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David Hunter arrives at the Coach House and begins to take his coat off.  Carole Sands rips the coat off him and then thrusts a drink in his hand.  Carole tells David that she has been writing after some jobs.  "Carole I'm sorry if I've put you under pressure to prove yourself in this job but the fact is that Mrs Hunter and myself are really quite pleased with your work," says David.  "Oh thanks.  But this isn't really what I want to do always," says Carole.  "I didn't imagine it was but you found it difficult enough to get this job," says David.
Carole Sands tells David that she wants to train to be a mechanic.  "Are you suited?" asks David.  Carole says she mends all the fuses at home and she watches her brothers working on their cars.  "Did you know I could service a car?" asks Carole.  David says he will remember that when he next needs his car servicing.  "That's a lot of applications," says David looking at the envelopes in Carole's hands.  Carole says she writes for everything, most of the time she doesn't even get an answer.  "Probably don't think I'm serious.  But I am serious," says Carole.  "You know Carole I was just beginning to get used to you," says David.  "Probably nothing will come of it," says Carole, looking down at the job applications in her hand.  She looks up at David and smiles.  "Really!" she says and David smiles.                 .         
Arthur Brownlow arrives home after work and Kath tells him that Rose has left, she has gone to see Iris.  
David Hunter tells Barbara that Carole Sands is applying for other jobs, and Barbara says she knows because Carole asked to borrow her typewriter.  "So you've come round then?" asks Barbara.  David tells her that Carole has an appealing kind of honesty.  "I misjudged her didn't I," says David, sheepishly, and Barbara nods.  "Everyone makes mistakes," says David, and Barbara nods emphatically.   
Kevin Banks tells Glenda and Arthur that he has to join the union.
Carole Sands gives Barbara back the proof's of her latest book, and says it's very good but it's not true to life.  Barbara tells Carole that she actually knows the person on whom the story is based.  "Eddie Lee is still doing time on a manslaughter charge.  It's true," says Barbara.  Carole stares at Barbara in disbelief.  "Does Mr Hunter know?" asks Carole.  Barbara tells her that David was abroad when this happened.  "A woman like you harbouring a criminal.  That's serious," says Carole Sands.  Barbara tells Carole that she has told her this in confidence, but Carole says now she won't trust her and will think she is going to try to blackmail her.  Carole tells Barbara that perhaps it would be better if she left. 
Rose Scott gives Arthur Brownlow a gift of some aftershave.
David Hunter arrives at the Coach House.  Barbara tells him that she told Carole Sands about Eddie Lee, and David asks if that was wise.  Barbara tells David that Carole sais Barbara might think she would go to the police.
Percy Dobson goes to the motel office where he finds Jill Harvey working.  Percy Dobson tells her that he was actually looking for Mr Hunter.  Jill tells him that David is out at the moment.  "Is it urgent?" asks Jill.  "Well it's this business about Kevin Banks.  Well the problem is my men won't work with him, and this could affect the proposed completion date," says Percy Dobson. 
"Well I've done what I could.  Now the decisions up to you and your partners," says Percy Dobson.  "What decision?" asks Jill.  "That in the best interests of all, I sack him," says Percy Dobson.  "On what grounds?" asks Jill.  "That's not important at this point.  He's casual now," says Percy Dobson.  "It's important to him," says Jill.   
David Hunter comes into the office at that moment and Jill tells him that Percy Dobson wants to sack Kevin Banks.  David tells Percy Dobson that he will talk to Kevin first before any decision is made.  David says perhaps he can persuade Kevin to rejoin the union.  Percy Dobson says that isn't the problem, Kevin is willing to join the union, but he needs a sponsor and he doesn't have one.  Percy Dobson says every day is important if they are going to meet the February 1st completion date.  Percy Dobson tells Davis that there is a union meeting this afternoon.    
Kevin Banks comes into the office and see's Jill Harvey.  Jill tells him that Mr Hunter will be back shortly.  Kevin asks her what it is about and Jill says David just wanted a word.  David Hunter returns to the office and tells him that Percy Dobson is making trouble over this union business.  Kevin tells David that he wants to rejoin the union but the men who work for Dobson know which side their bread is buttered.  Kevin says Dobson resents him and he won't let it rest.  "I can't let one man prevent us from reaching our target date," says David.  
Meanwhile, Percy Dobson gathers all his workmen together in the garage workshop.  He tells them that Kevin tried to undercut them and that they don't want to work with a non-union man.  The men mumble their agreement.  Percy Dobson tells them that the motel management want Banks.  He says he is not prepared to lose a contract this size.  He says when he goes to the management with his concerns they don't believe him.  "Now the question is, what are you going to do," asks Percy Dobson.  The men say that they won't work with Banks.
Kevin Banks joins the meeting.  "This is a union meeting Banks," says one of the men.  Kevin tells him that he has said he is willing to rejoin the union.  Kevin tells the men that Percy Dobson has addressed them and he should be able to put his side.          
Jill Harvey asks Adam Chance about Sharon Metcalfe and Adam tells her that he and Sharon had a business lunch which Sharon had set up.  He tells Jill that he pecked her on the cheek as a way of saying thank you and Sharon got the wrong idea.  The phone rings and Adam answers it.  "They've what!  Downed tools," he says.  Adam tells Jill that Percy Dobson's workmen have gone on strike.
David, Adam and Jill meet in the office.  Adam and Jill says they want Kevin to stay and David says he wants that too.  Percy Dobson comes into the motel office and Adam Chance asks him if there is any news.  " Well I spoke to the meeting.  Nothing for it.  It was all I could do to avoid a strike.  Even so there's a ban on overtime.  And you know what that means," says Percy Dobson. 
"I hope you do as well.  I'm not prepared to miss our opening date.  I'm accepting advance bookings and if you can't meet the delivery date we'll get someone who can," says David.  "I'm afraid you've all forgotten one thing.  It's a union matter.  If they strike no one else big enough to take on a job this size can crosst hose picket lines," says Percy Dobson.  "So either way you can forget about opening on February 1st," says Dobson.       
Carole Sands arrives at the Coach House and Barbara tells her that she doesn't think Carole will go to the police with the information about Eddie Lee.  Carole asks Barbara if she could carry on working for them and Barbara says yes, of course she can.
Percy Dobson goes to the Brownlow's house to see Kevin Banks.  Percy Dobson tells Kevin that he can recommend him to someone in Castlewich who can give him work.  Dobson brings out a wad of bank notes and offers them to Kevin.  Kevin refuses to take any money. 
Jennifer Lamont invites Sharon Metcalfe for a drink and Sharon accepts.
Rose Scott sits alone in the Brownlow's living room long after everyone has gone to bed.  Glenda Banks comes into the room and tells Rose that she couldn't sleep.  Glenda sits down on the settee beside Rose.  Rose tells Glenda that she is lucky to have someone like Kevin, he's a good man.  "You're going to be a wonderful mother," says Rose Scott.  Glenda tells her that she ins't going to have any children.  "Don't say you don't want any," says Rose.  "I can..." says Glenda.  "Surely it's not Kevin.  I wouldn't have thought it of him," says Rose.  "I can't have any children.  I've been to the doctor and I can't have any," says Glenda.

1981 Episodes continued

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