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J. Henry Pollard joins David, Jill and Adam in the motel office and they unofficially welcome him onto the board.

Jill Harvey, J. Henry Pollard and David Hunter interview Paul Ross for the restaurant manager's job.  Paul Ross tells them that he was head waiter at the Chateau Rondel in Switzerland.  J. Henry Pollard asks Paul why he wants to work at the motel after working in such high class establishments.  Paul Ross says this job is not only as head waiter but also as restaurant manager which is why he wants the job.  David Hunter asks Paul Ross to wait in reception.

Jill Harvey tells J. Henry Pollard that he was a bit hard on Paul Ross, and David says he agrees.  J. Henry says Paul Ross stood up well and he thinks that he is the man for the job.

Adam Chance comes into the office and tells J. Henry Pollard that he found out that J. Henry has a large interest in Leibermann Duvall, the company that offered Arif Malik a contract.  J. Henry says his interest in Liebermann Duvall is no secret.

Eddie Lee goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat and asks her why she tipped off Reg Lamont.  He says that but for her he would have 40,000.  Sharon tells Eddie Lee that he could have taken the money and not gone to the police about Reg Lamont.  Eddie Lee asks her why she did it.  "Love," says Sharon.  She tells Eddie Lee about her realtionship with Ashley Lamont.  She says she knew the Lamont family and couldn't stand by and watch them suffer.  Eddie Lee slaps her around the face.  

David Hunter tells Barbara that Bob Powell wants to see the Coach House and they have the chance to buy it.  Barbara tells David that she feels like a change.

Rashida Malik receives a phone call from J. Henry Pollard's wife Valerie.  Rashida tells Valerie Pollard that she is unable to put the call through.  Jill Harvey joins Rashida Malik at the reception desk and Rashida tells her that Mr Pollard is making things very difficult because he won't accept any phone calls from Mrs Pollard.  Rashida Malik asks Jill if she knows Mrs Pollard and Jill says not personally but she has heard of her.  She says Valerie Pollard lives in Bermuda, and J. Henry pays all her bills but hardly goes there.

Diane Hunter arrives at her flat which is being looked after by Sharon Metcalfe.  Diane goes to the chalet which she hasn't seen since it has been rebuilt.  Kath Brownlow chats to Diane and tells her that she will like the new restaurant manager Mr Paul.

David Hunter comes into reception and welcomes Diane back.  He asks her how she likes the new-look motel.  "What do you mean?" asks Diane.  "The changes," says David.  "Can't say I noticed any," says Diane and goes out laughing. 

Sid Hooper arrives at the motel garage and goes to the office to see Sharon Metcalfe.  He tells Sharon that Mavis is in hospital so he cam back.  Sid asks Sharon if there is any chance of a job and Sharon says she is afraid there isn't anything. 

David and Barbara Hunter tell Adam, Jill and J. Henry Pollard that they are moving out of the Coach House and if there are no objections they will move into the motel private wing.  J. Henry says he is all for directors living on the premises.

Sharon Metcalfe arrives back at Diane Hunter's flat with her belongings in a suitcase.  Sharon tells Diane that her landlady has let her room to someone else, and she asks Diane if she can stay at her flat.

Valerie Pollard arrives at the motel.  J. Henry Pollard tells his wife that there are going to be a few changes whether she likes it or not.  Valerie Pollard tells J. Henry that she is going back to Bermuda as soon as possible, but J. Henry tells her that she will stay here as long as he wants her to.

Adam Chance comes into reception and notices Valerie Pollard sitting alone in reception.  He goes over and introduces himself.  Adam tells Valerie that they haven't met but their daughter Miranda told him about her.  Adam tells Valerie Pollard that he can't believe she is Miranda's mother, she is far too young.

Sid Hooper chats to Joe MacDonald and asks him if he could put in a good word for him because he is desperate for work.

Valerie and J. Henry Pollard have dinner in the motel restaurant.  Valerie tells J. Henry that she wants a divorce, but J. Henry tells her that she wouldn't find anyone else to keep her.

Tom Logan joins Doris Luke in her room at Mrs Price's lodging house.  He tells Doris that the post office in the village is up for sale and he is thinking of putting in an offer.  Tom Logan asks Doris Luke how she would feel about helping him to run the post office.  He tells her that he hasn't got much to offer.  "What exactly are you offering?" asks Doris Luke.  "I'm asking you to marry me," says Tom Logan.  Doris tells him that she will have to have time to think, and Tom tells her not to take too long as they have wasted half a lifetime already.

J. Henry Pollard tells Valerie that she is going to work at the motel.  They go into reception and J. Henry introduces Valerie to Jill, Barbara and David.  J. Henry explains that he is going to be away for a while and he is nominating Valerie as his representative whilst he is away.

Later, David and Barbara, Jill and Adam meet in the office, and Adam says he knew there would be trouble with J. Henry Pollard around.  David tells them they all knew that J. Henry would be away for long periods.  Barbara says that Valerie Pollard didn't look too pleased at the propect of working at the motel.  "There is going to be trouble with her, a lot of trouble," says Adam Chance. 

Tom Logan goes to see Doris Luke and asks her if she has come to a decision, and Doris says she has.  "I don't know if I'll make you a good wife Tom, but I'd like to try," says Doris.  Tom Logan takes the engagement ring out of its box and takes her hand.  "Will you wear this now?" he asks and slips the ring onto Doris's finger.

Barbara and David Hunter arrive at the motel with suitcases ready to move back to the motel. 

Sharon Metcalfe tells Joe MacDonald that they must get someone to deal with technical queries on the phone.  Sharon asks Joe if he would like the job but Joe says he is quite happy with his job.  He suggests Sid Hooper for the job.  He says Sid needs work.







1982 Episodes continued

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