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David invites Adam Chance to dinner at the Coach House.  David telephones Barbara and asks him if she minds if he brings Adam back to the Coach House for dinner.
David and Adam arrive at the Coach House and David finds a note from Barbara saying that she had to go out because the interview with the prison warden she was waiting for came through.  David tells Adam that they will have to fend for themselves.  Adam sniffs and says whatever Barbara left cooking for them smells good.  "Barbara's certainly a model wife," says Adam.  "A model wife would be here," says David, and Adam looks at him.
At Diane Hunter's flat Gilbert Latham prepares to take photos of Diane.  There is a knock on the door and Gilbert answers it to Miranda Pollard.  Miranda tells Gilbert that he should have his own studio and Gilbert tells her that he has a garage that he might be able to convert.  Miranda Pollard tells him that she knows of a studio, it's a recording studio really but she might be able to get it for him at a reasonable rent.  Gilbert says that would be marvellous.  Miranda tells Gilbert that if he ever wants any help, then she has done some modelling.
Ron Brownlow tells Glenda that he went to see Iris Scott and she told him that Arthur called her filth.  Glenda says Iris is evil.  Ron tells Glenda that something happened between her and Iris and he thinks he has the right to know what.  Glenda tells him it's something she never wants to talk about.
Kevin Banks shows Glenda an advertisement he has put in the paper.
Adam Chance introduces Miranda Pollard to Helli the new receptionist/secretary.  Miranda asks Adam if it would be alright to rent the recording studio to Gilbert Latham to use as a photographic studio, and Adam says yes.  Adam leaves the office and Miranda Pollard asks Helli if she has any questions she would like to ask. 
Barbara Hunter joins Adam Chance in the office and apologises for not being at home last night when he came to the Coach House for dinner.  Adam says they missed her but the lamb casserole was delicious.  Adam tells Barbara that David was very disappointed that she wasn't there.  Barbara asks Adam if he has noticed a change in David and Adam says yes, but it will pass.  "A phase.  A mid life crisis," says Adam.  Barbara laughs and says next he will be talking about the male menopause.  Barbara asks Adam what it has been like at the motel between David and Meg and Adam says terrible, Meg is an immovable object and David the irrisistable force and soon someone has got to break.
Gilbert Latham joins Miranda Pollard and Helli in the office and he asks Miranda if she has any news about the sudio.  Miranda tells him that it is all fixed up, he can use the recrding studio in the motel basement.  Miranda explains to Helli that Gilbert Latham is a photographer.  Gilbert tells Miranda that he can't thank her enough and rushes out of the office.  Helli asks Miranda if Gilbert ever uses models.
Barbara tells Adam that she will invite him and Meg to dinner at the Coach House one evening.  Miranda Pollard joins them in the office and tells Barbara that there was a phone call for her earlier from a magazine called Silhouette.
Glenda Banks takes a phone call for Kevin from Mr Atkins to remind Kevin that he still owes him for the van.  kevin arrives home and Glenda tells him about the phone call.  Kevin tells Glenda that he was going to settle up for the van when he got paid for the motel job.
Gilbert Latham looks around the recording studio with Miranda Pollard.  "My dear Miss Pollard.  I can't tell you how grateful I am," says Gilbert.  Miranda tells him he doesn't have to, it's written all over his face.  She asks him when he is going to move his equipment in and Gilbert says right away.
Kevin Banks receives a phone call in response to his advertisement.  Glenda arrives home and gives Kevin 70 to pay for the van.  She tells him that she doesn't want them owing any money.  Kevin tells Glenda that a Mr Tomlinson phoned and he might have a job for him turning an old fire station into a restaurant.  "That'll be a big job," says Glenda.  "If he gives it to me I'll do it," says Kevin.  "Doesn't it make you shake inside though?" asks Glenda.  "Yeah, a bit.  Not nerves.  Excitement.  It's what I want," says Kevin.
Diane Hunter goes into the motel office and finds it empty.  Gilbert Latham comes in and tells her that he has taken over the recording studio in the basement and is going to convert it into a photographic studio.  He tells her that he has to get everything ready for tonight.  Diane tells him that she isn't wearing that silly costume again.  Gilbert tells her that he has arranged it with Miranda Pollard and he can't back down now.
David Hunter arrives home and kisses Barbara.  Barbara hands him a package and David asks what he has done to deserve this.  He opens the package and finds a cashmir jumper.  He takes his jacket off and tries it on.  He asks Barbara if she is happy.  Barbara tells David that Adam told her that the rift between him and Meg was getting wider.  David says maybe, but it will pass.
Miranda Pollard arrives at Gilbert Latham's new studio carrying some outfits for the phtographs.  Gilbert shows Miranda the changing room and Miranda asks him which outfit he wants her to wear, the fur or the tweed.  Gilbert says the tweed.
Iris Scott phones Ron Brownlow and asks him why he hasn't been to see her.
Kevin Banks tells Ron Brownlow that he is thinking of expanding the business, and Ron asks him if this is the right time to do it. 
Ron Brownlow goes to Iris Scott's flat and he asks her what she has been doing today.  Iris tells him that she went to the social security and she has got some money coming.  Mavis Hooper comes into the room and asks Iris if she is ready to go to the pictures.  Iris Scott asks Mavis if she could give it a miss because she and Ron have a lot to talk about.

1981 Episodes continued

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