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Gilbert Latham, Miranda Pollard and Diane Hunter carry the lighting equipment into the motel reception area.  Miranda says she has an idea for a photo, she can be on reception and Diane can be showing her a menu.  Gilbert Latham tells them that he needs their help behind the camera not in front of it.  He tells them it's all been arranged.  Gilbert goes to the door leading from the reception area to the kitchen and knocks.  "We're ready," he says.  The door opens and Helli comes out, wearing her blonde hair loose and wearing a black dress. 

Arthur Brownlow tells Kevin Banks and Kath that he has just seen Ron drive past the house with Iris in the car with him.

Miranda Pollard tells Diane Hunter that she is going, Gilbert Latham won't even notice they have gone.  Miranda and Diane slip off unnoticed whilst Gilbert Latham is busy taking photos of Helli. 

The photographer arrives at the Coach House and takes photos of David and Barbara Hunter posing in the doorway of the house.  Once finished they go inside the house.  "You were marvellous," Barbara tells David.  The telephone rings and Barbara answers it.  She tells David that it's her publishers and they would like her to go to London for a few days to talk about her book.  David says he could come, and Barbara suggests it to her publisher.  When Barbara has finished her phone call she sits next to David on the settee.  "Oh no," she says.  "You invited Meg and Adam to dinner next Wednesday," says Barbara. 

Ron Brownlow arrives home and Arthur says he just saw him drive past with Iris Scott.  Ron says they went out for a meal.  "What are you playing at?" asks Arthur.  "Not playing.  I'm serious.  The thing is I've fallen in love," says Ron.  "Do you know what you're saying?"asks Arthur.  

Gilbert Latham joins Meg and Adam in the sitting room and shows them the photographs he has taken for the motel calendar.  Adam looks at them and says they all seem to have their new receptionist helli in them.  Gilbert says yes, she is very co-operative and she has done some photographic modelling before.  Adam tells him that they would like to include some of the local beauty spots as well.  Gilbert Latham tells them that he intends to take his annual holidays and concentrate on the photos.

Arthur Brownlow asks Ron if he has ever felt ashamed to walk the streets even though he knows he is innocent.

Gilbert Latham finds Miranda Pollard and Diane Hunter in the staff room and asks them if they have seen Helli as he was supposed to be meeting her here to take her to do some location shots.  Miranda Pollard tells Gilbert Latham that there are plenty of other pebbles on the beach apart from Helli and he shouldn't have become involved with her.  Gilbert Latham tells Miranda that he is very grateful to Miranda and Diane for helping him.

Adam Chance joins Meg in the office and says about this meal at David and Barbara's.  He says he thinks they should stay off the topic of business.  Meg says David and Barbara have abother guest anyway, Barbara's publisher.  Adam says that's surprising, he thought David had finished involving himself with Barbara's work especially after this interview with the magazine.  Meg asks what happened and Adam tells her that it was supposed to be an article about Barbara Brady at home, but this Carmen Walters asked a lot of personal questions and David ended up throwing her out.

Meg receives a phone call from David who is at the Coach House.  David tells Meg that he would like Miranda to help him out at the Coach House.  Adam takes the phone from Meg and tells David that they only have one secretary and anyway he and Meg should be consulted on any business.  "What, you want Miranda tomorrow afternoon too," says Meg when she takes the phone from Adam.  "What are we supposed to do.  Get a temp," says Meg.  "Why doesn't he get a temp," says Adam.  "Why don't you get a temp," Meg tells David.  "Oh yes, tonight.  I'm looking forward to it," says Meg and puts the phone down.  Adam tells Meg that David said they were involved.  "What is he playing at," says Adam.  "There are two possibilities.  Either he's playing with facts and files like toy trains.  Or he knows exactly what he is doing," says Meg.

Kevin Banks tells Glenda that Ron has to make his own decisions, and perhaps it's time for a little forgiveness. 

David does some work at the Coach House.  Barbara asks him if he is dreading meeting Jimmy, her publisher.  David says he is looking forward to meeting him.  Barbara asks David what he is working on and David says projects for 1982, he has to look ahead.  David asks her if she minds him being at home.  "I like having you at home," says Barbara.

Gilbert Latham waits in reception for Helli.  Glenda Banks comes into reception and a few moments later Helli arrives with her blonde hair loose and wearing skin tight trousers and a top.  Glenda stares enviously at her.  Helli leaves reception with Gilbert Latham and Glenda takes a long look at herself in the mirror.

Kevin Banks goes to see his bank manager, Mr Fossey, and says he needs 8 to 10,000 up front for a contract job.  Mr Fossey suggests they meet again when all the details have been finalised and perhaps he can help him.

Barbara Hunter tells David that she had better warn him about Jimmy.  She says she had an affair with him, and they are still friends.  David asks if she was afraid to tell him and Barbara says yes, a little.  David tells her that he isn't possessive about her past.

Mavis Hooper tells Iris Scott that she should go to the Brownlow's house.  Iris says her aunt Kath ia lright but it's her uncle Arthur and Glenda that are the problem.  Mavis Hooper asks her why Glenda is so set against her, there must be a reason.  Iris tells Mavis that Glenda had some idea that she fancied her husband Kevin.  "Did you?" asks Mavis.  Iris looks at her and says no.

The doorbell rings at the Coach House and Barbara Hunter answers it to James Corbett, her publisher.  James hugs her.  Barbara introduces James Corbett to David and the two men shake hands.  Barbara tells James that she will show him to his room and they leave the room together.

Ron Brownlow goes to Iris Scott's flat and tells her that he can't get through to his father.  He says he told them that he loved her.  Iris looks uneasy and tells Ron that they will never accept it, they will mess it up.  Ron tells her that if they try anything he will walk out on them.

At the Coach House James Corbett tells David that he doesn't know how he got Barbara to marry him.  He says he proposed to her a dozen times but she wouldn't have him.  He tells David that this was beofre his divorce.  "You have been married?" asks David.  Barbara tells David that she was named as co-respondent in James' divorce.  "You didn't mention that," says David.  "I'm not proud of it," says Barbara.  "That must have been awful for you," says David.  "Let's not talk about it.  It was the worst time of my life," says Barbara.




1981 Episodes continued

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