1982 Episodes ... continued

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Barbara Hunter asks David if he has spoken to Valerie Pollard yet.  David tells her that he told Valerie that Barbara had to go to London to see her publisher.  Barbara says it must be telepathy because she actually has to go to London.  David tells Barbara that he told Valerie that he would go to a play and dinner afterwards with her and Valerie's sister who is coming over from America.  Barbara tells David that she wouldn't be surprised if the sister turned out to be a lie.
Sid Hooper telephones Mavis and tries to persuade her to go to the seaside to convalesce, but Mavis won't have it.  
Sharon Metcalfe gives Sid Hooper an envelope and asks him to post it on his way home.  Sid notices that there is no address on the envelope and Sharon tells him that he had better open it.  Sid opens the envelope and finds 200 inside, exactly the amount he owes Mavis.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Hunter that Paul Ross is coming to the flat to cook them a meal.  Diane tells Sharon that it's alright with her but she is going out, but Sharon says it would mean a lot to her if she was there.  Diane agree's to be there but only for Sharon's sake.
Barbara Hunter shows David a telex from Reg Lamont and it says that Reg wants Sharon Metcalfe to be co-owner of the garage.  Barbara suggests a little chat with Sharon Metcalfe.
At the bowl's club Joe MacDonald has a go at bowling.  He goes leaping after the bowl.  "Oh my God," says one of the members.  Trina MacDonald spots baby Benjamin sitting in the middle of the bowls field.  There is a sign near the field saying 'No high heels.  Flat shoes only.'  Trina MacDonald walks onto the bowls field wearing her hight heels.
Kath Brownlow tells Glenda and Kevin that Joe MacDonald has applied for membership of the bowls club and has named Arthur as a sponsor.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Hunter about Benny buying a house, and Diane says she never knew.  The telephone rings and Sharon answers it.  David Hunter asks Sharon if she could come to the motel office.  David tells her that he has had a reply from Reg Lamont and they have some things to discuss.  Sharon tells David that she will come over as soon as possible. 
Mr Hansford, a client of Percy Dobson's, arrives at the Brownlow's house at Kevin Banks' request.  Kevin Banks met Mr Hansford at Dobson's yard when Percy Dobson was moaning at Mr Hansford for not making a delivery on time.  Kevin tells Mr Hansford that he can solve his problem.  Kevin tells him that he will manufacture the kitchen units.  Mr Hansford asks Kevin where he will work from and Kevin says he can use his father-in-laws garage. 
Sharon Metcalfe goes to David Hunter's office and David shows her the telex from Reg Lamont.
Glenda Banks asks Kevin how he got on with Mr Hansford and Kevin tells her that Hansford is going to give him a try.
Paul Ross arrives at Diane and Sharon's flat and finds Diane alone.  The telephone rings and Diane answers it.  Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane that she won't be home for dinner, she is eating with the Hunters.
At the motel David, Barbara and Sharon have dinner in the motel restaurant.
Meanwhile, at Diane Hunter's flat Diane and Paul Ross sit on the settee, kissing.  "If you're playing a game, please don't," says Diane.  "And if I'm not?" asks Paul Ross, and they kiss again. 
David, Sharon, Jill and Barbara discuss business in the motel office.  David shows Jill the telex from Reg Lamont, stating that he will only let the garage go if Sharon Metcalfe is made co-owner.  They take a vote on this and David, Barbara and Jill agree.
Kevin Banks asks Arthur Brownlow if he can use his garage to do some work.
Valerie Pollard joins Jill, Barbara and David in the office and says she noticed that Sharon Metcalfe was in the office for a long time.  She tells David that he can tell her all the details when they go to Stratford.  Jill Harvey and Valerie Polalrd leave the office.  Barbara tells David that Valerie still assumes he is going to Stratford with her.  David tells Barbara that Valerie is J. Henry Pollards representative and if he insults her then he insults J. Henry. 
David Hunter goes to motel bar and finds Valerie shutting up the bar.  Valerie guesses that Barbara won't let him go to the theatre with her.  Valerie admits to David that she invented the sister, and David says she didn't have to lie.  David tells Valerie that he would like to accept the invitation if it is still open.
Doris Luke receives a letter from Tom Logan, and she shows Kath Brownlow.  The letter says that Tom would like them to meet and to give their relationship another go.  Kath Brownlow tells Doris to phone Tom Logan.  Doris Luke phones Tom Logan and they arrange to meet in Yorkshire.
Benny talks to Diane Hunter at her flat and she asks him what he is going to do about the house.  Benny tells her that he isn't buying it.  "It would have been smashing for her," says Benny.  "For why?" asks Diane.  Benny looks awakward and tells Diane that he was buying the house for Doris Luke but she didn't want it.  Diane tells benny that she isn't surprised, houses don't just grow on trees.  Diane tells Benny that Doris doesn't take anything from anyone, it is not in her nature.             
J. Henry Pollard arrives at the motel and joins Barbara Hunter and Valerie Pollard in the office.  He asks them if they have been any problems, and Barbara tells him there was one but J. Henry has just solved it.  Barbara tells Valerie that now J. Henry is back she can take him to the theatre.
Joe MacDonald tells Kevin Banks that he had a little message from Carole Sands.
Jill Harvey receives a bouquet of roses from J. Henry Pollard.  J. Henry tells Jill that he sent roses to Valerie and Barbara.  "Oh for a moment I thought I was special," says Jill.  J. Henry tells Jill that she is special.  He says he is sure that Jill could run the motel without the Hunters.

1982 Episodes continued

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