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David arrives home at the Coach House and Barbara asks him what he thought of her book.  David says it is very well written and the hero in the book is the only one in the book who is without jealousy, yet he destroyed by the jealousy other people feel towards him.  David tells Barbara that she seems to find this main character admirable.
David says Eddie Lee went to prison because of other people's jealousy, he could be the main character.  Barbara tells David that he will never believe her when hse says nothing happened.  David says he did believe her until he knew the strength of her feelings.  He says he finds it hard to like her book because the main character is someone he doesn't like.  "You do want to hurt me," says Barbara.  "Why should I want to hurt you," says David.  "I'd rather you answered that," says Barbara.
Ron Brownlow joins Kevin Banks at the breakfast table and Glenda comes into the room with a postcard from Kath and Arthur who are on holiday in Jersey.  Glenda treads the postcard out.  "Give my love to Iris," she reads.  Glenda says that's great, they've only been gone five minutes and they're already asking after her.  Ron gives Glenda a postcard which he got from Kath and Glenda reads it out to Kevin.  It says that Kath and Arthur went to the hotel where Kevin and Glenda spent their honeymoon, and the people said they remembered them and that they had never seen two people more in love.
Gilbert Latham see's Diane Hunter at reception and says if she could spare the time he would like to take some more photos of her.  Diane tells him that would be alright.
Mavis Hooper gives Iris Scott an egg and bacon pie for her dinner.  Iris goes to the pay phone in the hall and dials a number.  At the Brownlow house the phone rings, and Glenda answers it.  As soon as she recognises Iris Scott's voice she puts the phone down.  Glenda tells Kevin that since they came back from their honeymoon everthing has been going wrong.  She says she loves him more than ever so where did it all go wrong.  Kevin says it didn't and takes Glenda's hand.
Diane Hunter notices Gilbert Latham still in reception and he tells her that he is waiting for Mr Hunter so that he can ask him about the calendar.  Diane tells him that Mr Hunter is in Birmingham.  Gilbert Latham tells Diane that the moment Mr Hunter walks through that door he is going to accidently bump into him.  "You ought to be careful.  He's bigger than you," says Diane. 
Diane notices the magazine which Gilbert Latham has folded under his arm and asks him if it's anything interesting.  Gilbert tells her that it's only a photographic magazine, she woudn't be interested in it.  Diane asks him why he is blushing and Gilbert Latham says he isn't.  Diane snatches the magazine from him and opens it.  She gasps as she see's that it is full of nude models.  Gilbert Latham tells Diane that it's art and Diane says she hopes he doesn't expect her to pose like that.
Diane Hunter receives a phone call from Miranda Pollard who tells her that David Hunter has asked her to work for him.  Diane tells Miranda that David asked her too but she turned him down.  Diane says Meg won't like it.
Ron Brownlow visits Iris Scott at her flat.  Mavis Hooper tells Ron that Iris hasn't left her room for two days.  Ron goes to Iris's room and asks her if she has been to the job centre.  Iris says not yet, she wants some time to get herself sorted out.
Barbara tells David that she has been thinking about what he said about her book, and asks him to be more specific.  David says the two main characters in her book get married too quickly, it doesn't happen like that in real life.  Babara says it does, he and Rosemary married soon after they met.  David asks her who told her that because he certainly didn't.  Barbara says she can't remember, she must have overheard it.  David says she knows something important that she doesn't want to tell him.  "It's your imagination," says Barbara, anxiously.
Ron Brownlow tells Iris that he will help her out with money but Iris says she doesn't want that.  She says she does really nasty things and she hates herself for doing them.  She says she is a mess.  Ron gently lifts her chin up and kisses her but Iris pulls away.  "So that's what it's all about.  I should have guessed," says Iris turning her back on Ron.  Ron picks up his jacket and walks to the door.  "Ron!" calls Iris.  "Ron.  I'm sorry.  Please Ron.  Honest," she says.  "Don't go like that.  Not angry," she says.  Ron walks back to her.
Gilbert Latham comes into the office and finds Miranda Pollard there.  He asks her if Mr Hunter is available and Miranda tells him that David is in Birmingham.  "Shall I make an appointment for you Mr Latham?" asks Miranda.  She tells Gilbert that she saw the photos he took of Diane Hunter and was very impressed.  She says she is glad they met because she is a keen photographer herself.  Gilbert Latham says perhaps she would like to help him.  He tells Miranda that he is going to Diane's flat this evening to take some more photos and perhaps she can come with him.
Ron Brownlow asks Iris Scott why she did what she did to Arthur.  He says he heard his fathers side of the story and he can't judge it on that.  Iris tells him that it's hard to live with someone who hates you.  She says Kath tried to help but she had to be on Arthur's side, and Glenda spread rumours about what she was doing in London.  Iris tells Ron that she had to teach Arthur a lesson, she wanted to hurt him.
Later that evening Mavis Hooper goes to see Iris Scott in her room and asks her if she wants to come and watch television.  Iris says she has got a lot to think about.  Mavis Hooper asks Iris if she would like to come to the pictures with her sometime in the week, tomorrow night maybe.  Iris says she would like that.
David Hunter and Adam Chance interview Glenda Banks for the job as motel receptionist.  At the end of the interview David tells Glenda that he will let her know.  Glenda leaves the office and see's a very attractive woman waiting outside.  The woman asks Glenda if this is Mr Hunter's office and Glenda says yes.  The woman knocks on the office door and David calls "Come in."  The woman goes into the office and meets David and Adam.
After the interview is over David asks the woman if she could wait in reception.  Once she has left the office Adam Chance tells David that she is their new receptionist.  The phone rings and Adam answers it.  He hands the phone to David and tells him that it is a boat yard.  Adam asks David if he is thinking of buying a boat and David says not at the moment but he is thinking about it for the future.  Adam asks him what happens to Barbara's writing career in this little fantasy of his, and David says she would give it up.  Adam looks at him and points out that Barbara was writing books years before she met him.

1981 Episodes continued

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