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J. Henry Pollard finds Valerie serving behind the bar, and tells her that he will not have his wife serving behind a bar. 
Kevin Banks goes to the MacDonald's house and talks with Trina MacDonald.  Kevin tells her that he was hoping to see a friend but she has gone away.  Trina asks if she knows this friend and Kevin says she might as she used to work with Joe.  "Carole Sands!" exclaims Trina MacDonald.  Trina asks Kevin if Glenda knows and Kevin says no. 
David Hunter goes to the office and finds J. Henry Pollard sitting behind the desk.  Jill Harvey and Barbara Hunter join them in the office and J. Henry says no-one has asked him what he has been doing whilst he has been away.  J. Henry tells them that he has bought a holiday villa company. 
J. Henry asks Barbara Hunter if she has ever been to Greece and Barbara says yes.  He asks David if he has been to Greece and David tells him he has, but he prefers Italy.  J. Henry says that's good because his company has villas in both countries.  J. Henry Pollard tells David and Barbara that they are both looking a little tired, and both villas happen to be empty at the moment.  David tells J. Henry that they have tentatively booked their summer holidays.  J. Henry tells them that the air tickets are thrown in with the running costs.
J. Henry Pollard asks Barbara where she would like to go.  "Well I do like Greece," says Barbara.  J. Henry says he is sure that David will let her choose where she wants to go.
Trina MacDonald shows Joe a letter she received telling them to get out and go back to the jungle where they came from.  Joe tears it up, and asks what is for dinner.  Trina MacDonald asks him if that's all he has to say.  Joe says the letter isn't signed so they can't do anything about it.
A man named Greg Collins arrives at the motel and books in with Shaheen Kazmi.  Greg Collins asks Shaheen if Trina MacDonald works here and Shaheen tells him that she used to but left when she married Joe MacDonald.  Shaheen Kazmi gives Greg Collins the MacDonald's address, and tells him that she shouldn't really do this.  Greg Collins tells Shaheen Kazmi that he and Trina were very good friends.
J. Henry Pollard tells paul Ross that Valerie tried to lure David Hunter to see a Shakespear play.  J. Henry tells Paul that David and Barbara are going on holiday and he wants Paul to make sure that David doesn't try to contact Valerie whilst he is away.
Joe MacDonald tells Benny that Doris Luke is leaving to go and meet Tom Logan.  Benny says he must see Doris before she goes and rushes out.
Doris Luke arrives at the Brownlow's house and Kath Brownlow tells her that Arthur is due back soon and he will drive her to the station.  A few momwnts later, Arthur Brownlow arrives and Kath asks him if he would take Doris Luke to the station.
Benny arrives at the Brownlow's house and says Joe said that Doris Luke was leaving.  Kath Brownlow takes him into the living room to see Doris.
Trina MacDonald is alone at her house when there is a ring at the doorbell.  Trina answers it and is surprised to see Greg Collins.  Trina invites Greg Collins in and asks him what he is doing here.  Greg Collins tells Trina MacDonald that he is here to organise a legal aid centre for black and Asian people in the community.
Benny asks Doris Luke if she is leaving because of him and Doris says no.  Benny tells Doris that he understands now why she couldn't take the house.  He gives her a little going away present.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath and Glenda that he isn't wanted on the committee of the bowls club, and he knows why.  He says it is because of their carribean neighbours next door.
Joe MacDonald arrives home and Trina introduces him to Greg Collins.  She tells Joe that Greg is a friend of her sisters.  Joe MacDonald asks Greg Collins how long he is staying in the area and Greg says about a month or so.  Joe tells him that he can stay at their house, they've been trying to find a lodger.
Sharon Metcalfe takes Paul Ross back to her and Diane's flat and cooks him dinner.  She suddenly remembers that she has forgotten something and says she will just go to the shops.  Sharon Metcalfe leaves the flat.  A few moments later, Paul Ross picks up the phone and dials a number.  "J. Henry?  Paul Ross.  I'm at Sharon's flat.  She's just gone out.  There is nothing to suggest that David Hunter will try and contact Valerie whilst he is away," says Paul.  Paul Ross puts the phone down and turns around to find Sharon Metcalfe standing in the doorway.  "Get out!" says Sharon.
Glenda Banks tells Arthur about Kevin owing money, and Arthur offers to lend them the money.  Glenda says no, it's about time Kevin's mother and father did something.  She tells Arthur that Kevin is too stubborn to ask them for help.  Glenda Banks telephones the Bank's home and Oliver Banks answers the phones.  Glenda tells him that her and Kevin are in a spot of trouble and could he come over right away. 
Paul Ross goes to the motel office and finds J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry asks Paul Ross how much Sharon Metcalfe heard and Paul says enough to know what he is.  J. Henry tells Paul to go to Sharon and tell her to keep quiet about what she heard, and if she doesn't then he will put the boot in.
Paul Ross goes to the garage office and finds Sharon Metcalfe.  Paul asks Sharon if she has told Diane about him and Sharon says no. 
Oliver Banks arrives at the Brownlow's home and Glenda explains everything to him.  Oliver Banks tells Glenda not to worry, they'll think of something.  Glenda tells Oliver that Kevin musn't know she contacted him and asked him for help.  Oliver Banks asks Glenda what Kevin is doing now and Glenda says he is trying to start up in busines son his own.  Glenda tells him that Percy Dobson, Kevin's old boss, wanted to take him on but Kevin didn't accept.
Jill Harvey tells Valerie Pollard that the temporarysecretary hasn't shown up so they will have to get someone else.  Jill says she has the answer, Miranda Pollard.  Valerie Pollard telephones Miranda and asks her if she would like to come and work at the motel for a while. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Jill Harvey that he is going to London for a few days.  Jill tells him that Miranda is coming to work at the motel for a while, but J. Henry says no. 
J. Henry Pollard telephones Miranda and tells her that she isn't to come to the motel to work.
Diane Hunter joins Sharon Metcalfe in the garage office and asks her if she is avoiding her.  Diane says she arrived at the flat last night and expected to find her and Paul there but there was no one.  She asks Sharon if she and Paul have had a row.  Sharon tells Diane that if she is going to be bringing Paul Ross back to the flat regularly then she will find somewhere else to live.  Diane asks Sharon why the sudden change and Sharon tells her to ask Paul Ross. 
Arthur Brownlow goes to the MacDonald's house and tells Joe that he heard he was buying some bowls.  Arthur advises Joe to wait a while because the bowls club is over-subscribed and they may not be taking any new members.  Greg Collins asks Arthur how the club picls their new members and Arthur tells him that they vet every applicant.
Percy Dobson arrives at the motel and see's Kath Brownlow at the reception desk.  Percy asks her how Kevin Banks is and then goes into the bar. 
Oliver Banks arrives at the motel and Kath Brownlow is surprised to see him.  Oliver Banks tells her that he is here for a business meeting, and he would rather that Kevin didn't know she has seen him. 
Oliver Banks goes into the motel bar and meets Percy Dobson.  Percy Dobson says he noticed him talking to Kath Brownlow and Oliver Banks tells him that Kevin is married to the Brownlow's daughter.  Percy Dobson says he didn't realise.  Oliver Banks tells Percy Dobson that it was Kevin he wanted to see him about.  He says both the Brownlow's and himself want to see Kevin settled, and he tells Percy Dobson that he would like Dobson to offer Kevin a junior partnership.  Oliver Banks tells Percy Dobson that Kevin musn't know of his involvement.     

1982 Episodes continued

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