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Percy Dobson and Oliver Banks talk in the motel bar.  Kevin Banks comes into the motel and see's Kath Brownlow in reception.  Kevin asks Kath where his father is.  "I know he's here," he says.  Kath tells him that Oliver is in the bar.  Kevin Banks goes into the bar and see's Percy Dobson and Oliver Banks talking.  "Will you stop trying to organise my life," Kevin tells his father.
W.P.C. Wingate goes to the Brownlow's house and speaks to Arthur Brownlow.  She tells him that she is here about the MacDonald's, and says they have made a complaint of harrassment.  WPC Wingate tells Arthur that she understands he made a complaint a few weeks ago, and Arthur says he did, it was about the news at their housewarming party.  He says he has got nothing against the MacDonald's.
Paul Ross goes into the office and finds J. Henry Pollard and Jill Harvey.  J. Henry tells Jill that he would like to talk to Paul Ross alone, but Paul asks Jill to stay.  J. Henry tells Paul that he is sacked but Paul says that he is going to prove to the Jill that he is indispensable.  J.Henry Pollard stumbles and falls into the chair.  He fumbles in his pocket.  "Keep quiet Paul," says J. Henry.  "How long have you got J. Henry?" asks Paul Ross.
Paul Ross tells Jill Harvey that J. Henry was going to ditch Jill, David and Barbara with every bit of filth that he could drag up.  "I know because I did the research.  If you keep me here I can stop him, if not, I can't," says Paul Ross.
Miranda and Valerie Pollard arrive at the motel and Valerie asks Jill Harvey where J. Henry Pollard is.  Jill tells her that J. Henry isn't very well.  Valerie says she has some luggage at Fairlawns, then she is getting the first train out of here. 
Paul Ross asks Jill Harvey if there is any more news from the clininc about J. Henry Pollard, and Jill says she is surprised he is so bothered.  Paul tells Jill that if J. Henry dies then he won't get the corporation he wants.
Kevin Banks arrives at the Brownlow's home and tells Kath, Arthur, Glenda and his father Oliver Banks that he has accepted percy Dobson's offer of a job. 
Greg Collins tells Joe MacDonald that he has done some research and there is a group in the area called the Residents Protection Society and it is headed by someone called Snead. 
Miranda Pollard goes to see her father J. Henry in his chalet and he asks where Valerie is.  Miranda tells J. Henry that the nurse said it wasn't a good idea for him to have too many visitors.  J. Henry tells Miranda that the best medicine he could have at the moment is Valerie.
Later Valerie Pollard goes to see J. Henry.  She tells him that she spoke to his specialist and he says J. Henry must take things easy.  Valerie asks J. Henry when he had his first heart attack and J. Henry says about eight years ago.  Valerie says he should have told her. 
Greg Collins goes to the Brownlow's home and confronts Arthur Brownlow about the Residents Protection Society.  He asks Arthur if he would be a member of this society and Arthur tells him that it's none of his business.
Greg Collins goes to the MacDonald's house and tells Joe and Trina that he thinks he scared Arthur Brownlow.  Greg tells them that kevin Banks is using the Brownlow's garage for commercial purposes and that is illegal.
Joe MacDonald goes to the Brownlow's house and asks Kevin Banks how long he is going to be using the drill in the garage.  He tells Kevin that he is using the garage for commercial reasons.  Joe tells Kevin that Trina is on edge.
Kevin Banks goes to see Trina MacDonald, who is alone in the house, and tells her that Joe came to see him about the noise from the drill.  Trina says it's not directed at him.  She says she is so mixed up and starts sobbing.  Kevin sits next to her and puts an arm around her shoulders to comfort her.  Joe MacDonald comes home at that moment.  "Very nice," says Joe MacDonald when he see's them.  Kevin looks at Joe and tells him that it isn't what he thinks.  "Just get out Kevin," says Joe.  
Paul Ross goes to the office and finds Jill Harvey and Valerie Pollard there.  Paul says that in the absence of the Hunter's the motel needs a manager.  Jill asks him if he is by any chance referring to himself and Paul says he is sure that J. Henry would approve. 
Joe MacDonald asks Trina what happened and Trina tells him that she was upset and needed a bit of sympathy.  "Hasn't Kevin been here before?" asks Joe.  "Dozens of times.  The only difference is you haven't caught us," says Trina.  Greg Collins comes into the room and tells Joe that it is illegal for Kevin to use the garage for commercial purposes.  Joe MacDonald asks Greg if they could get Kevin on that.  "So you've finally decided to fight have you," says Greg Collins.  "You could say that.  I'm just fed up being made a mug of," says Joe.  "Somethings happened," asks Greg.  "let's just say that the people I thought of as friends turned out not to be as straight as I thought," says Joe MacDonald.
Paul Ross goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet and tells him that since he can't be an active member of the board, he is taking J. Henry's place.
Terry Lawton, Diane's brother, arrives at the motel.  He books a chalet and asks Shaheen Kazmi to charge him staff rates.  He tells Shaheen that he is Diane's brother.
Joe MacDonald goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Arthur that he hears that he is involved with this Residents Protection Society.  He tells Arthur that all this is beginning to affect him and Trina.  Kath Brownlow tells Joe that Arthur never made an official complaint.  Joe says no, but Snead did all the dirty work for him.  Joe says he paid good money for his house and he isn't getting out for anyone.  "Oh and another thing.  You can tell that son in law of yours not to lay another hand on my wife," says Joe, and leaves.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that she had better get Kevin.  Kevin tells Kath and Arthur that what Joe said is rediculous.  He tells them that Joe saw him with his arm around Trina, and explains that she was upset and he was trying to comfort her.
Diane Hunter meets her brother Terry lawton in the motel reception, and asks him what he is doing here.  Terry tells her that he is staying at the motel, and he booked the chalet in her name.  Terry tells Diane that he thought he would try and get a job in the garage, and Diane tells him that the garage is not part of the motel anymore.
Kevin Banks goes to see Trina MacDonald and tells her that she knows all this isn't true.  "It's you isn't it," says Kevin, looking at Greg Collins.  "You've been stirring things up you black..." says Kevin, and tries to punch Greg Collins. 
Benny goes to see Jill Harvey and tells her that he isn't going to work for Archie Gibbs anymore.  Bennt tells Jill that he would like to work in the garage full time.  Jill asks Benny if he has spoken to Sharon Metcalfe, and Benny says yes and she said he could have the job.

1982 Episodes continued

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