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At the Lamont's house Reg Lamont gives Eddie Lee a locked briefcase containing the 40,000.  Reg tells Eddie Lee that he will find the key in a locker at Heathrow Airport.  At that moment Ashley Lamont rushes into the room and asks what is going on.  Ashley asks what is in the case and Reg tells him it's just papers, nothing important.  Ashley Lamont says he will have a look and he goes to open the briefcase.  Eddie Lee stops him and tells Ashley that Reg Lamont is paying him off and there is 40,000 in the case.
Eddie Lee shoves the briefcase at Ashley who opens it.  Inside he finds papers but no money.  "You filthy git," says Eddie Lee and goes to hit Reg Lamont.  Eddie Lee tells Ashley that he will make a statement to the police that will put Reg Lamont in prison for so long that he'll come out just in time to bury him.
David Hunter receives a phone call from Arif Malik.  Arif Malik tells David that the last time he spoke to him he was a bit rude.  He tells David that he is willing to increase his offer for shares to match any other offer.
Tom Logan books into the motel.
Mr Hutton arrives at the motel to interview for the job as restaurant manager.
J. Henry Pollard arrives at the motel and admires the new look motel.  "I shall enjoy being a shareholder," J. Henry tells Barbara Hunter.  Barbara Hunter and J. Henry Pollard go into the office.  David Hunter tells J. Henry Pollard about Arif Malik and says he gave Mr Malik a verbal undertaking that he could make an offer for the shares.
Barbara Hunter tells Doris Luke that Tom Logan has booked into the motel.  Doris Luke see's Tom Logan and tells him that he shouldn't have booked into the motel, he is wasting his money.
Eddie Lee goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat and tells her that he didn't get the money because Reg Lamont was tipped off.  Sharon asks him what he is going to do now and eddie says he will probably go to London, but he has got some things to sort out first.  Eddie Lee tells Sharon Metcalfe that he wants to know who tipped Reg Lamont off.  He says when he finds out who it is their life won't be worth living.  Eddie Lee leaves Sharon's flat.
A moment later Sharon Metcalfe's door flies open again and Sharon turns to face who she thinks is Eddie Lee but instead finds Ashley Lamont standing there.  "Thank go it's you," says Sharon and hugs him.  Sharon Metcalfe tells Ashley Lamont that Eddie Lee is out to get whoever tipped off Reg Lamont.
Arif Malik arrives at the motel to take Rashida home and he waits for her in reception.  J. Henry Pollard comes to the reception desk.  Arif Malik realises who he is and follows J. Henry Pollard into the restaurant.  Arif Malik sits down at J. Henry Pollard's table and introduces himself.  J. Henry Pollard tells Arif Malik not to waste his time.
Barbara Hunter goes into the restaurant and hears J. Henry Pollard's and Arif Malik's raised voices.  She goes to their table and tells them that perhaps they would like to continue their conversation in the office.  J. Henry Pollard and Arif Malik follow Barbara Hunter into the motel office and find Adam Chance there.  Barbara tells them that she thought it best to settle the argument once and for all.
J. Henry Pollard says the motel management agreed to sell him the shares.  Adam Chance tells J. Henry that Arif Malik said that he would match any offer made.  Arif Malik says they had a verbal agreement and if the motel sell shares to Mr Pollard he will have no option but to sue them.  Arif Malik walks out of the office.  "That's all we need.  An expensive legal action," says Adam.  "Surely he can't be stupid enough to think that could frighten me off," says J. Henry Pollard.  "If he wants trouble, he can have it," adds J. Henry.
Adam Chance tells David Hunter that Arif Malik has threatened to sue the motel.
Doris Luke tells Barbara Hunter that she understands Tom Logan has paid for his chalet a week in advance, and Barbara says yes, he has.  Doris Luke tells her that she is trying to fix up a room in the village for Tom Logan and if she does could he have a refund.  Barbara says yes.  Doris Luke spots Tom Logan in reception and tells him the news.  Tom tells Doris Luke that he has already found a room at a lady called Mrs Price.  Doris tells him that is where she lives.
J. Henry pollard joins David, Barbara and Adam in the office.  J. Henry asks David what his solicitor said about the Arif Malik situation and David tells him that it is a very complex situation.  J. Henry tells David that he has the wrong solicitor.  J. Henry Pollard telephones his own solicitor and tells him that he would like a complete run down on Arif Malik.  "I think you can leave Mr Malik to me," J. Henry Pollard tells David.
Paul Ross arrives at the motel and tells Jill Harvey that he has come for an interview for the job as restaurant manager.  Paul Ross tells Jill that he heard that the motel is run by four directors and he asks her about them.  Jill Harvey tells him that the directors are David and Barbara Hunter, Adam Chance and Jill Harvey.  Jill tells Paul Ross that Jill Harvey is a bit of a dragon.
A short time later, Rashida Malik tells Paul Ross that the motel directors will see him at six o'clock.  Paul Ross asks her what the directors are like and Rashida says it's not really for her to say.  Paul says he only has one to worry about as far as he can see, and that's Mrs Harvey.  He asks Rashida what Mrs Harvey is like.  Rashida spots Jill Harvey in reception and points her out to Paul Ross.  Paul Ross goes over to Jill and tells her that she was right about Mrs Harvey.  He suggests they have a drink after his interview but Jill says she isn't sure.  Paul tells Jill that he will see her later.  "And the drinks are on me Mrs Harvey," says Paul Ross and walks away, grinning. 
Arif Malik meets his daughter Rashida at the motel and tells her that he has had some good news.  He tells Rashida that the company he works for has been offered a contract with a company called Liebermann Duvall.  Arif Malik tells Rashida that he is going to withdraw his offer for the share issue at the motel.
Eddie Lee goes to the garage office and looks through some files.  The telephone rings and Eddie goes into the adjoining washroom.  Joe MacDonald comes into the office and answers the phone.  When Joe puts the phone down Eddie Lee comes back into the office and tells Joe that he wants a chat.  Joe MacDonald tells Eddie that he has work to do.  Eddie pushes him into a chair.  He asks Joe where Sharon Metcalfe is and Joe tells him that he doesn't know. 
Eddie Lee tells Joe MacDonald that he had a little deal with Reg Lamont but just as he was about to get his hands on the money Reg pulled a fast one.  Eddie says someone tipped Reg off, and he accuses Joe.  Joe tells Eddie that it wasn't him.  Eddie Lee grabs Joe by the collar and asks him if Ashley Lamont ever came to the garage.  Joe says yes, now and again.  "Knows Sharon does he?" asks Eddie Lee, and Joe says yes.  Eddie Lee lets Joe go and goes to the door.  "Where are you going?" asks Joe.  "To find a certain lady," says Eddie Lee, and leaves the office.  As soon as he has gone, Joe MacDonald telephones Ashley Lamont and tells him what has just happened.  "Look, you've go to find her before he does Ashley," says Joe.  

1982 Episodes continued

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