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Rose Scott tells Kath that she had to see Iris.  "She is my daughter.  Imagine it was you and Glenda.  Wouldn't you have wanted to see her no matter what," says Rose.  "I wouldn't have walked out on her for thirteen years," says Kath.  Kath tells her that they will have to try and patch things up.   
David and Barbara Hunter arrive at the Coach House with a Christmas tree.  "Christmas is going to be very special this year," says David.  Barbara tells him that he seems to be taking this Christmas very seriously.  "Perhaps because so much has happened during the last year," says David.  Carole Sands helps David to get the tree unwrapped.  "Mrs Hunter and I would like you to have dinner with us on Christmas day," says David.  "Oh thanks that's really kind, but I've got my dad and my brothers.  I couldn't leave them alone," says Carole.  David and Barbara says they understand.  
Carole Sands tells David and Barbara that she has got to make sure her dad and brothers get to church.  "My mum used to make them pray, now I do," says Carole.  "Make them pray?" asks David.  "Well I get them there, then they pray.  I mean you can't make anyone pray really can you but you can put them in a position.  Gives the day a meaning, you know what I mean," says Carole.  "I think I do," says David.  Carole asks David if he will be reading the lesson at church this year.
Glenda and Kevin Banks are introduced to Rose Scott.  Rose sits down to dinner and tells them that they have made her feel so welcome that she thinks she  will stay for Christmas.
David Hunter and Carole Sands decorate the Christmas tree at the Coach House.  David sorts through the decorations and Carole dresses the tree.  David tosses a baubel to her.  He asks Carole about her family and asks her how many brothers she has.  "You said your dad was a shop steward.  Where?" asks David.  "A carpet factory just outside Brum," replies Carole.  "Nice bit of carpet this," says Carole, looking at the carpet in the Coach House living room.  "Thank you," says David.  "Nylon," says Carole.  "I don't know.  It was furnished by the previous tenant.  I assumed it was wool or a mixture," says David.  "Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Is it hardwearing?  It looks like it is," says Carole.  David feels the carpet with his hand.  "No wool at all," he says.  "Oh no.  It's definitely nylon," says Carole, bending down and feeling the carpet as well.
"What sort of carpet's do you have at the motel?" asks Carole.  "I don't know really.  My previous partner dealt with all the furnishing," says David.  "When are you buying the new ones?" asks Carole.  "As soon as the rebuilding is completed," says David.  "Are you going to buy British?" asks Carole.  "I hadn't really thought about it in those terms," says David, smiling.  "Well someone ought to," says Carole.  "Do you want some help when you go to look?" asks Carole.  David smiles and says yes.
David asks Carole if her brothers are working and Carole tells him that her youngest brother is still at school, the oldest one was a brickie but he was made redundant.  "Dan's at the poly reading English, which is useless if you ask me," says Carole.  "Not practical enough," says David.  "If I was at university I'd take economics or sociology.  You have to know the world in order to change it," says Carole.  David looks at Carole in a whole new light.
Barbara Hunter joins David and Carole in the living room with a box full of decorations.  She opens the box as David and Carole peer into it.  "They're gorgeous," says Carole.  "Especially this one," she says and takes out one decoration.  Barbara tells Carole and David that she has another one the same but her brother stood on it when he was a child.  "What do you think.  It should go at the top," says Barbara.  David takes the decoration from Carole and puts it on the top of the tree.   
Carole Sands tells Barbara that she thought she would be an only child.  "Why?" asks Barbara.  "Just would.  Don't mean to be rude but you can usually tell if people come from large or small families," says Carole.  "What about me?" asks David.  "Oh, you're definitely an only child, aren't you.  Aren't you?" says Carole Sands.  "Yes, as a matter of fact I am," says David.  "Some girls read palms, Carole reads carpets," says David.
Benny moves his belongings into his room at Mavis Hooper's house with the help of Joe MacDonald. 
David tells Barbara about the Christmas's he spent in the Bahamas.  Barbara asks Carole Sands if she has ever been abroad and Carole tells them that she went to France one year.  David asks her where she stayed and Carole tells him that they camped.  When Carole goes into the kitchen Barbara tells David that they are being tactless, boasting about all that they have.  She says all they have to do is go to the airport and put down a credit card, then hop on a plane anywhere they want. 
Iris Scott joins Mavis Hooper and Benny in Mavis's kitchen.  Mavis tells Iris that she is sorry about what happened with her mother earlier on, and says it was not of her doing.  "I was dead against it," says Mavis.  Mavis tells Iris that there is some fresh tea in the pot, then leaves the room.
Iris pours herself a cup of tea and sits down at the table with Benny.  Benny asks Iris what Mavis meant.  "Oh yeah, this evening.  After thirteen years rotten years who should turn up but my mother," says Iris.  "That's smashing.  That must have been a nice surprise for you that," says Benny.  "Smashing!   It's enough to make you sick.  She leaves me and my dad flat, goes off with another bloke and then turns up here after all this time expecting me to welcome her with open arms and cry on her shoulder.  Fat chance of that," says Iris. 
"What did you say to her?" asks Benny.  "I told her to clear off didn't I.  I don't want to see her no more," says Iris.  "That's terrible," says Benny.  "Iris I don't understand you sometime, honest I don't.  She came back to see you didn't she.  My mum left me when I was just a kid.  I ain't never seen her again.  People tell me she was a bad mum but if she walked through that door now I'd be really glad to see her.  Honest I would," says Benny.  "Yeah, well, not me," says Iris.  "Iris, you can't change what she's done.  Nobody can change that.  I mean people can stop being your friend, or your wife but they can't stop being your mum," says Benny.  "What I mean is your mum's your mum for ever," says Benny.                                    

1981 Episodes continued

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