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Adam Chance and Meg Mortimer arrive at the Coach House for dinner and David introduces them to James Corbett.
Helli tells Gilbert Latham that she doesn't like some of the photographs he took.  Diane Hunter comes into the staff room and asks Gilbert Latham if she can see the photos.
Adam Chance asks James Corbett what he thinks of Barbara's latest book and James says he thinks it's her best.  He says he would like to publish it under her real name, Barbara Brady.  Barbara reminds him that she is now Barbara Hunter.
Meg tells David that there are some letters for him at the motel and she forgot to bring them.  David asks her if she could have them sent to the Coach House because he won't be coming to the Motel tomorrow.  Adam says he thought tomorrow was his day off anyway and David says it is but he is going to be working.  David says he needs Miranda Pollard to help him, but Adam tells him that Miranda is the only secretary they have and they need her at the motel. 
Diane Hunter asks Helli if she thinks Gilbert Latham could make it as a professional photographer.  Helli says Gilbert has talent but there are a lot of others with talent too.  Helli tells Diane that whatever she wanted she had to fight for on her own.  She says she is going to get to the top because she has got what it takes.
Adam Chance and Meg prepare to leave the Coach House.  James Corbett tells them that he would like to see this motel of David's.  "Do get him to bring you around," says Meg.  "It may be the only way we get to see David," she adds.  Adam and Meg leave the Coach House.
James Corbett asks David if he was imagining it or does he detect a little tension.  David laughs and says yes.  David tells Barbara that he is going to bed.  Barbara asks James Corbett if he feels like doing some work because she is all keyed up and she doesn't think she could sleep.  She says she is in the habit of working at night.  David says it's hard to break the habit of a lifetime, and leaves the room.  James Corbett tells Barbara that he thinks David likes him.  "Everyone likes you James.  It's me he's not keen on at the moment," says Barbara. 
Meg and Adam arrive back at the motel and have a nightcap in the sitting room.  Meg says she never wants to go through that again.  "David's changed.  It's tragic.  I don't like what he's changed into.  He's up to something but I don't know what it is," says Meg. 
Arthur Brownlow joins Kath for breakfast and says he will take a cup of coffee to Ron in his room.  Kath tells Arthur that Ron isn't here, his bed hasn't been slept in.
Mavis Hooper tells Iris Scott that she knows Ron Brownlow was in her room all night.  She says she told her the rules before she moved in.  Iris Scott asks Mavis if she wants her to leave but Mavis says no.
Diane Hunter tells Miranda Pollard that she thinks Gilbert Latham is in love with Helli, and Miranda says she did try to warn him.  Diane asks Miranda if she would have another word with Gilbert.
Later Gilbert Latham comes into the office where Miranda Pollard is working.  Miranda tells him that she did try and warn him not to get involved with Helli but says it obviously didn't work because he is in love with Helli.  Gilbert Latham tells her that he isn't in love with Helli but he is in love with someone else.  Miranda says she had no idea and wishes them both luck.  Gilbert tells Miranda that the girl doesn't know how he feels, so Miranda says he had better tell her who it is.  "Well Miranda.  I am quite helplessly in love with you," says Gilbert Latham.
James Corbett, and David and Barbara Hunter sit down for breakfast together at the Coach House.  David tells Barbara that he would like to read her latest book again, perhaps he sisn't give it a chance the first time around.  James Corbett says the first few chapters are marvellous, about a marriage breaking down.  "Whose marriage did you draw on.  Mine?" asks James.
Glenda Banks tells Ron that their mum was worried about him staying out all night.  She says they all knew he was with 'her.'  Ron tells her that she is behaving like an old spinster.  Glenda slaps his face.
Diane Hunter tells Miranda Pollard that she spoke to Helli and she told her that there is nothing going on between her and Gilbert Latham.  Miranda tells Diane that Gilbert Latham isn't in love with Helli, he's in love with someone else.  "Anyone we know?" asks Diane.  "It's me," says Miranda.
At the Coach House David assures Barbara that what she did in her past is no business of his.  There is a knock at the door and Barbara moves to answer it.  David catches hold of her hand.  "I love you Barbara.  We'll get through this, I promise," he says.
Kevin Banks arrives home and tells Glenda that he didn't see Mr Tomlinson, the man who wants him to do some work for him.  He says he saw Percy Dobson's car parked outside Tomlinson's house.
Miranda Pollard does some work at the Coach House.  Barbara tells David that she is going to town, and leaves, slamming the door.  Miranda asks David if he thinks this is a good idea, Mrs Mortimer isn't pleased and neither is Barbara.
Diane Hunter talks to Glenda Banks and says she knows she wanted the receptionist job.  Glenda says it would have been nice if she had got it.  Glenda tells Diane that Helli will go places.  Diane tells Glenda that a lot of people would like what Glenda has, love and security.  Diane tells her that she is very lucky.
Kevin Banks goes to see his bank manager and tells him that he doesn't think he will get the contract from Mr Tomlinson.  He says Mr Tomlinson is giving him the cold shoulder.  He tells the bank manager that as he was leaving he saw his old bosses, Percy Dobson's van, outside.  Kevin says Percy Dobson threatened to undercut him on everything he does.  The bank manager suggests to Kevin that he phones Mr Tomlinson and find out exactly what his position is.
Kevin Banks phones Mr Tomlinson and finds out that he has given the contract to convert the old fire station into a restaurant to Percy Dobson.  Kevin tells his bank manager that he is going to go ahead and expand the business.  The bank manager tells him that the loan was to be on the strength of the Tomlinson contract and he won't saddle Kevin with repayments that he can't make.  He tells Kevin to come back when he has something concrete and he will see what he can do.
Miranda Pollard continued to work for David at the Coach House.  She tells David that she doesn't think this is a good idea especially as Mrs Hunter has a house guest.  "Damn her house guest," says David, angrily.  He says he will have to speak to Barbar about making Miranda feel like an intruder, and Miranda asks him not to do that.  The telephone rings and David answers it.  Meg tells David that there are some cheques that need his signature, and David tells her that he wil be there soon.
David leaves Miranda Pollard working at the Coach House.  James Corbett arrives at the Coach House and meets Miranda.  He asks her to have dinner with him that evening and Miranda turns the invitation down.  James Corbett asks Miranda what David's motel is like because she thinks he has outstayed his welcome at the Coach House.  Miranda shows him a brochure and asks James if he would like her to make him a reservation.  James tells her that he thinks that would be a good idea.

1981 Episodes continued

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