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Diane Hunter asks Valerie Pollard if J. Henry found out anything about Paul Ross and Valerie tells her that the people at the Chateau Rondell speak very highly of Paul Ross.
Paul Ross joins J. Henry Pollard in the motel office and thanks him for the good references he provided him with.  Paul says he wonders what the others would think if they found out he had never been near the Chateau Rondell.  J. Henry Pollard tells Paul Ross that he wants to know everything that Valerie does.
Glenda Banks tells Kath Brownlow that Doris Luke has gone home with a bad headache. 
Doris Luke lies down on the bed in her room.  There is a knock on the door and Doris answers it to Tom Logan.  Doris Luke tells Tom Logan that there is something she has to say.  She tells him that she thinks they should call the wedding off, that it would be a mistake.
Sid Hooper studies the horses and Benny joins him in the garage office.  Sid tells Benny where the next race meeting is and Benny asks him if they could go, but Sid says no, it's too far away.
Benny gives Sid Hooper a wad of money.  Sid Hooper stares at it and asks Benny how much is there.  Benny tells him it is 500 to put on the horses.
J. Henry Pollard tells Jill Harvey that his car needs fixing.  Jill points out Sharon Metcalfe who is at the other end of reception and tells J. Henry Pollard that Sharon can help him out with his car.  J. Henry Pollard goes over to Sharon Metcalfe and tells her that his car needs fixing, and Sharon tells him to bring his car in to the garage next week.  J. Henry telle Sharon that he is going on business tomorrow and he needs his car fixed today, but Sharon says they can't do it, they are fully booked.
Benny helps Joe and Trina MacDonald move into their new house next door to the Brownlow's.
J. Henry Pollard tells David Hunter that the garage can't fix his car, and tells David to get on the phone to the garage.  David tells J. Henry that he would get exactly the same answer as he did earlier.  He tells J.Henry that the garage is not owned by the motel.  David telephones Sharon Metcalfe and asks her to come to the motel office.
Sid Hooper tells Benny that he can't bet 500 on a horse, but Benny tells him to go ahead.  Sid Hooper studies the form guide.
Sharon Metcalfe goes to the motel office and David tells her that he is sure they can come to some sort of arrangement over the garage.  David tells Sharon that he would like the motel guests to have priority for their cars at the garage.  Sharon Metcalfe asks what the garage gets in return and David says he thought that was obvious, more work.  Sharon tells him that they are working to capacity already.  David asks Sharon to write down Reg Lamont's address.  "We'd like to make him an offer for the garage and manage it, in our way," says David.    
Doris Luke tells Kath Brownlow that she has been sacked.  She tells Kath that Shughie McFee sais they have got someone to replace her.  Kath tells Doris to go and have a word with Jill Harvey.
Doris Luke finds Jill Harvey talking to Valerie Pollard in the motel bar.  Doris explains the situation to Jill and Jill tells Doris that there isn't a great deal they can do.  Doris asks Jill if there are any other vacancies at the motel and Jill tells her that there are plans to build an extension but that isn't for a little while yet.  Jill says the only thing she can suggest is that Doris helps out wherever she is needed.
J. Henry Pollard tells David Hunter that he should never have sold the garage, and David says it wasn't his doing.  David tells J. Henry that he intends contacting the owner Reg Lamont directly and making him an offer.  Valerie Pollard comes into the office and David leaves her and J. Henry together. 
J. Henry Pollard tells Valerie that he will be away for a number of weeks, and whilst he is away she is to play to his rules.  He tells Valerie that he wants no scandal.  Valerie asks J. Henry who is going to be watching her.  "Who's your spy?" she asks.  Paul Ross comes into the office and asks where David Hunter is.  J. Henry Pollard tells Paul that David will be back in a few minutes.  "Well do take care of yourself, and remember what I said," J. Henry tells Valerie.  Valerie Pollard leaves the office.
"No you do understand the sort of things I want to know about?"  J. Henry Pollard asks Paul Ross.  Paul says he understands and asks J. Henry where he should contact him.  J. Henry Pollard gives Paul a London telephone number where he can contact him, and says there is someone else he would like him to keep an eye on.  "Sharon Metcalfe," says J. Henry.
Trina MacDonald gives Joe a list of things they need for their new house.  Joe MacDonald looks at the list and says they will never pay for it all.  He tells Trina that they will have to take in a lodger, and Trina says yes, but it's not going to be Benny. 
Glenda Banks arrives home and finds Kath and Arthur Brownlow all dressed up.  Glenda says she didn't know they were having guests.  Arthur tells her it's a young lad and he is very nice.  "I think you'll like him," says Arthur.  The doorbell rings and Arthur Brownlow goes to answer the door.  Shortly after Arthur Brownlow comes back into the living room followed by Kevin Banks who is returning from working in Nottingham.  Glenda runs to him and hugs him.  She asks Kevin how long he is home for and Kevin tells her that the contract is finished so he is back for good.
Diane Hunter gives Valerie Pollard a wine list and tells her that Paul Ross wants it up to date.  Paul Ross comes into the restaurant and Valerie Pollard tells him that she and Diane will sort out the wine list for him.  Valerie tells Paul that a lot of people have remarked on how much better the restaurant is since he took over as manager, and the staff are much happier too.  Paul Ross tells Valerie that she is very kind and walks away.  Diane stares at Valerie.  "After all you've said about him," says Diane.  "Did you believe all that?" asks Valerie Pollard.  "Wasn't I supposed to?" asks Diane.  "No.  He was," says Valerie.
Sharon Metcalfe catches Paul Ross in the motel reception and tells him that she is having a business dinner tomorrow evening, and she was wondering if he could serve them because she wants to clinch the deal.  Paul Ross tells her not to worry, everything will be fine. 
Benny asks Sid Hooper how their horse did in the race.  Sid tells Benny that their horse won and they have won 90.
Kevin and Glenda Banks go to the motel for a meal.
Archie Gibbs goes to the motel garage and see's Sid Hooper give Benny the money they won on the horse.  Sid Hooper suggests to Benny that they go to the pub for a celebration.
Doris Luke goes to the garage and asks Archie Gibbs where Benny is.  Archie tells her that Benny and Sid have gone to the pub to celebrate winning some money on the horses.  Doris says that doesn't sound like Benny.

1982 Episodes continued

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