1982 Episodes ... continued

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Reg Lamont calls Joe MacDonald into the garage office and gives him a cheque for 1500 to help him with the purchase of his house.
David Hunter joins Barbara and Carole Sands in the reception area, and Barbara introduces David to Ashley Lamont.  David asks Ashley Lamont what he is doing and Ashley says he is only asking a few questions.  David asks Barbara if he wants him to call their solicitor, but Ashley tells him that won't be necessary.  "Is this an official enquiry?" asks David, and Ashley says no.  "Then why are you here?" asks David.
Rose and Iris Scott prepare to leave together for London.  They see Mavis Hooper at the house and tell her that they will be getting an earky start in the morning.  Rose Scott thanks Mavis for everything and leaves the room.  "Mavis.  I don't want to go," says Iris, when they are alone.  She bursts into tears and they hug one another.  Mavis tells Iris that she is glad that everything has worked out well for her.  "I'm going to miss you love," says Mavis.  
Carole Sands tries to phone Kevin Banks at home but Glenda answers.  Carole hangs up.  Finally she manages to get Kevin on the phone and tells him that she has to see him.  Kevin tells her that they have talked about this and it's over.  Carole Sands tells him that the Hunter's will be out tonight so he can come to the Coach House. 
Ashley Lamont asks Sharon Metcalfe if the name Becky Foster means anything to her, and Sharon tells him that Becky worked at the garage for a while.  Ashley Lamont tells Sharon that Becky Foster's name cropped up in connection with Eddie Lee.  Sharon Metcalfe asks Ashley Lamont if he could come to her flat tonight.  "You've won.  You ask the questions and I'll answer," she says.
Barbara Hunter asks Jill Harvey if she has made any plans and Jill says she wants her and Adam to get to know each other well.  Jill tells Barbara that she didn't fight hard enough to save her marriage to Stan and she wants this to be different.  "Marrying David was the best think I ever did," says Barbara. 
Ashley Lamont goes to Sharon Metcalfe's flat.  Sharon tells him that she was in love with Eddie Lee, but it wasn't love at first sight.  Ashley asks Sharon why she didn't go with Eddie Lee and Sharon tells him that she did think about it.
Kevin Banks goes to the Coach House and finds Carole Sands on her own.  Carole Sands hugs him and says it has been awful not being able to see him.  "I can't do without you," she says.  Kevin says if they go on seeing each other they'll ruin a lot of people's lives.  "Kevin, you're everything to me.  I can't live without you," says Carole.  "I said it Carole, and I meant it.  Just stay away from me," says Kevin and goes.
Joe MacDonald tells Doris Luke that he took Rina to see the house and she loved it.  He tells Doris that he has made an offer but it is below the asking price. 
Rashida Mailk's father, Arif Malik, arrives at the motel and David Hunter meets him in the motel reception. 
Sharon Metcalfe telephones Reg Lamont and tells him that she told Ashley about her and Eddie Lee.
Ashley Lamont asks his father Reg if he knew about Sharon Metcalfe's involvement with Eddie Lee and Reg says yes.  Ashley asks Reg why he didn't mention it and Reg says he thought it was up to Sharon to tell him.  "So that's it.  The Eddie Lee mystery solved," says Reg.  Ashley says not quite, there are still a few things to check up on.
David Hunter and Arif Malik go into the office to discuss business.  David asks Arif malik if he intends to stay in England and Malik tells David that he intends this to be a long term investment.
Joe MacDonald finds Ashley Lamont looking through some of the garage files, and asks him what he is doing.  Ashley Lamont shows him papers referring to a particular job done on a van belonging to Eddie Lee.  He says there was a lot of work done on the van.  "Next time make sure you've got some straight answers.  I think you're getting in a little deep," says Ashley Lamont. 
Glenda Banks finds Carole Sands in the garage and asks her if she would like to come to dinner the following Tuesday.  Carole tells her that she would love to.  Glenda arrives home and tells Kevin and Arthur that she spoke to Carole Sands and asked her to come to dinner.  Arthur says it's a pity she couldn't come.  "As a matter of fact she said she'd love to come.  She's looking forward to it," says Glenda.
Ashley Lamont receives a phone call from Wormworth prison to say that he can have an interview with Eddie Lee.
Arthur Brownlow tells Kevin that he should have put Carole Sands off from coming to dinner.  Kevin tells him that he tried but she just wants to see him.  "Is there any way we can stop this....?" asks Arthur.  "Stop what?" asks Glenda, coming into the room.  Arthur tells Glenda that he and Kevin were just talking about Carole Sands and they don't think it's a good idea for her to come to dinner.  Glenda tells them that Carole is coming and that's all there is to it.
Jennifer Lamont tells Reg that Ashley has an interview with Eddie Lee in prison.
Joe MacDonald tells Doris Luke that their offer for the house has been accepted.
Jill Harvey arrives home at Chimney's and finds Adam Chance in the living room with his suitcases packed.  He tells Jill that he has left a few of his things behind but he will pick them up later.
Ashley Lamont goes to the garage and finds Joe MacDonald.  Ashley Lamont tells Joe that the van belonging to Eddie Lee was found abandoned full of stolen camera lenses.  He says Joe and Eddie spent a lot of time together doing the repairs on the van.  Joe tells Ashley that he doesn't know anything about stolen camera lenses.  Ashley tells Joe that this is going to made official soon and he will have Joe at the station making statements.
Joe MacDonald tells Sharon Metcalfe that Ashley Lamont had another go at him and said that it was going to made official soon.  Joe tells Sharon that the next time Ashley comes her he is going to tell him everything.
Jill Harvey and Barbara and David Hunter hold a director's meeting in the office.
Carole Sands arrives at the Brownlow's house.
Arif Malik joins David, Barbara and Jill in the office and David introduces him to Jill and Barbara.  Arif Malik says he was hoping to meet Mr Chance but Jill says he may still arrive.

1982 Episodes continued

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