1982 Episodes ... continued

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The following morning David telephones reception and asks for Paul Ross to be sent into the office.  Jill Harvey comes into the office and tells David that she heard what happened last night, the night porter told her.  David tells Jill that he would like to know what the night portee said cinsidering he didn't see anything.  Jill says the night porter told her that he saw David steaming across reception in his pyjamas.
Paul Ross comes into the office and David asks him if he made a pass at Valerie Pollard.  Paul says he didn't.  David asks him if Mrs Pollard made a pass at him and Paul says no.  David asks him what happened and Paul tells David that he was pilfering the drinks cabinet and Mrs Pollard caught him.  He says she tried to take the bottle from him and a misunderstanding arose.  
"I fully accept responsibility for the misunderstanding which arose over my mistaken attempt to pilfer your drinks cabinet, which Mrs Pollard bravely tried to prevent," says Paul.  "Are you trying to make me laugh?" asks David.  "No," answers Paul.  "Then get out of here before you do," says David.  Paul Ross moves towards the office door.  "And never come back?" asks Paul Ross.  "And never put yourself in a situation which is compromising, however innocent in essence, with Mrs Pollard again," warns David.   
Paul Ross leaves the office just as Valerie Pollard comes in.  "I want that man sacked," she tells David.  "You understand your husband will want an explanation," says David.  "And you understand what your explanation will be," says Valerie.  David asks her how she managed to telephone.  "Not easily.  I was being attacked," says Valerie.  "Verbally or physically?" asks David, and Valerie says both.  David Hunter tells Valerie that she sounded remakably calm when she phoned, and Valerie says she had to.
David tells Valerie that J. Henry will wonder why she didn't convey the urgency in her voice.  Valerie says she must have conveyed some urgency because David came.  "Are you trying to protect Paul Ross?" asks Valerie.  "No.  You.  From your husband's suspicions," says David.  David asks Valerie how she came to be in the office with Paul Ross and Valerie says he invited her in for a drink.  David says Paul Ross said that Valerie caught him pilfering the drinks cabinet, and Valerie says that is what started it. 
David tells Valerie that he suggests that when she caught Paul Ross pilfering the drinks cabinet a misunderstanding arose about which each of them wish to apologise to the other.  "If you say so," says Valerie.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that the MacDonald's have invited them to a housewarming party at their house.  "And you said no of course," says Arthur.  "I said we'd be delighted," says Kath.
Kevin Banks tells Glenda that he might have a chance of some work at the Crossroads garage.  He says Percy Dobson will put in a tender but in the end the decision is up to Sharon Metcalfe.
Benny goes to see an estate agent called Frank Jessop and tells him that he is interested in a house in Jubilee Terrace which is for sale.  Benny asks Frank Jessop how much the house is and Jessop tells him 22,000.  "I'll have it," says Benny.
At the MacDonald's house the party is in full-swing.  Arthur Brownlow is sitting at the brownlow's house alone and listening to the loud music.  He knocks on the wall.  Someone in the MacDonald's house knocks back.  "Right, that does it," says Arthur, and picks up the phone.
A few minutes later one of the MacDonald's guests comes into the living room and tells someone to turns the music off because the police are here.  "The man next door called them. Name of Brownlow or something," says the guest.  "Oh no," says Glenda.  "Don't tell me you know him," asks the guest.  "Oh no.  Never heard of him," says Glenda.
Valerie Pollard goes into the office and tells David that she admires him.
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she spoke to Joe MacDonald and he asked them around to talk.
Benny goes to the estate agent and tells Frank Jessop that he went to see the house in Jubilee Terrace and he wants to buy it.  Frank Jessop asks Benny what his job is and when Benny tells him he says that Benny couldn't raise a mortgage.  Benny tells Frank Jessop that he doesn't want a mortgage, he wants to pay cash for it.  He gives Frank Jessop his cheque book.  Frank Jessop contacts the bank and is told that Benny has the funds.  He offers to show Benny around the inside of the house. 
Kath and Arthur Brownlow go to the MacDonald's house and Joe MacDonald tries to set Arthur's mind at rest about the playgroup which Trina is trying to start.  He tells Arthur that it will only be five or six children.
Kevin Banks has dinner with Sharon Metcalfe at the motel and tells her he wanted to talk to her about re-decorating the garage.  Sharon tells Kevin that she has had an estimate from Percy Dobson, and Kevin says he knows.  Kevin tells Sharon that his estimate is better and he hands her an envelope.
During the conversation with the the MacDonald's, Kath Brownlow mentions Arthur's bowls club.  She says they have an open day soon and suggests that Joe and Trina come along.
Arthur Brownlow receives a letter from his bowl's club telling him that they would like him to stand for secretary.   

1982 Episodes continued

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