1982 Episodes ... continued

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Kevin and Glenda have a drink in the motel bar after their meal.  Glenda asks Kevin if there is something worrying him, he seems unhappy.  Kevin tells Glenda that now the job in Nottingham has finished he is unemployed.  "Something happened in Nottingham didn't it?" asks Glenda.  Kevin tells her that nothing happened.  "At least nothing that 2000 won't solve," says Kevin.
Sharon Metcalfe thanks Paul Ross for the meal service and tells him that the meeting went very well.
Kevin Banks explains to Glenda that a man Kevin employed in Nottingham sawed through a pipe and caused some damage, and Kevin is responsible.  Glenda tells Kevin that they will be after him.  "They've got to find me first," says Kevin.
The following day Kevin and Glenda Banks go to the motel.  kevin asks Barbara Hunter if he could have a word with Mr Hunter, and Barbara tells him to go through to the office.  Kevin leaves the reception and goes towards the private wing.  Glenda tells Barbara Hunter that Kevin is hoping for some work.
Kevin Banks goes to the office and asks David Hunter if there is any work for him, but David says not at the moment.  Kevin says he heard they were building more chalets and David says they are, but that won't be for a while yet.  David asks Kevin how his relationship with Percy Dobson is, and Kevin says not too good after the strike episode.  David tells Kevin that he could always asks Dobson to take him back.
Trina MacDonald tells Joe that she has been phoning their relatives trying to find a lodger, and tells Joe that they may be able to take some students.  Trina tells Joe that she has another idea which will bring in more money.
Sid Hooper studies the paper for racing tips and tells Benny that he has a hunch about a horse in a race this afternoon.  Sid says he promised he wouldn't bet anymore but Benny tells him he should if he is sure about the horse.  Sid Hooper tells Benny that it is five to one, 500 on that and they would be made.  Benny tells him to do it but Sid isn't sure.  Finally Benny manages to persuade Sid.  Sid phones the bookmaker to make the bet, using Benny's money.
Barbara Hunter finds David absorbed in some books and asks him what he is doing.  David tells her that he is checking the profit and loss for the garage when the motel owned it.  Barbara asks why and David says in case they want to buy it back.  He tells Barbara that he talked to J. Henry Pollard and he thinks the motel should buy the garage back.  David says it was a mistake to see it in the first place.  "And you'll keep Sharon on to run it?" asks Barbara, but David doesn't reply.
Kevin Banks puts an advertisement in the paper to try to find work.
Trina MacDonald comes to the Brownlow's house to ask if she can borrow some milk.  Kevin Banks asks her if she and Joe need any work done and Trina says not at the moment but she has a little project which may need his help.  One Trina MacDonald has left Arthur Brownlow tells Kevin that he would like to know what this project is.
Sid Hooper receives a phone call from the bookmaker's.  Benny asks Sid what happened and Sid tells him that their horse didn't finish in the first three. 
Kath Brownlow see's Doris Luke hoovering in the reception area and asks her what she is doing.  Kath tells Doris that they have guests and she shouldn't be hoovering now.  Kath asks Doris Luke for some table napkins that Paul Ross wants, but Doris tells her that they aren't ready yet.  Kath says Paul Ross is going to go mad.  Doris Luke tells Kath that just because she has been made housekeeper it doesn't mean she can treat people like rubbish.  She storms off leaving Kath Brownlow open-mouthed. 
Arthur Brownlow tells Kath that the MacDonald's are planning something.  He says Trina MacDonald hinted at something when she came round to borrow some milk.
Diane Hunter goes to the garae looking for Benny and instead she finds Archie Gibbs.  She asks Archie where Benny is and Archie tells her that he is probably with Sid Hooper, boozing.  He tells Diane that Sid has got Benny betting on the horses.
Jill Harvey finds a lot of old account books on David Hunter's desks.  Barbara Hunter comes into the office and explains that David was working out if it would be a good idea to buy back the garage.  Jill says David might have talked it over with her first, she is part of the management. 
Arthur Brownlow goes to the MacDonald's house to try and find out what this project is. 
Valerie Pollard tells Barbara Hunter that she misjudged Paul Ross and she would like to bury the hatchet for good.  Barbara asks her how she can help and Valerie says by bringing them together.
Benny goes to Diane Hunter's flat and Diane asks him about his betting.  She asks Benny how much he as been betting, but Benny says he won't tell her.  He says it's only a bit of fun.  Diane tells him that it is all with his money, not Sid Hooper's.  Diane asks benny again how much the bet was and Benny tells her 500.  Diane tells him that is daft, and Benny says he isn't going to stay and listen to her.  Benny walks towards the door.  "You come back here, or you say goodbye to me as a friend for ever," says Diane.  Benny turns and walks back into the room.  "I'm sorry Miss Diane," he says.

1982 Episodes continued

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