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Paul Ross goes to the office and shows Jill Harvey and David Hunter the restaurant menu for that evening.  David tells him that it looks a little ambitious but Paul Ross says she has spoken to the chef and he says he can do it.  Paul Ross asks Jill if she could spare him some time to go through the linen cupboard, and Jill says she will try and see to it next week.  Paul Ross leaves the office.
Jill Harvey tells David that she doesn't really want to be a housekeeper, and suggests to David that they should employ a housekeeper.  David tells Jill that he will advertise, but Jill says maybe they should promote someone already on the staff.
Sharon Metcalfe telephones Sid Hooper and asks him to come and see her in the garage office.  Sid Hooper arrives and goes to see Sharon in the office.  Sharon tells him that there is a job, they need someone to answer technical queries.
Paul Ross calls Diane Hunter over and tells her that her hair is too long.  He tells her that guests don't like hair all over the place when she is serving food, and he also tells her that she isn't to come into reception unless she has to.
Doris Luke and Tom Logan go to the Brownlow's house for a meal, and Doris introduces Tom Logan as her fiance.  Kath and Arthur Brownlow congratulate them.
Adam Chance joins Valerie Pollard at the motel bar.  J. Henry Pollard comes into the bar and notices them together.  He joins them and asks Valerie if she would leave him and Adam for a moment.  Once Valerie has left, J. Henry Pollard tells Adam that Valerie is an attractive woman and he knows exactly the kind of life she leads.  "Keep clear of my wife or I'll break you," J. Henry warns Ada,.
Later that evening Valerie Pollard finds Adam Chance alone in the motel office and she asks him if J. Henry warned him off.  Adam tells her that he is going to be married in six weeks.  Valerie tells Adam that he will have women friends after he is married so why not before.  Valerie tells Adam that she would like to see his boat.  "What, in the dark," says Adam.  "Ring me in five minutes.  Chalet five," says Valerie Pollard and leaves the office.
The following morning Jill Harvey joins David and Barbara Hunter in the office and she asks them if they have seen Adam.  Adam Chance comes into the office at that moment and Jill asks him where he has been.  Adam tells her that he went to his boat to get some papers and that he had a flat tyre on his car, so he stayed the night on the boat. 
J. Henry Pollard goes to Valerie's chalet and finds it in darkness.  He draws back the curtains but finds the chalet empty.  At that moment Valerie Pollard comes into the chalet, and J. Henry asks her where she has been.  Valerie tells him that she stayed with some friends.  "What do you think I've been doing?" she asks.  J. Henry says he knows what she has been doing but he wants to know who with.  Glenda Banks comes to the chalet with a breakfast tray and J. Henry tells her to put it down and go.  Valerie Pollard tells her hsuband not to take it out on Glenda, but J. Henry Pollard grabs the tray from Glenda and orders her out. 
Doris Luke asks Barbara Hunter if it is alright for her to have a few days off next week because her and Tom Logan want to go visit a village they went to before the war.
Glenda Banks takes a tray of coffee into the motel office for David and Barbara Hunter.  Barbara asks Glenda if she is alright because she seems a little bit shaky.  Glenda tells Barbara that she walked in on a row between Mr and Mrs Pollard.  Glenda tells them that Mrs Pollard had been out all night because the beds hadn't been slept in.  Glenda Banks leaves the office.  "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Barbara asks David.  David says even Adam wouldn't be that stupid.
Jill Harvey asks Kath Brownlow into the office and tells her that the directors have decided to appoint a housekeeper and they thought that she was the best choice for the job.  Jill tells Kath that it would be a full time position not part time as she is now.  Kath Brownlow tells Jill that she would like to talk it over with Arthur.
That evening Kath Brownlow tells Arthur that she has been offered a job as housekeeper at the motel but it would mean she would have to work full time.  Arthur says he wouldn't see anything of her and Kath says it will mean a few changes but they would manage.  Kath tells Arthur that it means that she is appreciated by the management.
J. Henry and Valerie Pollard, David and Barbara, Adam and Jill have a drink together in the motel bar.  Adam Chance spots a sailing friend of his across the other side of the bar and goes over to talk to him.  Valerie Pollard tells David that Adam seems to be enjoying himself with his sailing friend and David says they are probably swapping stories about roughing it on board ship.  Valerie says they don't rough it any longer, and goes on to describe the inside of a boat. 
J. Henry Pollard asks her how she knows so much about Adam's boat and Valerie says she was so interested that she asked Adam to show her his boat.  "But Adam hasn't been down to the boat for ages, except last night..." says Jill Harvey, and then stops in realisation.  Adam Chance rejoins them.  "I seem to have let the cat out of the bag," says Valerie.  "I want to speak to you," Jill tells Adam.
Jill walks off and Adam follows her into the office.  Adam Chance admits that Valerie Pollard spent the night on his boat with him.  He tells Jill that Valerie used him to get at J. Henry, he knows that now.  Jill tells Adam that she can't ever forgive him.  She takes off her engagement ring.
Ashley Lamont goes to Diane Hunter's flat and tells Sharon Metcalfe that he has been accepted onto a six month course of intensive training.  Sharon tells him that he must go on the course.  Ashley leaves just as Diane Hunter returns home from work.
A little later there is a knock on the door of Diane's flat and Diane opens it to Benny.  Diane invites Benny in and tells him that she was sorry to hear that Benny's father Tom Read, had died.  Benny asks Diane if she thinks he could get his old job back at the motel and Diane suggests he goes to the garage and asks Sharon Metcalfe. 
The following day Benny goes to the motel's reception and meets Rashida Malik who is on duty at the reception desk.  Rashida asks Benny if she can help him, and Benny turns and goes back outside again.  He looks at the name above the entrance to make sure that he is in the right place.  Benny goes back into the new motel reception and this time see's Glenda Banks.
J. Henry Pollard telephones Adam Chance from his chalet and asks Adam to come over.  Adam Chance goes to J. Henry Pollard's chalet.  "I don't understand you.  I knew you had no head for business but I didn't believe you were that stupid," says J. Henry.  He asks Adam if he was trying to get at him, and Adam tells J. Henry that Valerie used him to get at him, and she succeeded.
Adam tells J. Henry that he and Valerie have cost him his marriage and his plans.  "There's little you can do to me now that I haven't already done to myself," says Adam Chance.  "You think not," says J. henry.  "You won't knock yourself out trying to get at me because Valerie would then know how much she'd got under your skin, and she'd like that.  So you can stop making all these threatening remarks.  They don't bother me.  Apart from anything else I'll be too far away to hear them.  At midnight I leave for Australia.  I don't know when I shall be coming back," says Adam.  "Well if I have anything to do with it, it will be never," says J. Henry Pollard.
Tom Logan and Doris Luke go to the village they went to before the war and find that it has changed beyond recognition.
Sid Hooper notices Benny looking at a gold pocket watch, and Benny says his father gave it to him. 
Sharon Metcalfe gives Diane Hunter a letter addressed to Benny which arrived at reception.
Adam Chance goes to the office and gives David a letter stating his intention to resign.  David asks Adam if he is selling his 10% shares and Adam says no, he is holding on to those.
Benny goes to Diane Hunter's flat and Diane gives him the letter which arrived for him.  Benny asks Diane to read it out to him.  Diane opens the letter and reads it.  "He's left you 25,000," says Diane.  "Oh yeah, I know," says Benny.  Diane asks Benny if he has told anyone about the money and Benny says no.  Diane tells Benny not to tell anyone about the money because there are people who would take advantage.

1982 Episodes continued

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