1982 Episodes ... continued

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Arthur Brownlow comes back home after his visit to the MacDonald's.  He tells Kath that Trina MacDonald is planning to turn their house into a children's playgroup.  He says this has always been a quiet street and he isn't having it turned into a jungle. 
Paul Ross talks to Valerie Pollard and says Mrs Hunter said she wanted to be friends.  Paul tells Valerie that he finds it hard to be angry with someone who says so many nice things.  Valerie asks Paul to have a drink with her after work and Paul says he looks forwards to it. 
Sharon Metcalfe see's Paul Ross and asks him if he has thought anymore about the special discount for dinner parties.  Paul tells her that he hasn't had much time to think about it.  He asks Sharon to have dinner with him on Thursday and they could discuss it. 
Doris Luke goes to the Brownlow's house and tells Kath Brownlow that she is sorry for shouting at her the other say in reception.  Doris tells Kath that she is pleased that Kath got the job as housekeeper.
Diane Hunter confronts Sid Hooper and asks him what he thinks he is doing using Benny's money to bet on the horses.  Sid tells her that he has still got some money left and he hands it to her.  Sid tells Diane that Benny is      
 missing 230 but he will pay him back, and Diane says she will make sure he does. 
Jill Harvey joins David Hunter in the office and tells him that he should have talked to her about the motel buying the garage.  David tells her that nothing has been decided yet, and he was going to call a meeting.  Jill tells David that J. Henry Pollard cracked the whip and David acted on it.  Jill tells David that when he has an idea then everyone has to go along with it.  "Don't you realise how arrogant you've become," says Jill. 
David Hunter telephones Sharon Metcalfe in the garage and asks her to come to his office.  Sharon arrives in the office and David tells her that he is hoping for some co-operation.  He tells Sharon that the motel are thinking of making an offer for the garage, and asks her how she thinks Reg Lamont would react.  David tells her that if the motel acquire the garage they would like her to stay on and manage it.  Sharon says she would like some say in policy decision, and David asks her what she has in mind.  "For a start.  How about some shares in the motel," says Sharon.  
Glenda Banks gives Kevin a letter from Nottingham.  He opens it and tells Glenda that the letter is from his landlady in Nortingham telling him that someone has been pestering her for his address, but she didn't give it.  "It's only a matter of time," says kevin.  Kath Brownlow comes into the room and Kevin leaves the room quickly.  Kath asks Glenda what is going on and Glenda tells her that Kevin got into a bit of trouble in Nottingham.  Glenda explains that Kevin hired a man and he caused a lot of damage and then took off. 
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane Hunter that she has a dinner date on Thursday.  Diane asks who with and Sharon tells her it's with Paul Ross, but it is only a business dinner.  
Sharon Metcalfe goes into the motel office and tells Jill Harvey and Barbara Hunter that she would like to see David Hunter.  Jill looks at the appointment book and says there is nothing written in the book.  She then notices S.M. written in David's handwriting.
Kath Brownlow tells Glenda that Arthur is thinking of moving and Glenda says it's only talk.     
Jill Harvey tells Barbara Hunter that it's so obvious that Sharon Metcalfe wants to get onto the board of directors.
Diane Hunter tells Sid Hooper to come to her flat at seven o'clock that evening.  Diane tells Benny that Sid Hooper is going to pay him back his money. 
That evening Sid Hooper arrives at Diane Hunter's flat and gives her some money.  Diane counts it out.  Sid tells her that he is under no obligation to pay back the money, he is only doing it for Benny.  Diane tells him that is why she is doing it, for Benny, because he needs looking after. 
Benny goes to see Doris luke and tells her that Diane is getting at him about the money.  He asks Doris Luke what she would do with the money.  Doris tells Benny that she has seen a nice house in Jubilee Terrace and she tells Benny that she would buy that.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the motel for her meal with Paul Ross.  She finds Valerie Pollard in the bar and tells her that she is waiting for someone.  Sharon Metcalfe spots Paul Ross arriving and tells Valerie pollard that she had better go for a walk because she doesn't want to let Paul Ross know that she arrived before him.
Paul Ross goes to the motel bar and tells Valerie Pollard that he is waiting for someone.  Sharon Metcalfe walks in and pretends that she has just arrived.  Valerie Pollard tells Sharon that her date hasn't turned up yet, and Sharon says on the contrary as she turns to Paul Ross.
Valerie Pollard notices that one of Paul Ross's cuff links is undone and does it up for him.  She remarks that they look very expensive, and Paul says they look more expensive then they really are.
Barbara Hunter asks David about the S.M written in his appointment diary.  David tells her it's Sharon Metcalfe.  Barbara tells David that Jill thinks that Sharon is trying to get onto the board of directors.  David tells Barbara that there is nothing secret about his negotiations with Sharon Metcalfe.  David goes to the door.  "What are you up to D.H.  Trying to be J.R.?" asks Barbara.
Paul Ross meets Valerie Pollard in recption and she asks him to have a brandy with her.  Valerie suggests thet go into the motel office.  Valerie and Paul Ross go into the motel office and Valerie pours them both a drink.  Valerie asks Paul Ross about his cuff links and Paul says he doesn't have to give her an explanation.  Valerie says she doesn't want an explanation and Paul asks her what she does want.  "Can't you guess?" she asks, and moves closer to him. 
Valerie Pollard tells Paul Ross that they are two of a kind.  She puts a hand on his chest.  Paul tells her that her husband is part of the management and he makes it a rule never to seduce the bosses wife.  Paul Ross walks towards the door of the office.  "Just a moment.  There's something I think you should hear," says Valerie Pollard.  She picks up the phone and dials a number.  "David Hunter?  Valerie Pollard.  I've just been assaulted in your office by your restaurant manager.  It was a sexual assault," says Valerie and puts the phone down.  "You forgot to sound sexually assaulted," says Paul Ross.  "That will come later when David gets here," says Valerie Pollard.
A few moments later David Hunter comes walking across reception in his pyjamas and dressing gown.  David goes into the office and see's Valerie Pollard standing calmly.  David tells her that he seems to have misunderstood her phone call, she doesn't look assaulted.  Valerie tells David that he is supposed to be protecting her.  David tells Valerie that perhaps they should wait until morning and talk.

1982 Episodes continued

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