1982 Episodes ... continued

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At the Brownlow's house Kath, Arthur, Glenda and Carole Sands begin their meal without Kevin.  The telephone rings and Glenda answers it.  "Kevin.  Where are you?" she asks.  Kevin tells Glenda that he is at his parents house and he will explain later.  Glenda asks him what time he will be back and Kevin tells her that he is staying the night at his parents.  Glenda tells Kevin that she will apologise to her parents but he had better apologise to Carole Sands himself.  Glenda puts the phone receiver down and Carole Sands goes to the phone.  When she picks up the phone she finds no-one on the other end.

The doorbell at the Brownlow's rings and Kath answers the door.  Joe MacDonald tells them that he and Trina are buying the house next door so they will be neighbours. 

Jill, Barbara and David are still waiting for Adam Chance to arrive for the directors meeting.  David Hunter tells Arif malik that he won't make him wait any longer, and he shows Arif Malik out.  When David returns to the office he tells Barbara and Jill that he is firing Adam Chance.

Reg Lamont tells Jennifer that they might go on a little holiday.  Jennifer notices that Reg is a little anxious about something and asks him what happens if they stay.  "Trouble," says Reg Lamont.  "It's to do with Ashley isn't it?" asks Jennifer. 

Kevin Banks returns home and Arthur tells him that Glenda was upset that he stayed away.  Kevin asks Arthur how Carole was last night and Arthur says Glenda was so angry with him that she didn't notice how tense Carole was.

Reg Lamont telephones Sharon Metcalfe and tells her that he is leaving the garage in her hands.

Carole Sands goes to the Brownlow's house and finds Arthur Brownlow alone.  "Are you really aware of what you are doing?" he asks her.  Carole says she isn't doing anything, she is in love with Kevin.  Arthur tells her that Kevin was a happily married man before she came along.  Carole say she knows Kevin loves her.  Arthur tells Carole that she caught Kevin at a vulnerable time, another time he wouldn't have given her a second glance.  He tells Carole that Kevin doesn't want to see her that is why he didn't turn up last night.  "I don't believe a word of this.  I won't believe it unless Kevin tells me himself," says Carole Sands.

Jennifer Lamont asks Reg about Eddie Lee being in prison for manslaughter, and asks him if it has anything to do with him.  Reg tells her that he and Eddie Lee did a bit of business which was a bit risky.

Kevin Banks arrives home and finds Arthur Brownlow talking to Carole Sands.  Carole tells Kevin that Mr Brownlow said the reason he didn't come home last night was because he didn't want to see her.  Kevin tells her that's right, he thought he loved her but he doesn't.  "There's no future between us so just leave me alone," says Kevin.

Rashida Malik goes to the office and tells Jill Harvey that she has just had a phone call for Mr Chance to confirm his flight.  Jill says she must go and rushes off.

Ashley Lamont tells Reg that it would have helped if he had come clean about Eddie Lee in the first place.  Reg tells Ashley that he didn't know Eddie Lee that well, but Ashley says he knows Reg visited Eddie three times in prison so he would say that's a little more than just an aquaintance.

At Chimney's Adam Chance writes a note to Jill.  Just as he is about to leave Jill Harvey rushes in.  Jill picks up the note Adam has written which says that Jill can have his shares.  Jill tells him that she got it all wrong.  "I do trust you Adam.  Please stay," says Jill.  Adam Chance picks up the phone and Jill asks him what he is doing.  Adam tells Jill that he is phoning the airline to cancel his flight.  Jill hugs him.

Jill and Adam go to the motel and have a drink together in the bar.  Jill spots Arif Malik and introduces him to Adam.  Arif Malik tells Adam that he understood that he and Mrs Harvey were leaving, but Adam says no there has been a change of plan.

Kevin Banks arrives home and tells Kath, Arthur and Glenda that his father has got him a job in Nottingham so it means he will have to go away.  Kath nudges Arthur and asks him to help her in the kitchen.  Kath and Arthur Brownlow leave Glenda and Kevin alone.  Glenda tells Kevin that he didn't even talk it over with her first, and Kevin says it's not forever, he just wants to save enough money so that they can have a place of their own. 

Reg Lamont visits Eddie Lee in prison and tells him about Ashley's suspicions.  He asks Eddie how long he still has to serve in prison and Eddie tells him 42 days.  Reg asks him how he would like to come out to a little bonus.  He tells Eddie that all he wants from him in return is his silence.  Eddie Lee tells Reg Lamont that Ashley musn't get Yvonne Brook's name.

Adam Chance joins David Hunter in the office and David says he didn't expect to see him here.  David tells Adam that the airline called to confirm his flight and Jill happened to hear about it so she went rushing off to stop him.  David asks Adam if it took Jill a long time to persuade him to stay.  "Your timing was perfect," says David.  "What are you trying to say David?" asks Adam.  "I've already said it.  You planned the whole thing," says David.

Jill Harvey comes into the office and Adam asks her if she heard what David just accused him of.  Jill says she can imagine.  Jill tells David that she and Adam are going to make a fresh start.  Adam Chance tells David that he is prepared to forget the slander.  Adam see's David's face and says it isn't too strong a word for it.

Sharon Metcalfe notices that Carole Sands is looking a bit down and asks her if she is alright.  Carole says she didn't sleep very well last night.  Glenda Banks comes into the garage and tells Carole that she doesn't look well.  Carole tells Glenda that she doesn't look too good herself and Glenda tells her that she spent half of last night arguing with Kevin.  Carole asks her what the argument was about and Glenda tells her that Kevin has got a job in Nottingham.

Ashley Lamont, in police uniform, speaks to Barbara Hunter in the motel reception.  David Hunter comes into reception and notices them, and goes over to join them.  David tells Ashley Lamont that he is fed up with this perpetual questioning.  Barbara tells David that it is alright.

Barbara Hunter tells Ashley Lamont that Eddie Lee was known to her, he visited her.  Ashley Lamont asks about associates and Barbara tells him that she was interested in Eddie Lee professionally and she doesn't know anything about any other crimes he may have committed.  Ashley Lamont tells Barbara that it doesn't matter to her who committed the crime as long as someone serves the sentence, but Barbara says it doesn matter.  "There was this woman.  Yvonne Brooks," says Barbara.

Ashley Lamont gets out his notebook.  After Barbara has told Ashley Lamont all that she knows she asks him what happens now.  Ashley Lamont tells her that he would like her to come to the station to make a statement.




1982 Episodes continued

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