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Glenda Banks telephones Iris Scott and tells her that the best thing she can do is go back to London.  She says Ron doesn't care about her, and he is going off travelling around the world soon.  Later, Mavis Hooper finds Iris sobbing in her room and asks her what's wrong.  Iris tells her that Glenda told her that Ron didn't care about her.
At the motel David signs some cheques and Meg asks him to sign a few more because they are never sure when he is going to be at the motel.  David says he is only at the Coach House, not outer Mongolia.
Gilbert Latham comes into the motel reception and puts his camera and tripod near the reception desk where David, Adam and Meg are standing.  Gilbert says he never thought he would catch them altogether, and asks them to face the camera for a photo.  David goes.
Meg asks Adam Chance if Miranda has given him any idea what all this work she is doing for David is about.  Adam says Miranda is being the sole of discretion.  Meg says whatever game David is playing he is playing it single handed.
Gilbert Latham goes to the sitting room where he finds Miranda Pollard.  He tells her that he has come to pick up the photographs which he left in here.  He asks Miranda to have dinner with him that evening but Miranda tells him that she has had a long day and was looking forward to an early night.  Gilbert Latham tells Miranda that he had a letter from the photographic magazine that featured his photo of Kath Brownlow, and that his photos of Diane Hunter were not accepted.  Miranda Pollard asks him if that dinner invitation is still open because she would like to have dinner with him.
David Hunter goes home to the Coach House, and James Corbett tells him that he thought he would move into the motel.  David says Barbara won't be pleased.
Gilbert Latham and Miranda Pollard search the sitting room in vain for the photographs.  He says he knows he left them here.  Meg and Adam come into the sitting room and Miranda Pollard leaves, telling Gilbert Latham that she will meet him in reception at 7 pm.  Adam Chance asks Gilbert Latham if he is going somewhere and Gilbert tells him that he is taking Miranda out to dinner.  Meg asks Gilbert Latham if she could see his photos for the motel calendar and Gilbert tells her that they seem to have gone missing.  Adam says he might have left them in the studio.  Meg tells Gilbert that he still has the negatives so he can make copies and Gilbert says yes, of course, and rushes off.
Ron Brownlow asks Arthur if he could lend him some money.  Arthur asks Ron if he was with Iris Scott last night, and says yes.  Arthur tells him that he should have more consideration for his parents, he has been brought up with certain standards.  Arthur says Iris is doing this to get back at them .  Ron tells Arthur that he hasn't considered his feelings, and this is not a casual thing for him or Iris.  He says all he is asking for is a bit of tolerance.  Kath tells Arthur that they have to make some sort of compromise or they will lose Rone.
James Corbett arrives at the motel and tells Meg that Miranda Pollard booked a room for him,  Meg finds his name on the register and asks him how long he will be staying.  James says indefinitely.
Ron Brownlow arrives at Iris Scott's flat and Mavis Hooper tells him that Iris has just gone out for five minutes.  Mavis tells Ron that Iris had a phone call from his sister Glenda, and Iris was crying her eyes out. 
Barbara Hunter returns to the motel and asks Meg which chalet James Corbett is in.  Meg rings through to the chalet and gets no reply.  Barbara goes to the sitting room with Adam Chance to wait.
Diane Hunter chats to Gilbert Latham whilst he waits in reception for Miranda Pollard.  He shows Diane the letter from the photographic magazine telling him that the photos he took of Diane weren't accepted for publication.  Helli comes over to them and reads the letter.  Helli tells Diane not to worry because Gilbert is in for a big surprise. 
James Corbett joins Barbara Hunter in the sitting room and she asks him why he moved out of the Coach House.  James tells her that it was upsetting David but Barbara says that's nonsense, David likes him.  She tells him that he is one of her dearest friends, but James says that's not the reason she wanted him here.  He says she wants him as a witness to back her up.  James Corbett tells Barbara that the break up of a marriage she wrote about in her book is not imagination, it's happening to her.  "You drew from life.  I'm not saying it's his fault or your fault," says James. 
Barbara tells James Corbett that David is going through a diffcult time.  James tells her that marrying David Hunter was the worst thing she ever did.  "It's going to take time to get you out of it.  But don't worry, we will," says James.  "No," says Barbara.  James tells her that he felt the hostility between her and David.  He says David has to be the dominant partner and they are incompatable.  Barbara tells James that she just wants to finish this book and not discuss her private life.
Adam Chance finds Gilbert Latham still waiting in reception for Miranda Pollard.  Helli goes over to where Gilbert is sitting and tells him that she is going to London tomorrow to WPA, one of the top photographic agencies in the world.  She tells Gilbert that they are interested in his photos.
Meg finds James Corbett and Barbara Hunter laughing together in the sitting room.  James Corbett leaves the room and Meg tells Barbara that it's nice to se eher smiling again.  Barbara tells Meg that David has been a bit difficult to get on with over the last few weeks.  She says Jimmy is of the opinion that she and David were on the point of breaking up.  She says the most important thing is that she and David love each other.  Meg wishes her luck.  Barbara says she and David are great battlers and they will pull through.
Ron Brownlow keeps Iris Scott company at her flat.  Iris tells him that she is going to miss him when he goes off to sea again.  "There's only one solution then.  I won't go back," says Ron.
Meg receives a phone call from J.Henry Pollard.  Adam Chance speaks to him and J. Henry asks where Miranda is.  Adam tells him that Miranda is out with Gilbert Latham, he has been doing some phtographic work for the motel.  Adam says he thinks Miranda feels sorry for Gilbert Latham, but J. Henry says that doesn't sound like Miranda at all.
Iris Scott tells Mavis Hooper that she has spoken to Ron and he is going to give up his job on the ships.
Barbara and David Hunter have a quiet night at the Coach House.  Barbara says she is glad that James Corbett moved into the motel because if means they can be alone at evenings.  David tells Barbara that he doesn't find it easy to show his feelings.  He feels his shoulder and Barbara asks him what's wrong.  David says his shoulders ache so Barbara sits beside him and massages his shoulders.  The phone rings and David says whoever it is get rid of them.  Barbara answers the phone and tells David that it is Chris Hunter.
Ron Brownlow returns home and tells Kath and Arthur that he has given up his job, it doesn't fit in with his plans.  Kath tells Ron that she has spoken to his father and it is alright for him to bring Iris home.
David tells Barbara that Chris is in the Bahamas and he has been offered the chance to buy into a boat business there.  Barbara guesses that Chris needs money, and David says he hasn't agreed to lend him any yet and probably won't.

1981 Episodes continued

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