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Sharon Metcalfe goes to the Lamont's home and finds Jennifer Lamont alone.  Sharon asks Jennifer where Reg is and Jennifer tells her that he shouldn't be long.  Jennifer Lamont tells Sharon that Reg is worried about something and she wants to know what it is.  Sharon says she would tell her if she knew.  "You'll have to practice lying a little more," says Jennifer Lamont.  At that moment Reg arrives and Jennifer tells him that Sharon has something to tell him.  Sharon gives Reg a piece of trivial information.  "Is that it?" asks Jennifer.  She says they all know something is wrong and she wants to know what it is.
Mavis Hooper finds a note in the kitchen from Sid Hooper.  Iris Scott joins her in the kitchen and asks her what is wrong.  Mavis tells Iris that Sid has found another job somewhere else and he has gone.  Rose Scott comes into the room.  "Mum!" says Iris Scott, surprised to find her mother still here.  "Who did you expect," says Rose.  Iris tells Rose that Sid has gone.  "Oh Mavis.  I am sorry," says Rose Scott.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he is going into Birmingham to see his accountant.  Jill asks him why and Adam says he has to see if he can raise enough capital to buy half of the new share issue.  He notices Jill's face and tells her that it is for both of them.  Jill says if that is true then why didn't he ask her.
Jennifer Lamont tells Reg that he shouldn't tell Sharon Metcalfe things that he can't tell her.  Reg Lamont tells Jennifer that this Eddie Lee, that Ashley is making all these enquiries about, is a bit of a sore point with Sharon Metcalfe because there used to be something between them.
Adam Chance tells Jill that he can raise the capital but there isn't much point if she isn't going to be in on it. 
Reg Lamont notices a file belonging to Ashley Lamont with notes about Eddie Lee.  He has a quick look but Ashley comes into the room and disturbs him.  Ashley picks up the file and tells his father that he knows he has some connection with Eddie Lee.  Reg looks at him and Ashley says Eddie Lee worked at the garage.  "But that was way before your time," says Ashley, puzzled.
Glenda Banks arrives home to find Kevin in a depressed mood because he hasn't got any work.  Glenda tells him it's only temporary.  "So come on Kevin.  We've got each other," says Glenda.  "You're solid gold, do you know that," says Kevin.
Adam Chance tells Jill that this concerns both of them.  "Where is all this mistrust coming from?  David?" asks Adam.  Adam asks Jill what David has been saying.  Adam says it's about time he had a talk with David.  He telephones the Coach House and asks David if he is coming to the motel this evening.  "I'd like to have a word with you," says Adam.
David and Barbara Hunter arrive at the motel.  Adam Chance meets them in reception and tells Barbara that David seems to think that he is marrying Jill to feather his own nest.  Adam says that is slander.  David tells Adam that it fits everything he knows about him.  Adam tells David that he loves Jill and he has everything to make a happy marriage.  "Barbara, we've known each other a long time.  Do you think David's right?" asks Adam.  Barbara just looks at Adam but doesn't say anything.  "Thank you.  Thank you both very much," says Adam and walks away.
Joe MacDonald tells Doris Luke that his wife Trina made him go and see the bank manager about getting a mortgage.  Doris Luke tells Joe that the house next door to Arthur and Kath Bronwlow is for sale, so Joe says he will go and see about it.
Carole Sands and Barbara Hunter sit in the motel reception.  Carole asks Barbara if the policeman has been in touch again and Barbara says no.  She tells Carole that according to their solicitor they have got nothing to worry about.  Carole tells Barbara that her and Mr Hunter have been so nice to her.  Barbara guesses that something is worrying Carole and guesses is has something to do with Kevin Banks.  "Do you think Kevin loves me?" asks Carole.  Barbara says Kevin must feel a responsibility to Glenda.
Joe MacDonald tells Sharon Metcalfe that he went to see the house next door to Arthur and Kath Brownlow's and it's perfect.  He says they are asking 22,000 but the bank will only lend him 15,000.  Joe says he has a bit put aside but not enough.  Sharon suggests an advance from the firm.
David Hunter see's Jill Harvey at the reception desk and says she has probably heard about his talk with Adam.  Jill tells David that she is marrying Adam and selling out.  "Oh don't worry, you'll get first option on the shares," says Jill.  Adam Chance joins them and Jill tells him that she is selling her shares.  "I want out.  I'm sorry Adam," she says, and leaves.  "It's not over David," warns Adam.  "I'd say you were finished here," says David, and walks away.
Rashida Malik, the receptionist, asks David if the motel is changing hands and David says no.  Rashida tells David that she heard Mrs Harvey say something about a new share issue, and David says yes, that is right.  Rashida tells David that her father is in business and may be interested.  David tells Rashida to ask her father to phone him.
Ashley Lamont see's Barbara Hunter and Carole Sands sitting in reception and he sits down next to them.  Ashley Lamont tells Barbara that he has finished reading her book and says it was based on a tru stoty which bares a striking resemblance to the Eddie Lee story.  He tells Barbara that Carole Sands got the name Eddie Lee from her.  Barbara says yes, but before he asks where she got the information it was given to her in the strictest confidence. 

1982 Episodes continued

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