1982 Episodes ... continued

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Miranda Pollard arrives at the motel and see's her mother Valerie in reception.  Miranda tells her that J. Henry forbade her from coming to work at the motel.  Miranda says she will help out until J. Henry gets back from London.  Paul Ross comes into reception.  "Paul!" exclaims Mirnada and rushes up to hug him.  Paul Ross tells her that he can't stop now and leaves.  Valerie asks Miranda where she met Paul Ross and Miranda tells her mother that Paul managed J. Henry's marina in Scotland.  "He's one of dad's right hand men, didn't you know?" asks Miranda.  Valerie excuses herself and tells Miranda that she has something she needs to attend to.
Valerie Pollard goes into the office and asks for Paul Ross to be sent into the office.
Greg Collins and Joe MacDonald go to the off-license leaving Trina MacDonald alone in the house.  The telephone rings and Trina answers it.  "Who is this?" she asks.
Paul Ross goes into the office and Valerie Pollard asks him how he managed to be at a yacht marina in Scotland and working as head waiter at the Chateau Rondel in Switzerland.  She says she doesn't know who to hate most, Paul or J. Henry Pollard for hiring him.  Valerie asks Paul what happened between him and Miranda and Paul says nothing.  He says J. Henry would have killed him if he had messed Miranda about.  Valerie Pollard tells Paul Ross that in his reports to J. Henry he can tell him that she has gone and isn't coming back. 
Percy Dobson arrives at the Brownlow's house and asks Glenda if he could speak to Kevin Banks.  Glenda goes to fetch Kevin and then leaves the two men to talk.  Percy Dobson tells Kevin that he thought they should have a talk, and suggests they meet for lunch at the motel tomorrow.  Kevin Banks is surprised but agrees to meet Percy Dobson.
Greg Collins and Joe MacDonald arrive back home at the MacDonald's to find Trina helping herself to a large glass of brandy.  Joe takes the bottle away from her and asks her what is wrong.  Trina MacDonald tells Joe that she had a phone call whilst they were out, and whoever it was threatened to kill her and the baby if they didn't leave.
Valerie Pollard tells Miranda that J. Henry put Paul Ross at the motel to spy on her and the management.  Valerie tells Miranda that she is leaving and never coming back.  She says she never wants to see J. Henry again.  Miranda tells her mother that she should wait until J. Henry gets back and then she can ask him to explain.  Valerie says she is right, it wouldn't be fair to leave Miranda to deal with this.  She says she will take a room at Fairlawns Hotel.
Kevin Banks tells Arthur Brownlow that he is meeting Percy Dobson for lunch tomorrow.  Arthur says there has to be a catchsomewhere.  Kath Brownlow tells Arthur to be quiet and tells Kevin that it might be to his advantage.
Kevin Banks goes to the motel and meets percy Dobson in the bar.  Percy Dobson tells Kevin that he has a little proposition to put to him.
Miranda Pollard tells Jill Harvey that Valerie has gone to stay at the Fairlawns Hotel, and that she left because of Paul Ross.  Miranda tells Jill that Paul Ross was put at the motel in order to spy Valerie and on the Crossroads motel management.
Percy Dobson tells Kevin that he is offering him a junior partnership, and Kevin asks him what the catch is.  Percy Dobson says there isn't a catch.
Joe MacDonald arrives home and Trina tells him that she saw someone hanging around the house.  Joe tells Greg Collins that Trina is convinced that someone is watching her, and Greg says perhaps she is right.  Greg tells Joe that perhaps he should call the police.
Kath, Arthur and Glenda wait for Kevin to return after his meeting with Percy Dobson.  Kevin arrives home and Glenda asks him how it went.  Kevin tells them that Percy Dobson offered him a partnership and Glenda says that's marvellous.  Kevin says he's not so sure.  He says Dobson is dangling the bait but he isn't going to bite.  Glenda asks Kevin if she has a say and Kevin says there is something behind this but he doesn't know what it is. 
WPC Wingate arrives at the MacDonald's home to talk to Joe and Trina MacDonald.  Trina tells the policewoman that the person who phoned her called her a filthy black trollop and threatened to smash her baby's head in.
Paul Ross goes to the office and Jill Harvey tells him that he is sacked.  Paul Ross tells her that he is employed by J. Henry Pollard.  
WPC Wingate tells Joe and Trina MacDonald that the person doing this could be an aquaintance of theirs because they knew their telephone number.
Paul Ross goes to Diane Hunter's flat and tells her that he has been sacked from the motel.  He tells her that he is a spy.  "KGB or CIA?" asks Diane.  Paul tells her that he is serious, and tells her that he got a job at the motel with references from J. Henry Pollard.  He says he was put in to spy on the management.
Joe and Trina MacDonald have dinner at the motel.  Glenda Banks comes to their table to take their order.  Trina asks for two Duck a L'Orange but Glenda says they haven't got any.  Trina looks at the menu again and then looks at the table next to theirs where a man is easting Duck a L'Orange.  Trina tells Glenda that she thought she said there wasn't any, and Glenda tells her that the other order was taken beofre hers.  Trina gets up from the table.  "Come on Joe.  The service around here stinks," says Trina.
J. Henry Pollard and Jill Harvey go into the office and Jill tells J. henry that she has sacked Paul Ross because he was spying on the management.  Paul Ross comes into the office and J. hhenry tells him that he is sacking him provisionally.
Glenda and Kevin Banks discuss the job offer from Percy Dobson.  Glenda tells Kevin that there is a tiny glimmer of hope with this job laid on.  "Laid on?" asks Kevin.  He tells Glenda that she knows something.  "What are you talking about Kevin," says Glenda.  Kevin tells Glenda that she isn't a very good liar.  Glenda tells Kevin that she called Oliver Banks and told him everything.  She says Oliver Banks wants to help them.  Kevin gets up and walks towards the door, and Glenda asks him where he is going.  Kevin tells Glenda that he is going to the motel to see his father.

1982 Episodes continued

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