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Jennifer Lamont tells her husband Reg that she must get a little gift for Sharon Metcalfe because she has been so helpful.  "Sharon?" asks Reg Lamont, pretending not to remember Sharon.  "Sharon Metcalfe," says Jennifer.  Jennifer Lamont tells Reg that they could ask Sharon to come round for a little drink.  "Um yes, if you like," says Reg, not sounding too keen.  "What's the matter?" asks Jennifer Lamont.  "Well, she's not really our sort is she," says Reg Lamont. 
Jill Harvey and Adam Chance arrive at the motel office to find David Hunter already at work.  "What would you say if I said we could reopen early in February," says David.  Adam says he would call him an optimist.  David tells him that they have the incentive, the bookings.  "What do you mean.  Say yes, take the bookings and pray?" asks Adam.  David says he is beginning to think that this is too big a job for Percy Dobson.  "That was your decison," Adam reminds him.  "I take full responsibility," says David. 
"What makes you think that Dobson won't finish in time?" asks Adam Chance.  "Because his men spend more time drinking tea than working," says David.  "So you've lost confidence in him.  Although we are still bound to him contractually," says Adam.  "If he fulfils certain conditions.  Did you see him when you came in?" asks David.  Jill tells David that they saw Percy Dobson over by the chalets.  "What drinking tea?" asks Adam.  David tells Adam and Jill that he will ask Percy Dobson to come in and see them.  "Well I pass. Dreadful man.  But I'll go and tell him that you want to see him.  It's about the only thing I'm allowed to do around here at the moment, isn't it," says Jill, and leaves the office. 
Adam Chance asks David if he has thought seriously about the risk.  David says it'll mean going further into the red but the rewards will be bigger.  "We'll be packed from the moment we open," says David.  "If we open," says Adam.  "We'll open," says David firmly.         
Kath Brownlow tells Arthur, Kevin and Glenda that she can't help worrying about Iris.  She says Iris might blame her for writing to Rose, but she was only doing it for the best.  Kevin tells Kath that she should go around and see Iris.  Glenda asks Kevin if he is alright because he isn't eating much breakfast.  Kevin says he isn't looking forward to work.  Arthur Brownlow says there's too much of that these days.  Kevin says he doesn't mind the work, it's the people he works with.  He says he was alright when he was working on his own, but now he is working with Dobson's men they aren't keen on having him back.                               
Kath Brownlow goes to see Iris Scott.  "Look about last night and your mum coming round.  I'm sorry it all went wrong and you were upset," says Kath.  "I wasn't upset.  She don't mean nothing to me," says Iris.  "Oh Iris," says Kath.  "Well she doesn't.  Didn't even know who she was.  I don't even care now either," says Iris.  Kath tells Iris that she did try to stop Rose from coming.  Iris tells Kath that she knows she meant it for the best.  "But there was no chance of it working.  If she turns up here again all she's going to get is another mouthful," says Iris.
David Hunter and Adam Chance talk to Percy Dobson in the office.  "When do you think the job will be finished?" asks David.  "Late February, early March," replies Percy Dobson.  "Long after the completion date you undertook," says David.  "Bit optimistic," says Percy Dobson.  "It was your completion date Mr Dobson.  You set it," says Adam Chance.  Percy Dobson says the lad are a bit slack, he blames the season, the Christmas rush.  "Complete late February then.  Say the 25th for certain," says Percy Dobson.  "Not good enough, " says David.  "First of February," says David.  "That's going it," says Percy Dobson. 
David tells Percy Dobson that they have been at the job for six weeks now and he is telling them that they are already a month behind schedule.  "It'll cost.  Overime, plenty," says Percy Dobson.  He says no one in the trade would say they have been unreasonably slow.  "Then I don't see that our contract has any meaning at all," says David.  There is a knock on the door and Kevin Banks comes into the office.  He tells Percy Dobson that there is a bit of a disagreement about some cement and they would like his decision.  David tells Percy Dobson that they have finished their business here.
Kevin Banks prepares to leave the office.  "Kevin.  How do you feel the work is going?" asks Adam Chance.  Kevin Banks looks at Percy Dobson.  "Well if you've something to say then say it," says Percy Dobson.  Kevin says it's going alright.  Adam Chance asks him if there is any chance of speeding it up.  "Not on my own.  Well, any job can be speeded up" says Kevin.  Adam Chance tells Kevin that he is going back to the garage and he will come with Kevin.  Kevin and Adam leave the office together.
Percy Dobson sits down again at the desk facing David Hunter.  Percy Dobson tells David that he blames the unions.  "Well I mean they've made them soft.  In certain ways they're tough.  They resent outsiders.  When you told me to take care of that lad you knew he wasn't in the union," says Percy Dobson.  David says he didn't know that Kevin wasn't in the union, infact he assumed he was.  "Was.  Yes, before he struck out on his own," says Percy Dobson.  Dobson says Kevin is not really a union man, he's not one of them.  "Can't help but have a certain effect on morale," says Percy Dobson.  
Reg Lamont comes to the garage office with a bottle of champagne for the mechanic who repaired his car.  Reg Lamont asks Sharon if his wife has been in contact and Sharon says no.  Adam Chance asks Reg Lamont if there is a problem and Reg says no, it was just a little social thing.  The phone rings and Adam Chance answers it.  "Jennifer said something about a drink," Reg Lamont says quietly to Sharon Metcalfe.
Jill Harvey see's David in the office and he tells her that he was afraid she might be feeling a little excluded from the running of the motel.  "I've been involved in the motel as much as I could be, as much as I wanted to be," says Jill.  David says it was just something that Adam said and Jill says Adam doesn't speak for her.  Jill asks if it would be alright if she brought Adam with her to dinner at the Coach House and David says yes, that would be fine.   
Reg Lamont tells Sharon Metcalfe that he is really quite a nice man when you get to know him.  Sharon says that must be really nice for those who bother.  "What have I done?  Oh, Eddie.  Is that it?" says Reg Lamont.  "You operate Mr Lamont.  But not on me," says Sharon Metcalfe.  Reg Lamont tells Sharon that he will just tell his wife that she has been given the cold shoulder. 
At that moment Adam Chance comes back into the garage office and Reg Lamont wishes them a Merry Christmas.  He goes to the door of the office.  "And a prosperous new year of course," he says.  "I might be able to put a bit of business your way.  I'll see what I can do," Reg Lamont tells Adam Chance.   "Oh and Miss Metcalfe.  If my wife should phone, bare with her.  She means it for the best you know," says Reg Lamont and leaves the office.
Adam Chance closes the office door, looking pointedly at Sharon Metcalfe.  "What was all that about?" asks Adam.  "You heard it.  You tell me," says Sharon.  "I would say that Mr Lamont should be cultivated," says Adam.  "Would you" says Sharon.  "And I would say that you deserve a B minus for effort," says Adam.  "You want to cultivate him, you cultivate him.  Me I will take him as I find him which is preferably not at all," says Sharon.  Adam sighs.                                          

1981 Episodes continued

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