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Sam Hurst and Benny stand watching the fireworks and Sam tells Benny that he will be leaving the motel tomorrow.
As Jill Harvey talks with Sharon Metcalfe Jill turns her gaze onto the motel, and notices flames.  "Oh no, the motel!" shouts Jill.  Everyone turns to look at the motel.  "Mum.  Oh my God!" screams Jill as Diane and Sharon try to hold her back.
Inside the motel the reception is ablaze.  The fire engines arrive, sirens screaming. 
Sam Hurst moves towards the motel and Benny asks him where he is going.  "I' not scared of fire anymore, Benny" says Sam, and goes running off towards the motel. 
Episode 3531 November 1981
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Diane Hunter sits in the motel office listening to a radio announcement about the motel fire.  Adam Chance comes into the office and turns off the radio.  "Come on Di, it's time to go home," he says gently touching Diane on the shoulder.  "What about you?" asks Diane.  "I live here remember.  I used to," says Adam.  Diane asks Adam if there is anymore news.  Adam tells her that they should find Sam Hurst's body easliy enough as when he went in the fire was well advanced.   He says Sam didn't get very far before the upstairs fell in, Meg's bedroom.  "Have they?" asks Diane, thinking about Meg.  "No," answers Adam.        
Sharon Metcalfe comes into the office and asks Adam Chance what he wants her to do.  Adam says the garage is being used as a casualty at the moment and he thinks everyone has been treated.  He says perhaps they should turn it back into a garage.  Sharon says she'll get it up and running in an hour.  Diane tells Sharon that she'll come with her, she could do with some air.
At the Borwnlow's house Kath and Glenda are still stunned by the previous nights events.  Arthur Brownlow says it was a mistake having the bonfire so close to the motel.  Glenda tells Kath that they shoud be at the motel and Kath says they said to keep away.  Glenda says that was last night to keep the crowds away.  The telephone rings and Kevin Banks answers it.  Kevin tells Adam Chance that he heard about the fire.  Kevin tells Kath, Glenda and Arthur that Adam Chance wants him to go to the motel with all the tarpaulins he can find.
Sharon Metcalfe and Diane Hunter go into the garage office and find Jill Harvey sitting slumped in a chair.  "Oh Sharon," says Jill by way of apology.  "I'm so sorry Jill," says Sharon.  "I thought you'd have gone home hours ago Jill," says Diane.  "No, I couldn't," says Jill.  Diane tells Jill that there is no point in her waiting as they could be waiting a long time.  "Oh if only Adam had given me the message on time.  I might have gone up to her," says Jill.  "Yeah but you might have been trapped as well," says Diane.  Jill says they would have come down, her mother always watched the bonfire.  "She must have fallen asleep," says Jill. 
Sharon Metcalfe tells Diane that she is going to see about moving some cars back onto the forecourt and leaves the office.  "I told her he was dangerous.  He'd done it before," says Jill.  "Who's done what?" asks Diane.  "Sam," answers Jill.  "Jill, Sam's dead," says Diane.  "He set the fire," says Jill.  "What," says Diane.  "He's an arsonist.  He's done it before.  He's mental.  I mean he even set fire to his own house and killed his wife and kids," says Jill.
Ron Brownlow tells Iris Scott that she should move up and live nearer to where he will be working on the oil rigs.  Ron says the last thing he will want to do after he has finished work is drive to Birmingham.  Mavis Hooper knocks on the door and comes in.  She asks them if they have had the radio on and Ron and Iris say no.  Mavis tells them that there was a fire at the motel where Ron's mother works.  Iris Scott asks if anyone was hurt and Mavis tells her that the woman who owns the motel got caught in the flames.  "Mrs Mortimer?" asks Iris.  "Yes, that's the name they said," says Mavis.  
In the motel office Sharon organises Glenda Banks to get some tea and egg and bacon rolls.
In the garage office Joe MacDonald wraps Benny's hand in a bandage.  Diane Hunter comes into the office and Benny asks her if there is any news about Sam Hurst.  Diane tells him there is no news but tells Benny that they will find him.  Benny says he might be in an area of the building where there was no fire.  Diane tells Benny that they would have found him by now, and says there is no hope of finding Sam.  "He must have been quite a bloke Benny.  You know, going in to help Mrs Mortimer like that," says Joe MacDonald. 
"Benny.  Did he actually say anything before he went in to help her?" asks Diane.  "Just they he weren't afraid of fire no more," Benny tells her.  "Was he?  Was he afraid of fire?" asks Diane.  "Yes," says Benny.  "Why.  Did her say?" asks Diane.  "Yes," says Benny.  Diane says perhaps Sam wasn't telling him the truth.  "He was telling me the truth," says Benny.  "About his wife and kids.  About how they got killed in a fire.  Did he tell you about that?" asks Diane.  "It wasn't his fault.  He said it wasn't his fault," says Benny.  "Well Jill said he started it," says Diane.  "Well she's lying isn't she," says Benny, raising his voice.  Diane says Jill is upset, and you can't blame her.  "Look Sam wouldn't hurt anybody," says Benny.  "Yeah, but what about the wife and kids," says Joe MacDonald.  "Taht was an accident!" shouts Benny.  Diane tries to calm Benny down and tells him she will take him to the surgery.                         
David and Adam work in the office.  Adam asks David how they set about all the bookings they have.  "You've got the duplicate reservations book.  So we ring one or two place, see if they have any vacancies, then we ring the people who booked with us and offer them an alternative," says David.  "Yes, you're right," says Adam, and fetches a book from the desk.
David opens the book and then reaches for the telephone.  He knocks over a cup of coffee on the desk.  Adam tells him he is so exhausted and he should take a couple of hours off.  "I can manage," says David.  David tells Adam that he has done as much as he has, but Adam says he feels better after a shower.  "And David I haven't been going through what you've been going through recently, now do us all a favour.  Please go home to bed," says Adam.  David laughs and says alright.  He says he will go back to the Coach House, Barbara's left so he'll have the place to himself.                    

1981 Episodes continued

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