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Eddie Lee tells Victor that he only has to prove that he can hold a job for six months and then afterwards he can move on.
Jill asks Meg if she telephoned Philip Rogers because he seemed very anxious to hear from her.  Meg tells Jill that he just wanted to say hello.  Jill looks at her mother, not convinced. 
Ivy Pruett tells Reg Cotterill that he house is very draughty and the roof leaks.  Reg tells her that he will come and see to it.  Ivy tells him that she thought as Alison was living at the Hunter's house she might stay in Alison's room. 
Victor Lee welcomes Joe MacDonald back to work after a bout of flu.  Victor tells him that there is a new mechanic starting next week.
Victor Lee asks Diane Hunter about the flat below hers, and says he is looking for somewhere to stay.  Later, Diane tells Sharon MEtcalfe that Victor Lee was asking about the flat for himself.  Joe MacDonald overhears and tells them that the flat isn't for him, it's for the new mechanic who is starting next week.
Jill Harvey tells Sandy about Philip Rogers and says he seemed very interested in their mother.
Sharon Metcalfe asks Victor Lee about the new mechanic and Victor tells her that it's his brother Eddie.  He says Eddie is a good mechanic and that he has been in prison for three years out of his five year sentence.  "Five years," says Sharon.  "Yeah, you see, he killed a fella," says Victor Lee, and Sharon stares at him.  Victor tells Sharon that he and Eddie were never very close.  Sharon tells Victor that she doesn't like the idea of Eddie working at the garage and asks about Diane living upstairs from him.  Victor Lee assures her that it will be alright.
At the Coach House Alison Cotterill puts on a record and starts dancing.  There is a knock on the door and Alison opens ot to Benny.  Benny tells Alison that Ivy Pruett is staying in her room at Stonebank Farm.
Victor Lee tells Joe MacDonald that the mechanic starting next week is his brother but he won't get any preferential treatment.
Chris Hunter arrives at the Coach House and asks Alison Cotterill if she minds if he puts a record on.  Alison tells him that she was playing some disco music before he arrived and it's great to dance to.  "Do you dance?" asks Chris.  Alison says yes, but not very well. 
Sharon Metcalfe and Diane Hunter have a drink together in reception and Sharon tells Diane that the man moving into the flat below Diane's is Victor Lee's brother.  "What's he like?" asks Diane, enthusiastically.  "Now hold on," warns Sharon.  At that moment Victor Lee joins them and Diane tells him that she has heard about his brother coming to work at the garage.  "Can't wait to meet him," says Diane.
Chris Hunter asks Alison if she would like to dance.  He takes her into the middle of the living room and they begin to dance.  Alison says she shouldn't be doing this.  "You're married," she says.  Chris stops dancing, goes to the record player and switches it off.  He tells Alison that his marriage was a joke and explains that he only married so that he could inherit some money from his grandmother. 
Meg Mortimer is on duty at the reception desk when Philip Rogers arrives.  "What are you doing here?" asks Meg.  Philip Rogers tells Meg that he had business in the Midlands.  Meg asks Doris Luke if she would take over reception for a moment and Meg and Philip go through to the sitting room.  "Why couldn't we leave things as they were," Meg tells him.  "I couldn't," says Philip.
Chris Hunter arrives at the Coach House and tells Alison Cotterill that he is staying the night.  Alison tells him that she isn't staying, it wouldn't be right.  Chris tells her that this is his father's house and he has every right to be here.  Alison says that if he is staying then she is leaving.  Chris walks towards David and Barbara's bedroom.  "Chris, for the last time.  No!" shouts Alison.  "Yes," says Chris and closes the bedroom door behind him.  A moment later Chris comes out of the room and picks up his coat.  He tells Alison that he is leaving and going to the motel.  He walks towards the front door.  "It's very late," says Alison.  "Do I detect a hint of hospitality," asks Chris.  "I just wouldn't forgive myself," says Alison.
Philip Rogers talks to Sandy in reception and Meg joins them.  Philip Rogers says goodnight and leaves.  Meg detects that Sandy doesn't like Philip Rogers much and asks him why.  Sandy says he is a bit flash for his liking.
In the early hours of the morning Chris Hunter walks around the Coach House living room unable to sleep.  Alison comes into the room and asks him what is wrong.  Chris tells her he was thinking about her, wishing she was up.  he puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses her.  Alison turns away but Chris turns her around to face him, and kisses her again.  This time Alison doesn't resist.
Sharon Metcafe goes to the garage office for work and finds Eddie Lee there.  He introduces himself and asks Sharon what she does at the garage.  Sharon tells him that she types and answers the phone.
Chris Hunter joins Alison Cotterill in the kitche at the Coach House and kisses her. 
Diane Hunter goes to the garage and asks Joe MacDonald if the new mechanic has arrived.  Joe says yes and Diane asks what he is like.  Joe says he doesn't know, he has only said hello.  Victor Lee comes out from the garage office and tells Diane to come and meet Eddie.  Diane follows Victor Lee into the office and Victor introduces her to Eddie.  Diane tells Eddie that she is living in the flat upstairs from him and invites him to come up to her flat for something to eat after he has settled in.
Philip Rogers and Meg prepare to go out shopping.  Meg tells Jill that she feels guilty going out and leaving her to do the accounts but Jill tells her it's alright.  Philip Rogers tells Jill that she can leave the accounts and he will do them, as he enjoys doing accounts.  Meg and Philip Rogers leave.
Sandy joins Jill in the sitting room and asks her where Meg is.  Jill tells him that Meg has gone out with Philip Rogers.  Jill says Philip Rogers is very nice but Sandy says he isn't sure about him.  Jill tells Sandy that Philip Rogers offered to do the accounts.  "What!" says Sandy, and says that they aren't letting a stranger do their accounts. 
Eddie Lee goes to Diane Hunter's flat and Diane offers to go to the shop and buy him essentials.  She asks him what he needs and Eddie says everything, as the flat is empty.  He gets some money out of his pocket but Diane says she will get the shopping fiest and he can pay her later.  Eddie says no, and puts the money down the front of Diane's shirt.  She looks at him, astonished. 
There is a knock at the door of Diane's flat and Diane lets Victor Lee in.  Diane goes into the kitchen and Eddie Lee follows her with his eyes.  Victor Lee notices and warns him off.  Diane comes back into the living room with a tray of sandwiches.  "Isn't she a little darlin.  If there's anything I can do for you sweetheart you just call," says Eddie Lee.
The following morning Victor Lee arrives at the garage and asks Sharon Metcalfe where Eddie Lee is.  Sharon says she doesn't know.  Diane Hunter comes into the garage office and Victor Lee asks herif she has any idea where Eddie is.  Diane says no but she heard him come back at three in the morning. 
Ivy Pruett tells Reg Cotterill that she will make him a cottage pie for his tea.  Benny laughs and tells Reg that he will have to watch what he eats.  "What a horrible thing to say," says Ivy Pruett.  Benny looks at her and hurriedly leaves the room.  Ivy Pruett tells Reg Cotterill that people in the village are beginning to talk about them living uder the same roof.  Reg says people can see builders at Ivy's house.

1980 Episodes continued

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