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Iris Scott and Mavis Hooper wonder what started the fire at the motel.  Mavis asks Iris if Mrs Mortimer was a young person and Iris says no.  Iris tells Mavis that she was never really friendly with Mrs Mortimer but she was always fair.  Iris says it's an awful thing to die like that.  Mavis tells Iris that she has other things to think about now, a new life. 
David Hunter lets himself into the Coach House and see's Barbara's things on the table.  Barbara comes out of the other room and David asks her what she is doing here, he thought she had gone to Paris.  Barbara tells David that she didn't go and David asks why.  "It's not complicated.  I just couldn't go.  I got to the airport, walked to the terminal, rang Jimmy and told him I wouldn't be on the flight," says Barbara.            
David sits down on the settee and Barbara asks what's wrong.  "Why couldn't you go?" asks David.  Barbara says she should have realised, it was obvious enough.  She says if you're leaving a man forever you don't take his photo with you," she says, looking at a photo of David in her handbag.  "I'm here to stay.  If you want me," she says.  "David.  Don't you have anything to say," asks Barbara.
"I need you," answers David, softly.  "Oh darling, that's all I needed to hear you say," says Barbara.  David says he was over sensitive but he was trying to protect himself from further hurt.  "I love you," says David.  "And I love you too," says Barbara.  David asks her if he could have a drink.  Barbara goes towards the drinks table but David tells her that water will be fine.  
Barbara hands David a glass of water and asks him what he has been doing.  "You mean you really haven't heard?" asks David.  He tells Barbara about the motel fire.  "That's terrible.  Was anyone hurt?" asks Barbara.  "Meg was killed," answers David.  Barbara stares at him in disbelief.  David says he saw Meg about an hour before and they had words.  "I feel responsible," he says.  Barbara tells him that he musn't blame himself.  She tells David that he looks as if he could do with a few hours sleep, but David says he can't, he has to get back to the motel.
Benny, Joe MacDonald and Diane Hunter in the garage office.  Diane tells Benny that he should go home, but Benny says he has got to find out what has happened to Sam Hurst.  Diane asks him if he will go to Stonebank Farm but Benny says he can't, all Sam's things are there.
Ron Brownlow joins Kevin Banks at the motel and Kevin says it's strange but this fire has brought more work his way.  Kevin asks Ron to come into business with him but Ron tells Kevin that he has fixed himself up on the oil rigs.
Detective Inspector Watkins goes to the motel office and finds David and Barbara Hunter.  Inspector Watkins says he hopes that they are insured and David assures him they are.  Watkins asks David if anyone had a grievence against the motel, or against one of the management.  David says he can't think of anyone.  Inspector Watkins tells Davis that the fire started in reception.  He tells David that Sam Hurst's body has been found.  He says Sam Hurst was involved with a fire some years ago which killed his wife and children.  David Hunter tells Inspector Watkins that Sam Hurst went in to save Meg Mortimer.  "A brave man whatever the reasons," says Barbara. 
Ron Brownlow catches up with his mother Kath at the motel and tells her that he starts on the oil rigs in a month and he will be taking Iris with him to Aberdeen.  Kath says Iris will be lost without any firiends in Aberdeen.
Barbara Hunter tells David that Inspector Watkins sounded as if he was suspicious of them.  David says perhaps he thinks that they paid someone to start the fire so that they could get the insurance money.  Diane Hunter comes into the office, and is surprised to see Barbara.  "I thought you'd gone.  Will you be staying on for a few more days?," Diane asks Barbara.  "More than a few days.  I'm back for good," says Barbara.  Diane says she is very happy for them.  Diane asks if there is any news regarding the fire, and David tells her that they have found Sam Hurst's body.  "How come they haven't found Mrs Mortimer's?" asks Diane.
Joe MacDonald tells Benny that Adam Chance might give him his old job back in the garage, but Benny says Mr Chance doesn't like him.  Joe tells Benny that now that Sharon Metcalfe is helping Adam Chance run the garage he can ask her.  Benny tells Joe that he doesn't want to go back to Sronebank Farm and Joe tells him that he can come and stay with him and Trina.  Benny tells Joe that Sam Hurst is dead and Joe says he knows.  Benny says eveyone thinks that Sam Hurst started the fire, and Benny says he knows he didn't.
At the Coach House David Hunter helps himself to a glass of milk and wearily slumps down onto the settee.  He rests his head back and closes his eyes.  Barbara comes into the room and looks at him.  She goes to the settee and sits beside him, and gently takes the glass out of his hand.  David opens his eyes, and Barbara leans forward to kiss him.  David tells her that he was just thinking about how much work it is going to be to get the motel back on its feet.  "I don't think I could do it without you," he says.  "You don't have to," says Barbara and they kiss. 
Episode 3533 November 1981
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Adam Chance and David Hunter sort through some papers in the sitting room.  Sharon Metcalfe comes into the sitting room with Jill who is still upset over her mother.  Jill bursts into tears and Adam says he will take her home.  David tells Adam that he will take Jill home, and they leave. 
Detective Inspector Watkins joins Sharon Metcalfe and Adam Chance in the sitting room and tells Adam Chance that there will be an inquest on Sam Hurst and he and Mr Hunter will be called as witnesses.  Inspector Watkins tells Adam that he understands he was on duty in the reception area just before the fire started.  Adam says that's correct, he left for a moment to chase away three youths.  "Lucky," says Inspector Watkins.  Adam Chance looks at him.  "Lucky that you weren't there when the fire started," says the Inspector, and leaves the room.  "Good God.  I do suspect he thinks I have something to do with the fire," says Adam. 
Iris Scott goes to the Brownlow's house and finds only her uncle Arthur at home.  Iris tells him that Ron could have a job on the oli rings so she will have to go and live in Aberdeen.  Glenda and Kath arrive home and Kath says she doesn't think it's fair to drag Iris up to aberdeen.
David and Jill arrive at Chimney's.  Jill tells David that she won't come into the motel for a while and David says it might be better if she did rather than being on her own.  "I am on my own," says Jill.  David tells her that's not true, she has a daughter and her friends. 
David tells Jill that he has to go now but he'll come back later and make her something to eat.  Jill tells him that she is going to have a nice long bath so she might not hear him.  David tells Jill that he will take her keys and let himself in.  "I'm not going to leave you alone," says David, and leaves.  The telephone rings and Jill answers it.  "I don't believe it," she says.
A short time later David lets himself into Chimney's and goes into the kitchen/dining room.  He calls out for Jill, then he goes to the foot of the stairs and calls out again.  He comes back into the dining room and notices that the phone is off the hook.  He picks up the receiver but there is no one on the other end.  He replaces the telephone.

1981 Episodes continued

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