict at the inquest into Tony Moran's death is death by misadventure.
Terry Lawton asks Benny to get him something but Benny tells him to get it himself.  Benny tells Terry that he thought he was his friend but look what he has done.  Benny says it would be best if they didn't see each other but Terry says he is here to stay.  Benny tells Terry that he doesn't care what he does because he is going.
Barbara joins David Hunter in the motel office and asks if he knows where Kate Hamilton is.  David tells Barbara that Kate has gone to see her solicitor.  He says he thought Kate was back to her old self this morning but now she seems to have gone back into her shell.  Barbara says it's natural.  "Delayed reaction after extreme tension has eased up," says Barbara.  "Oohhh," says David, sitting on the desk near Barbara.  "You sound like old Lloyd Munro the psychiatrist before you knocked the psychiatry out of him," says David, teasing her.  "Old Lloyd Munro made a lot of sense when he wasn't being a psychiatrist.  Actually I used quite a bit of him in my novels after I was housekeeping for him," says Barbara.  "Umm, I often wonder about your writer's mind," says David, touching Barbara's forehead with his pen.  "You going to use bits of me in your novels too?" he asks.  "Plenty certainly goes on in there as far as you're concerned," says Barbara.  "Don't worry.  I'm not going to cross examine you for material," says Barbara.  "Never crossed my mind that you would," says David.
Kate Hamilton comes into the office and tells David and Barbara that she has to go and see Tony Moran's solicitor about probate details.  She says she thought the casino would be closing down but all sorts of people are interested in it.  Kate says she has got to see some of their legal representatives and she can't face seeing them at the casino or at Tony's flat, so she was wondering if the people who need to see her could come to the motel.  "Why not," says David.  "Normally no reason why not, but one of the people who will need to see me quite often is the casino accountant, and that's Richard Lord," says Kate.  "If you can't bear it, I'd understand," she adds.  David says he can bear it.
Kath Brownlow tells Kevin Banks that he and Glenda should try and buy a house of their own.  She tells him that she will get Arthur to help her in the kitchen and him and Glenda can talk about it.  Glenda returns home from work followed shortly after by Arthur.  Kath tells Arthur that she needs his help in the kitchen, and Arthur grudgingly follows his wife into the kitchen. 
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that everyone deserves a second chance and he is asking for one.  Kevin tells her that he loves her and he wants to stay married to her but in a house of their own.  Glenda tells Kevin that where they live isn't going to change anything.
Kate Hamilton asks Barbara Hunter if David has told her about her duaghter Lucy.  Kate tells her that Richard Lord tried to seduce Lucy and David intervened rather strongly.  She says Richard Lord lost his job, and he had a real vocation for teaching.  Kate tells Barbara that Richard Lord got himself a job at the motel and tried to blacken David's name.  Kate tells Barbara that if David speaks to her about Richard Lord being here then she must tell her and she will put a stop to it as soon as possible.

1982 Episodes continued

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