1982 Episodes ... continued

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Barbara Hunter asks David if he is sure about the bid for the garage, and David says that is the highest he will go.  Barbara tells David that J. Henry Pollard wants him to get rid of Sharon Metcalfe when the motel has bought the garage.  David tells Barbara that he has come to admire Sharon and he will do his best to keep her on.
Kevin Banks joins Sharon Metcalfe in the motel bar, and she tells him that she can't accept his estimate for the redecoration of the garage.  Sharon tells Kevin that she would have liked to have given him the job but she needs an experienced firm.
When Kevin Banks gets back home Glenda and Kath ask him how he got on.  Kevin tells them that he didn't get the garage job.  He says that if he doesn't get anything in the next few weeks he will have to go to London or somewhere else to find work.
Benny goes to see Doris Luke and tells her that he was out this afternoon looking at that house in Jubilee Terrace which she said she liked.  Doris asks him if he is sure he wants a big place like that to himself.  "It's not for me.  It's for you Miss Luke," says Benny.  Doris says that was just a dream.  "I wanted to make them come true," says Benny.
Barbara Hunter finds Valerie Pollard in the motel bar in the midst of a group of men.  The group breaks up and Barbara tells Valerie that the bar should have been closed an hour ago.  She tells Valerie that if the police came the motel would get into trouble for selling drink after hours.  Valerie tells Barbara that no drinks were served from the bar after closing time, everyone was just finishing drinks which they had ordered before closing time.  Barbara tells valerie to come and see her in the office the next morning.
The next day Valerie Pollard goes to the office to see Barbara but finds David Hunter there instead.  David tells Valerie that two guests complained about noise after last nights little episode.  David tells Valerie that they will have to take her off bar duty.  "Sorry, there's nothing else I can do," says David.  Valerie tells David that he must see her side of things, and says that J. Henry is trying to humiliate her.  She tells David that it won't happen again, and she would liketo continue working in the bar.  David agrees to give her one more chance.  "Thank you David.  I won't let you down," says Valerie Pollard.
Dors Luke goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Arthur that she was speaking to Joe MacDonald and he is very excited about his invitation to the bowl's club.  Arthur tells her that it might be a little premature, they are limiting the numbers.  Doris Luke tells Kath Brownlow that Benny was going to buy her a house but she stopped him in time.  Kath asks Doris if she would have accepted it and Doris says no.  Kath tells Doris that Benny hasn't got much in life and if he and Doris were to live  in the house, with Doris to look after Benny, it would be the perfect arrangement.
Trina MacDonald shows Joe a letter she has received from the council forbidding her from starting up a playgroup.  "It has been brought to our attention..." reads Trina.  She says she would like to know who told the council.  Trina MacDonald says it's obvious that it was Arthur Brownlow but Joe says Arthur wouldn't do that.  Trina tells Joe that she will go to the council and find out.
Kevin Banks goes to the garage to see Sharon Metcalfe and asks her if Percy Dobson could take him on for a week.  Sharon telephones Percy Dobson and tells him that there is a little matter she would like to discuss with him.
Paul Ross telephones J. Henry Pollard to report to him.  Paul tells J. Henry that if Reg Lamont sells the garage to the motel Sharon Metcalfe will walk out.  Paul Ross tells J. Henry Pollard that Valerie came out of David Hunter's office looking positively angelic, but he has no idea why. 
Kevin Banks goes to see Percy Dobson and tells him that he understands Sharon Metcalfe had a word with him about taking him on.  Percy Dobson asks Kevin when he can start and Kevin says right away.  Percy Dobson tells Kevin that the only work he has right now is labouring, and Kevin says he is a decorator, not a labourer.  "Take it or leave it," says Percy Dobson.
Sid Hooper tells Diane Hunter that the money he gave her to give back to Benny was Mavis's rent money.  He says Mavis is coming out of hospital at the weekend and she will go made when she finds out.  Diane tells Sid that he has only himself to blame.
Valerie Pollard asks Shaheen Kazmi if she has some information on any Shakespeare plays, and Shaheen gives her some leaflets.  Valerie asks Shaheen if she could try and get her three tickets.  Valerie Pollard asks David Hunter, who is at the reception desk, if he and Barbara would come to a Shakespeare play with her, and then dinner afterwards.
Sid Hooper asks Joe MacDonald if he could lend him 200, but Joe says he can't.  Sid explains that he borrowed some of Mavis's money and has to pay it back.  Benny overhears and tells Sid Hooper that he can lend him some money, but Sid tells Benny that he needs the money for his new house.  Benny tells him that Doris Luke doesn't want the house.
David Hunter tells Barbara that Valerie Pollard has asked them to a Shakespeare play and dinner afterwards.  He says he thinks it would be a nice evening but Barbara says she won't go.  David tells Barbara that he will speak to Valerie.
Doris Luke tells Kath Brownlow that Benny isn't speaking to her.
David Hunter see's Valerie Pollard in reception and tells her that he and Barbara can't accept her invitation.  He says Barbara has to go to London for a while.  "Well, that solves my problem," says Valerie.  She tells David that he sister is coming over from America and they can make up a threesome with David.
Arthur Brownlow goes to the MacDonald's house and asks Trina if he can have a word with Joe.  Trina tells Arthur that perhaps she can help him.  Trina shows Arthur the letter from the council and Arthur reads it.  He says he is really sorry.  Trina MacDonald tells Arthur that she would like to know who told the council.  Arthur realises that Trina thinks it was him, and he gives her his word that it wasn't him that went to the council.
Doris Luke goes to the garage and speaks to Benny.  She tells Benny that this not speaking to each other is silly.  Doris tells Benny that perhaps if he bought the house for himself, but Benny says he doesn't want a house.  Benny tells Doris that he is fed up with this money, he was better off without it.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that Percy Dobson offered him a labouring job so he told him what he could do with it.  Kevin tells Glenda that he has got an idea buzzing around in his head.
Sharon Metcalfe invites Paul Ross to dinner at Diane's flat to thank him for the special treatment he gave her and her business friends.  Paul asks her what time he should arrive and Sharon tells Paul that she hasn't told Diane he is coming yet.

1982 Episodes continued

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