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Eddie Lee arrives late for work at the garage with a hangover and Victor Lee warns him that he can't just walk in when he feels like it.
Jill Harvey goes to the sitting room and finds Philip Rogers admiring some diamond brooches.  Jill stares at them and Philip tells her that he would like her advice on which one to buy Meg.  Jill looks at them and says she can't make up her mind. 
Ivy Pruett see's Benny alone in the kitchen at Stonebank Farm and says she heard that he used to stay in a boarding house in the village.  Benny says yes and he liked it there.  "Well if you moved back there you'd have as much fun as you did before," says Ivy Pruett.  Benny stares at her.
Meg examines the diamond brooches but tells Philip Rogers that she can't accept anything like this. 
Eddie Lee knocks on the door of Diane Hunter's flat and asks her if she has a spare alarm clock, but Diane says she hasn't.  Eddie asks her if she could give his door a good kick in the morning.
Ivy Pruett tells Reg Cotterill that people think they are living in sin.  She says there would be no more talk if they made the situation a respectable one.  Reg looks at her.  "I've seen the signs.  You're going to ask me to marry you and I accept, of course," says Ivy Pruett. 
Benny joins Reg Cotterill in the kitchen at Stonebank Farm and Reg asks him if he enjoyed the film he went to see.  Benny says yes.  Reg Cotterill asks Benny if he went to the cinema to get out of Mrs Pruett's way and Benny says Ivy Pruett doesn't like him much.  Reg tells Benny that he should count himself lucky.  He asks Benny a favour.  He says he doesn't want to be left alone with Ivy Pruett because she thinks he wants to marry her.
Benny goes to see Alison Cotterill at the Coach House and tells her that he can't stay lone because Reg Cotterill doesn't want to be left on his own .  Alison asks why and and Benny tells her that Ivy Pruett wants to matty Reg Cotterill and he doesn't want to be left alone with her.  "Alison!  Have you finished with that shirt love!" shouts a voice from the other room.  Chris Hunter walks into the living room with a towel round his waist.  Benny looks at him, then at Alison.  "Hello Benny," says Chris.
Diane returns to her flat after work and finds Eddie Lee inside the flat.  She asks him angrily what he is doing here and how he got in.  Eddie says the door was open so he came in to look for her.  During the course of the conversation Eddie Lee calls Diane Mrs Hunter and Diane tells him to stop calling her that, to call her Diane.  Eddie says he saw her husband at the motel today.  "He seems like a nice boy," says Eddie, and says that he is a little young for her.
Diane goes to the door of the flat and fiddles with the lock.  "You've been having me on.  This door was locked," says Diane.  She orders him out.  Eddie says he was going to ask her to have dinner with him tonight.  Diane says no, and asks him to leave, and Eddie does.  Diane goes into the kitchen, then a moment later she hears a voice from the living room.  She goes into her living room and see's Eddie Lee standing there.  "You sure you won't change your mind?" he asks.  "You got in.  How?" asks Diane.  Eddie tells her that he slipped the lock.  He apologises and says he will take her out to make up for it.  Diane says no.  Eddie says he will call a taxi and picks up the phone.  He orders the taxi.  "Well don't just stand there.  Get your glad rags on darling," he says.
Reg Cotterill and Ivy Pruett sit down to their meal at Stonebank Farm.  Ivy tells Reg that she is glad that Benny isn't here, so they can discuss their future.  Reg Cotterill looks at her.  At that moment Benny arrives and Reg breathes a sigh of relief. 
Chris Hunter tells Alison Cotterill that he doesn't want people talking about them so he will go and stay at the motel tonight. 
Reg Cotterill asks Benny if he told Alison the situation with him and Ivy Pruett and Benny says yes but she didn't believe it.  Reg says he will go and see Alison tomorrow.
Diane Hunter and Eddie Lee arrive back at Diane's flat after their evening out.  Eddie asks Diane about boyfriends and says with a little encouragement he could be her man.  "Let's start with a kiss," he says and advances to kiss Diane.  Diane draws away from him.  "Thank you for a nice evening," she says.  "The pleasure's mine," says Eddie Lee.  "And that's about all the pleasure you're going to get," Diane tells him.  "So, thank you, and goodnight," she adds firmly. 
The next day Diane tells Sharon Metcalfe about Eddie Lee breaking into her flat.
Victor Lee tells Sandy that Philip Rogers was enquiring about hiring a car but they haven't got anyhting in his class.  He asks Sandy how long will be staying.  "Indifinitely," replies Sandy.  Meg joins them in the sitting room and Victor Lee tells her that Philip Rogers would like to hire a car and he wanted to know if it was alright to go ahead.  Meg asks Victor Lee if he is suggesting that Philip Rogers is a bad risk.  Sandy tells her that any doubts came from him.  Victor Lee leaves Meg and Sandy together.  Meg tells Sandy that she resents him discussing her friends with Victor Lee.
Lloyd Munro phones Sandy and tells him that he is in London.  Sandy tells Lloyd to get here quickly because Meg could do with his advice.
Sharon Metcalfe tells Victor Lee that Eddie Lee broke into Diane's flat last night and then he took her out to dinner.  Victor calls Eddie into his office and tells him that he wants to talk to him.  Sharon Metcalfe leaves the office and Victor tells Eddie that he heard about him breaking into Diane's flat.  Eddie says he owed Diane some coffee and she wasn't in.  Victor tells Eddie that he stuck his neck out for him, he's given him a job and found him a place to live.  Victor warns him to stay clear of Diane.  "What are you going to do if I don't?" asks Eddie Lee.  "I pick up that phone, dial a number and it's out of my hands," Victor tells him.

1980 Episodes continued

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